Free games from BBC Something Special magazine

These activities will keep all children entertained, whatever their ability


Learning is made fun and accessible with BBC Something Special magazine. Every page features Makaton signs to aid communication and activities that build confidence and support routines, which can be accessed at different levels depending on the ability of your child – and we have some free downloadable games from it here.


Special Page All About Your Child

Your child will love scribbling and drawing to tell Justin and Mr Tumble all about themselves. This activity is fantastic for building confidence.

Download your free Special Page All About Your Child from Something Special magazine here

Mr Tumble’s Mealtime Reward Chart

Mr Tumble’s Mealtime Reward Chart

You can reward your child when they finish their food, help to prepare it and try something new. A great support for your own mealtime routines.

Download your free Mr Tumble’s Mealtime Reward Chart from Something Special magazine here

Download your free sticker template here

Puzzles with Doctor Tumble

Puzzles with Doctor Tumble

This sheet will get your child to do simple actions, communicate with Doctor Tumble and match real objects. A fun way to normalise visits to see a doctor.

Download your Puzzles with Doctor Tumble free activity sheet from Something Special magazine here

Something Special magazine

BBC Something Special magazine has been especially created so it can be enjoyed by all children, whatever their ability. It’s the only pre-school magazine that helps its readers and their families communicate using the signing system of Makaton. Every issue of BBC Something Special is packed with fun and accessible activities and stories, featuring Makaton signs on every page. Join your favourite Tumble characters on their adventures in Tumbleton and get out and about with Justin and explore the world.

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