This is a laugh-out-loud toddler art activity to do outside on a sunny day. It's literally all about throwing paint-filled eggshells at paper – and works brilliantly done outdoors on a patio where you can simply hose away all the stray splatter afterwards.


We spotted the idea on mum Sian Elise Northmore's lovely, kids-activity-filled Instagram page and she has generously shared stage-by-stage instructions and pictures with us, telling us how much fun her own children had splattering their eggshells:

My children Eva, 4, and Luca, 16 months, had the best time – they absolutely loved it, and laughed so much when the paints went everywhere!
Says Sian, mum of Eva and Luca

Here's how to make splatter art with eggs

What you’ll need:

  • Eggshells (break eggs very carefully by making small holes in the top and tipping the contents out for making cakes/scrambled eggs)
  • Egg boxes
  • Differently coloured paints
  • A3 paper or art canvas

Here’s what to do:

  • Once you have enough eggshells, put them in your egg boxes and squeeze some paint into each one. Make sure you have a nice spread of colours.
  • Put your paper or canvas on the ground.
splatter painting with eggshells 1
Pic: @Lockdown_mum_worthing/Instagram
  • Dress your child in old clothes. You may want to put a waterproof apron on your child, too, but, as you'll see in Sian's Insta video of Evan and Luca getting arty with their eggshells, half the fun in this activity is getting a bit splattered with paint!
  • Get your child to pick up 1 paint-filled eggshell at a time and throw it at the paper or canvas until they've created a beautiful Jackson Pollock-ish masterpiece.
splatter painting with eggshells step 2
Pic: @Lockdown_mum_worthing/Instagram

You could even have fun clearing up at the end getting your children to have a race to pick up all the broken egg shells!

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