When you revealed your baby’s name to your mother, she…

a) Paused and said, “How original.”
b) Slowly repeated it back in a voice she uses for the incontinent family cat.
c) Squealed with delight, “How wonderful, that’s my middle name!”


Your mother insists you must get your newborn into a strict routine. You…

a) Try to keep to the routine, but give extra feeds when she’s not around.
b) Refuse, explaining that mums these days want to listen to their baby’s needs.
c) Tell her you’re all geared up to start, thanks to the Gina Ford book she sent you.


It’s time for your first haircut after having your baby. You…

a) Visit the hairdresser near to where your mother lives so she can babysit while you get washed and blowdried.
b) Go for a trendy new hairstyle – it’s yummy mummy time.
c) Ask for a no-frills, short cut – the last thing you need is to be worrying about how your hair looks every day.


You meet up with a group of single girlfriends. You…

a) Enjoy the evening, but ring home twice to check your baby’s OK.
b) Have a wild night out and then rush home to give your baby her next feed.
c) Only stay for a quick drink – the music’s a bit loud and you find their chat about boyfriends a bit dull.


Your partner says your baby has your mother’s ears. You…

a) Pull your hair back to reveal your baby actually has your ears.
b) Immediately buy your baby a big woolly hat to wear.
c) Take a photo and send it to your mum with the good news.


If you mostly answered A...

You're a Moderator Mum! You’ve got a mum’s natural gift to get on with people, but you’re your own person, too. While happy to listen to your mum’s advice, you’ll make up your own mind in private.


Your relationship with your mother is likely to get closer now that you’re a mum, but don’t spend too much time and effort juggling everyone else’s needs - remember who you are.


If you mostly answered B...

You're Dutifully Different! You’re definitely not planning to turn into your mother – you want to do things your way. And just because you’re a mum now, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all of your old life.


Don’t let your strong views force your mother out. She can still be a great help and a fantastic grandparent without taking over – and you can still be you!


If you mostly answered C...

You're a COTOB (that's Chip Off The Old Block)! Your mum is one of your best friends and you love sharing this whole new experience with her. You can see that she talks a lot of sense and will be a fantastic grandmother to your baby.



While your mum has lots of skills and knowledge, trust your own instincts, too. Choose the best bits of her advice and try some new experiences on your own.