Peppa Pig World at Paultons Family Theme Park Review

Everything you need to know about Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park, including where to go first, how to beat the queues and the best rides for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and even teens


What is Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park?

Voted the number one UK amusement park in Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards 2017 for the second year running, Paultons Park is home to the bright, multicoloured Peppa Pig World, a preschooler’s paradise. The attractions are predominantly aimed at younger children with a few rides to keep thrill-seeking teens happy too.


As well as the rides Paultons Park boasts water play areas, playgrounds, soft play, penguins and aviaries, gardens and nature trails. 

Where is Peppa Pig World located?

On the outskirts of the New Forest, the nearest train station, Southampton Central is 8 miles away and from there it’s a 15-minute taxi ride. If you’re driving the postcode for sat navs is SO51 6AL and there’s free parking on site. 

Opening times: 

The park opens at either 10am or 10.30am and closes at either 4.30pm, 5pm or 5.30pm depending on what day and time of the year you visit. The park is closed some days in October; all weekdays in November and some in December, as well as 24 – 31 December and all of January.

Its winter season starts at the beginning of November, but check the website for exact dates.


Cost: ££ 

Like any theme park it’s not cheap. But how much it’ll cost you really depends on the height, not age, of your kids as children under 1 metre tall with shoes on get free entry. 

A full price ticket for an adult or child over 1 metre tall on the day costs £31.75 but if you book in advance online it’s £27.25 for a one-day ticket for an adult or child over 1 metre tall. Senior tickets are discounted at £24.75.

You can buy various family one-day passes – family of three, £79.25, family of four, £105, family of five, £131.25. And two-day tickets work out cheaper still. 

Sadly there are no money saving coupons or promotions you can use to get a better deal and Tesco Clubcard Rewards vouchers or Nectar points aren’t accepted. But you can save yourself some cash by booking in advance directly through the park’s website. 

There’s also the option to book a short break with an overnight stay through Paulton’s Breaks. This gives you two days entry for the price of one.

Groups of 15 or more people that book in advance online can save up to £11.50 on a standard ticket if they visit on a weekday during term time.

Getting to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park: 

We had an early start for our drive from London, setting off at around 6.30am. We arrived at Paultons Park just after 10am with a pitstop at Fleet services on the M3, the most popular recommendation from mums in my local Facebook group for a stop off after two hours. The way back was much quicker. It only took us 2 hours so we drove straight through. 

The nearest main town is Southampton but you’re also on the edge of the New Forest, which is where we stayed, at the family-friendly New Manor Park Hotel.

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If you’re arriving by public transport the nearest mainline train stations are Southampton Central, 8 miles away with a 10/15-minute taxi ride to the park. Or you can go to Southampton Airport Parkway, 10 miles away, and a 15-minute taxi ride to the park.

The nearest airports are Southampton International Airport, 15 minutes by car or Bournemouth International Airport is a 30-minute drive away.

When to go to Peppa Pig World:

As lots of the rides are geared towards preschoolers Peppa Pig World is always going to be busy. If you don’t mind braving the rain you might find queues are shorter on a wet day. 

But as lots of people will have booked their tickets in advance as it’s cheaper it probably won’t make that much difference. 

Summer is ideal for splashing around in the Water Kingdom, it was a bit too wet and cold for us to test it out. That said I’d hate to imagine what it’s like in the school holidays, there were signs on some of the rides indicating the point for 35 minute waits. We had enough trouble trying to contain Ellis and Theo for 10 minutes. 

What’s new for 2018 at Peppa Pig World?

Two new rides are set to open in Peppa Pig World in 2018. Families can take to the sky in The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride a monorail over around the newly extended part of Peppa Pig World. 

And there’s also the chance to discover Pirate Island on board Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club. Plus, there’ll also be a new food outlet called The Queen’s Kitchen and an additional baby care centre.


Top 3 things to do with newborns

Announcements advise rides in Peppa Pig World aren’t suitable for children under 12 months. But all the parents we saw with babies took them on the gentler rides such as Grandpa Pig’s Little Train, with them sat in their knee. If in doubt you can check out one of these activities instead. 

1. Take a stroll through the gardens

Your little ones will wonder at the African themed Jungle Falls Garden, complete with topiary elephant and giraffe. There’s also the tranquil Japanese Garden, with stone and water features, and the Forest Friends Garden, featuring a selection of topiary animals including rabbits, a badger and a fox. 

2. Mr Potato’s Playground

This outdoor playground, with its rainbow path, is ideal for children under 5 years but has mini-slides and baby swings suitable for babies under 12 months. 

3. See the birds

As well as the park’s flamingos, pelicans, birds of prey and tropical birds there are also daily penguin feeding sessions in the penguin pool.


Top 3 things to do with toddlers 1-5 years

With so many rides suitable for toddlers it’s pretty hard to narrow it down to three top things but these were our favourites. Lots of rides in Peppa Pig World are quite similar and go round and round, just with different characters or in a slightly different format. And it also depends on the weather – if it’s sunny the Muddy Puddles Splash Park is a must — unlike the day we went when it rained.

1. Meet Peppa and George

Located: Peppa Pig World

No visit to Peppa Pig World would be complete without getting up close to the life-sized characters. But do bear in mind there’s no telling which way it could go — your little one may either love it or find it a bit overwhelming and hate the experience. Or as in our case, hate it at the time then say it was the best part of their day.

2. George’s Dinosaur Adventure

Located: Peppa Pig World

Inspired by George’s favourite toy, you bob up and down on individual dinosaur figures through beautiful landscaped garden, passing lots of Peppa’s friends on the way.

3. Cat-o-Pillar Coaster

Located: Critters Creek

This brightly coloured caterpillar-themed rollercoaster is suitable for daredevil toddlers 0.9m tall upwards and goes up to speeds of 20mph. 


Top 3 things to do with children 6-12 years

As above it can really depend on the weather — in summer months a visit to cool off the 8,500 square foot Water Kingdom with its fountains, water jets, giant buckets and sprays is a must. But not so much when it’s cold and wet. So these are the top 3 things you can do whatever the weather.

1. Waverunner
Located: Just by Peppa Pig World

Older kids can zip down this giant wavy water slide in a rubber dinghy. It’s also brilliant as you can race each other too.

2. Dragon Roundabout

Located: Near to the Lost Kingdom
This Oriental dragon themed rollercoaster is deceptively more exhilarating than it looks. The dragon moves up and down, while spinning round and round pretty fast, first forwards and then backwards, creating a LOT of G-force.

3. Raging Log Flume

Located: Near to the Water Kingdom

Prepare to get a soaking. This log flume has two drops, both 11 metres high, and hurtles along at speeds of up to 37mph.


Top 3 things to do with teens

1. Flight of the Pterosaur

Located: Lost Kingdom
One of Paultons Park’s most thrilling rides. This suspended 395-metre dinosaur-themed rollercoaster leaves you hands (and legs)-free and swoops over the pre-historic park landscape of speeds up to 34mph.

2. Velociraptor

Located: Lost Kingdom

A boomerang rollercoaster, this ride starts off by pulling you backwards then drops forwards from 20 metres in the air, twisting and turning at speeds of up to 40mph, before reversing and doing it all again.

3. The Edge

Located: Near to the Lost Kingdom

The Edge was the first Disk’O Coaster in the UK. Travelling on a 90-metre track you spin and swoop through the air on a giant disc, speeding over a camel back hill that creates a floating sensation. The park attendant I spoke to said he thought this was the most popular, and scariest, of all the rides for older kids at the park.

What age/who is it best for?  

Paultons Park is brilliant for parents of preschoolers and older siblings, whether they’re fans of Peppa Pig or not. 

I visited Paultons Park with my two toddlers Ellis, 2.5 years, and Theo, 17 months, and their dad. What we absolutely loved about the park is that so many of its rides and attractions are aimed at younger kids.

We knew Ellis would be so excited at the prospect of visiting Peppa Pig World that we had to speak about it in code, referring to it as PPW, and didn’t tell him we were going till we were on route. And as we expected its brightly coloured rides, including Miss Helicopter’s Ride, didn’t disappoint.

What’s also great is because the park caters for younger children there are also plenty of baby changing facilities and little touches, such as breastfeeding cubicles and microwaves for heating up food and milk, to make life easier for parents. It also didn’t feel too hectic, although we were all exhausted by the end of the day.

While the focus for toddlers is very much on Peppa Pig World don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s all there is for them to do here. There are lots of rides and activities suitable for them in the rest of the theme park, with most of the bigger rollercoasters located in, or near, the Lost Kingdom.

Ellis may have been a bit frightened of Peppa and George but he turned out to be a bit of a mini thrill seeker, much to my delight. One of the highlights for me was accompanying him on the caterpillar-themed rollercoaster in Critter’s Creek, both of us with our hands in the air screaming as we went down the dips.

What to watch out for?

All of the rides are based on height and they do measure your little ones to make sure they’re tall enough to go on them. To avoid any disappointment, and meltdowns, on the day if they don’t meet the height requirements, it’s a good idea to measure your kids before you go.

As you might expect Peppa Pig World gets VERY busy so your best bet is to either head there as soon as the park opens, or late afternoon once people start heading home for nap time.

While lots of the rides are ideal for toddlers it can still be quite an overwhelming experience for them, especially coming face to face with a life-sized Peppa and George, so be prepared they might possibly get upset.

Ellis wanted to go on the Dinosaur Tour Co. ride featuring animatronic dinosaurs but once we were on it he started saying he didn’t like it and put his hands over his eyes.

The only way to leave the park is through the gift shop. Make sure to budget for this as you’ll be lucky to get out without buying anything.


How long will you need to experience the area?

This really depends on the ages of your children. We arrived when the park opened and left as it closed and still didn’t manage to go on everything, we had to factor in lunch, nappy changes and naps. 

If your kids are older, or if you stick to Peppa Pig World, then you can do it in a day. But if you want to explore the rest of the park I’d suggest a two-day pass would be a better option. 

We waited 40 minutes to meet Peppa and George but they do an appearance earlier in the day where they stand outside Miss Gazelle’s schoolhouse and wave to everyone. 

Rather than stand in a long queue to meet them, not much fun with an overexcited little one, you could just pick your child up and get Peppa or George to lean over and take a photo with them while they’re out and about. 

If the weather’s nice there are plenty of places to have a picnic so you can always bring lunch or dinner with you. 

Make sure you bring swimwear and towels so the kids can splash around in the water play areas if the sun’s out. 

You can hire a stroller for the day if you don’t fancy bringing your buggy with you. Singles costs £8 and doubles are £12 per day with a £30 refundable deposit. 

I struggled a few times to get any mobile phone reception so if you decide to split up and go on different rides you may want to arrange a time and meeting point beforehand rather than calling or texting people once you’re done.

How many activities/attractions are there in total at Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park?  

There are 70 rides in total, seven in Peppa Pig World, all included in the entry price as well as the gardens, aviaries, penguin feeding, playgrounds and water and soft play areas. 

There are fairground game stalls, throwing balls into buckets type thing to win various stuffed toys, that you have to pay for and the go karting also has an additional cost.


What about food?

There are four cafes and various kiosks selling food on site.

The Wild Forest Family Restaurant is close to the main entrance and sells a selection of hearty hot and cold meals. Base Camp, in the Lost Kingdom, sells all manner of things chicken.

The Railroad Diner sells a selection of fast food. And you’ll find Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Café in Peppa Pig World. There are also various kiosks dotted around selling snacks and hot and cold drinks, including Miss Rabbit’s Ice Cream Parlour, also in Peppa Pig World.

The food was a bit better than I’d expected it to be at a theme park. Of course there’s the usual fast food – chips, ice cream, popcorn, hotdogs, burgers, nuggets etc but there were a couple of salad and soup options too.

We ate at the Wild Forest Family Restaurant, located just by the main entrance. Kids’ portions were generous. The boys had half a jacket potato each, one with tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise and one with coleslaw, £3.95 each, though they left quite a lot of them as they were too excited and I ended up eating their leftovers.

My other half had a chicken madras curry served with rice and a poppadom, £9.95, and again it was a decent size and left him feeling full. 

Are the restaurants and food areas baby, toddler and children-friendly?

The Wild Forest Family Restaurant didn’t have any toilets or changing facilities in it but there were some just outside. There were plenty of highchairs available for us to use. And there was also a microwave in case you wanted to heat up any baby food or milk, this facility is available in all restaurants and kiosks.

Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Café isn’t a sit down café – it’s more of a counter serving food with tables outside and there are some additional tables at the back of the soft play area. It took me a while to track down two highchairs, I didn’t realise they were also near to the soft play. 

What are the toilet facilities like, are they all child/baby friendly?  

There are special baby changing rooms dotted throughout the park that are brilliant. Not only were they spotless, there are several changing stations in each so we didn’t have to queue to use them.

There are also microwaves in them in case you want to heat up milk and a cubicle for breastfeeding. All of the toilets have integrated child toilet seats that are interchangeable with adult ones and there are low sinks for little hands. 

Where can you go if you lose your child?

The first aid station, manned by a qualified nurse, is located on Show Street, not far from the main entrance, and also doubles up as a lost and found point. You can also get stickers to write your phone number on in case they get lost so someone can contact you. 

Is it pushchair and wheelchair accessible? 

We took our double buggy in with us and didn’t have any problems getting round the park. You can’t take buggies in the queue with you so we had to hold Theo to stop him from escaping. There are special arrangements at the rides and attractions to allow wheelchair access. And wheelchair users can also use the park’s queue assist scheme. 

Are the shops good value for money?

Peppa’s Toy Shop in Peppa Pig World is the biggest Peppa Pig shop in the world and sells hundreds of Peppa Pig goodies, some of which are exclusive to Peppa Pig World. I was pleasantly surprised to see the merchandise wasn’t massively overpriced, in some cases a pound or two more than you’d find on the high street. And there were some items reduced on special offer.

Does it feel safe?

We felt it was a very safe environment. We had to leave our double buggy by the entrance to rides and left all our bags in it, minus our valuables. We had no reason for concern as the park was full of lots of families with young children like us.

Is there wifi access all around the park?

There is wifi access all around the park but it’s not great. I struggled to use it and couldn’t Tweet pictures of our day till later.


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