Your guide to toddler golf classes

Get ready to shout 'FOUR' as your tots take to the green


Golf has worked hard in recent years to shrug off its stuffy, exclusive image and the number of adults and children playing in England is massively on the up.


Over the past 10 years, it’s become easier and more affordable to get kids involved in golf. Most golf clubs  actively seek junior members and the first port of call for any parent interested in getting their child into golf should be the local PGA (Professional Golf Association) pro (coach).

Most club pros offer coaching, starter lessons, after school or weekend sessions and will be able to offer advice on how to get started in your area and give you information about equipment. You don’t usually have to be a member of a club to get coaching from the pro.

There are also short courses and driving ranges that are a good starting point for young golfers, either as a place to sign up for group or individual coaching or to actually go round the course and put into practice what you’ve learnt (or work out what you need to learn!). Most will offer kids golf equipment to hire.

There are also a number of initiatives with the aim of getting more children playing golf such as the:


The PGA say that golf is a sport that can be played at any age. “It is also a sport where kids can  learn courtesy, discipline, honesty, respect and confidence all of which are applied on the golf course and which are also key values for life.”

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