Uncannily clever or just a laugh? Try our MFM quizzes

Want to know how your parenting style compares to Kate Middleton's or whether you're expecting a boy or a girl? Then you're in the right place. Our fun quizzes will answer so many of life's mysteries...


Which parenting Kate are you?

Are you more regal or reality TV – you might be surprised by your result…


Dare you find out if you’re Middleton, Pricey or Hopkins?


Can we work out how old your child is?

OK, so this is definitely just for fun, but can we be spookily accurate?

See if we can get it right…


Are you turning into your mum – already?

If you’re dabbing your child’s face with a licked hanky you should probably take this quiz now…

Find out if it’s happening to you?


Want to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl?

This one doesn’t include any science, but is based on old wives’ tales…


Take our quiz to find out now…

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