Target legs, bums, tums and bingo wings with Speedo’s easy fitness tips

Speedo ambassador and Olympic swimming star Karen Pickering shows you how to get fit in the pool with mum-friendly step-by-step exercises


You don’t have to hit the gym for fitness and toning – Karen Pickering has teamed up with Speedo to show you how you can get a fab workout in the pool (without doing hundreds of lenghts!).



Want to target your arms? Karen shows you how to use hydro discs to give your shoulders and biceps a good work out – all while standing still!

Click here for Karen’s step-by-step guide


Bingo Wings

Whether you want an intense or gentle workout on your ‘bingo wings’ (untoned muscle under the arms), Karen shows you how water dumbells are just the ticket.

Click here for Karen’s step-by-step guide


Legs, bums and tums

Want to target all three areas? Karen guides you through simple workouts that’ll tone up each area, while getting your heart rate going, too.


Click here for Karen’s step-by-step guide

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