Mini makes: Olive The Owl kite craft

Help your child create their very own kite to fly


What you’ll need:

  • Pliers*
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Rectangle card
  • String (6cm long)
  • Clear-drying glue
  • Thin wire (0.5mm thick)
  • Blue, pink, light green and dark green tissue paper

*Adult supervision required.


Step 1

Using pliers, bend a piece of wire into an owl shape and carefully tape the edges together.

Then using two more bits of wire, create a crossbar, making sure to bend each end back on itself to form hooks. Attach to the owl frame and secure in place with some tape.


Step 2

Cut a piece of light green tissue paper 1cm larger than your wire frame.

Make cuts 1cm apart all around the edges to form small flaps.


Step 3

Place the wire frame onto the tissue paper, then fold each flap over and glue in place. Some flaps might overlap, but that’s fine.


Step 4

Cut out your owl’s eyes, beak, wings, tail and feathers from pink, blue and dark green tissue paper.

Then, using our picture as a guide, glue your pieces into place on the front of the kite.


Step 5

Knot your string to the rectangle card to make a handle and then wind it around. Tie the loose end of the string to the centre of the crossbar, and voilà… your owl kite is now ready to fly the skies!



Why not try making a boy kite, called Oliver, for Olive to fly with on windy days?

For more unique craft ideas, why not buy your little one Donna Wilson’s ‘Creative Creatures: Make-and-Do Crafty Creatures for Kids‘ (£12.99, Panmacmillan).

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