Fuss-free foods for baby, toddler and child

How do you get fussy feeders to eat healthily? Cookery guru Annabel Karmel has the answers to easy meal times


What do you do when your child prefers processed chicken dinosaurs and tinned spaghetti hoops to your home-made meals? My kids like junk food, but they also enjoy ‘proper’ meals, and you don’t need to be a good cook to get them to clean their plates. It’s all about finding recipes that appeal.


Here are a few pointers:
*Healthy ‘junk’ food Make your own using good-quality ingredients, like Chicken nuggets with dipping sauce.
*Disguise it What your child can’t see, he can’t pick out! Mix blended vegetables into the sauce in Bolognese or hide it in burgers. Check out my recipe for pasta with tomato sauce and hidden vegetables.
*Mini portions Make individual child-friendly portions. Buy a set of ramekins for mini portions of dishes such as cottage pie, fish pie, or mini chicken and potato pies.
*Fresh baby food Start on fresh baby food rather than processed. If babies get used to a variety of fresh flavours early on, they’re less likely to become fussy eaters when you try to give them family meals.
*Food from around the world It’s easy to get stuck in a rut making the same old meals. There are some great sauces and marinades available that make it easy to create oriental dishes such as satay chicken, teriyaki beef skewers, stir-fries and even mild curries. Try juicy lamb koftas, or sticky salmon with Chinese fried rice.

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