How to Draw Mr. Men, £6.99

With step-by-step guides on how to draw Mr. Bump with those bandages and Mr. Nosey with his extraordinarily long nose, this sketch pad is perfect for Mr. Men fans.


Packed with stencils, stickers and helpful tips, the only thing your little one will need to worry about is whether she can make Mr. Tickle’s long arms fit on the page!

Available from Egmont.


Creative Creatures, £12.99

From four-eyed bunnies to squirrel-foxes, Donna Wilson lets us into her unique world of quirky handcrafted toys in this beautifully illustrated book.

With a vast selection of easy-to-make projects, your toddler can create a whole cast of knitted friends to line up on her bed.

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Information about the characters adds an irresistible extra dimension and the little stories throughout explain why each character made each object as a present or surprise for one of their friends.

*Adult supervision from mum and dad may be needed on some makes.

Available from Panmacmillan.


Character Cake Toppers, £14.99

Is your toddler's birthday coming up soon? Why not get creative and make a cake topper together that'll make her the envy of all her school buddies.

With 65 fun ideas, including a mean-spirited pirate and a cute kitten that knits, these figurines are fun to make and even more delicious to eat.

Available from Stitch Craft Create.


Draw Crazy Creatures, £9.99

Professional cartoonist Steve Barr shows your budding artist how to draw some awesome creatures using just a few basic lines and shapes.

After trying her hand at the 20 step-by-step lessons, from a dancing dinosaur to a mohawk monster, your child can then fill out the certificate of accomplishment at the end to show everyone that she's a 'certified' crazy cartoonist.

Pretty cool huh?!

Available from Amazon.


Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids, £15.99

With crafting very much on-trend, the genius behind the quirky Red Ted Art blog, Maggy Woodley, has turned her hand to publishing, and boy is it impressive!

From adorable peanut shell finger puppets and walnut babies, to loo roll marionettes and egg carton fairy lights, Maggy's traditional projects merge nature and the arts to create projects that are fun for all the family.

Plus, they make cute mantlepiece ornaments too!

Available from The Random House Group.


Animal Things to Make and Do, £4.99

Is your tot a bit of an animal lover? Well, get her creative juices flowing while letting her make the things she loves the most with this cute art book.

With 18 activities, including monkey chains, clinging koalas and wobbly penguins, and over 300 stickers to decorate her creations with, this craft delight will be enjoyed for hours and hours.

Available from Usborne.


Charlie & Lola: My Doodling & Colouring in, £7.99

Lola loves drawing and scribbling and cutting and sticking and painting and colouring, and now your little one can join in on the fun too.

With this bumper book, your little artist can make her very own pictures and choose whether to paint, draw, colour or cut things out.

You can even add some glitter. The pages are her oyster!

Available from Puffin.


ReCraft, £12.99

If you want your little one to have eco-friendly values, then the ReCraft book from Buttonbag is perfect way to teach them.

With 50 step-by-step illustrated projects, your toddler can turn second-hand stuff (like dad's old jumper) into beautiful things for her room.

Cute and clever!

Available from Buttonbag.


Sticker Doodle Do, £6.99

Brimming with over 200 stickers and lots of ideas on how to turn blobs into monsters and rubbish into something cool, this sticky delight is a must for rainy day play.

With a cool mix of photographic and illustrated dodddle starts, your tot will be creating something awesome before you know it.

Plus, it has a cute handle so your tot can take it with her wherever she goes!

Available from Priddy Books.


The Book Book, £12.99

Embodied with beautiful lyrics, artist Sophie Benini Pietromarchi will take your child on a journey through the world of bookmaking.

Exploring colours, textures, shapes and feelings, your child will learn to turn these elements into pictorial narratives using unlikely everyday things, such as pencil shavings, onions, dust and leaves.

This book is definitely for the older child and is perfect for further developing her creative flair.


Available from Yours Sustainably.