US TIME magazine cover puts spotlight on ethics of DNA testing

Latest issue questions whether parents should know health issues their child may face


US TIME magazine’s latest cover puts the spotlight on DNA testing, featuring a baby appearing to ask, ‘Want to Know my Future?’


The cover features a baby boy with labels coming off of him, suggesting which health issues he may encounter in the future. But is this too much information? Should parents know what health problems their child may have, when this, as the magazine suggests, points only to risks, not cures.

Doctors are reportedly starting to use genome sequencing, which scans a person’s entire genetic code, to map the DNA of children, with the hope of catching diseases early and offering targeted treatment, TIME reports. But, the tests can also detect mutations for diseases that may not develop for decades, if at all, TIME continues.


One woman shares her experience of finding out that both her and her daughter lacked several genes, which could later lead to cancer, but was left with no certainty and no action to take. Is this better than not knowing? Would you want to have a glimpse into the health issues your child could, possibly, might, one day, maybe not ever, have? Let us know below….

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