When one of our MadeForMums mums, Claire Angel Hamilton, shared a pic with us of her brilliant summer bucket list - a fun to-do list of activities to get up to with your child over the summer holidays, we decided we just had to share it on social media (with Claire's permission of course) - and our mums loved it ?


And then we decided to create our own - download our summer bucket list here:

Quite a few of our mums said they would be doing the same, like Sharni S, who told us:

"I get my daughter to do a list of things she would like to do every summer, and then we tick it off as we go - although most of it ends up being going to various food joints ? "

Laura B said: "Love this idea. Gonna have to pinch it. My daughter (5) is desperate to camp in the garden so that would be our addition."

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And Kay E simply said: 'Love this idea!" So, how can you make your own?

Summer bucket lists - tips on how to write it

Before you start putting you bucket list together, here's a few things to think about to make sure you can get as many of the activities ticked off as possible before summer's out:

1. Make the summer bucket list the first activity of the summer

Turn it into a summer activity in itself by writing the list with your child in the first week of the holidays - it will get them excited about their time off school and will help pass an afternoon.

2. Use a template as a guide

We've got a template you can use - and some of our mums have shared theirs on Facebook, too, so by all means take a look and get some ideas.

But you can also use them as a guide, and add in days specifically for your own child. So, if they're really into a particular singer, or really love dogs - you could have a Michael Jackson day or 'spot the dogs' day.

3. Have options for different types of weather

There's often the promise of a balmy summer at the beginning of the holidays - but we all know our weather is nothing if not temperamental - so it's a good idea to include a mix of indoor and outdoor stuff if you want to make sure you get through everything come September.

4. Try to include some no-spend options

While we love the idea of having loads of activities your children can enjoy over the holidays, you don't want to bankrupt yourself before the new term begins.

While a few treat days will be nice, be sure to budget if you can by doing some home days that don't involve splashing the cash too much. Movie days or crafts days - using anything you've already collected, like loo rolls and scraps of wrapping paper - are great options.

5. Pace them through the holidays – maybe 1 or 2 a week

Depending on how long your list is, you'll probably want to make sure you don't get through a hundred things in the first week!

While it's tempting to go all out and do everything fun in the first fortnight we reckon the secret with summer holidays is definitely to pace yourselves so the last few weeks don't drag.

6. What to do of you've got more than one child

If you’ve got multiple children to look after, if you prefer you can get them to do one summer bucket list each and make sure they each get the same amount of things from their list to do per week

You might also want to get them to agree on a few things they both really want to do so there are some ‘joint’ summer bucket list ideas.

7. Remember to tick them off as you go along

Don’t’ worry if you don’t manage them all – there’s always next year!


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