Mr Tumble activity sheets – free downloadables

Enjoy Mr Tumble activities from Something Special magazine with these free sheets!


1. Red rules


Learn all about the colour red by colouring in Mr Tumbles’ bow tie, pointing to red objects, seeking out a red nose and getting fruity with a strawberry.


Print your red activity sheet

2. Transport


There are so many forms of transport to learn about, follow the swirly dots and zig-zag lines with a pencil to reach a sandcastle, look out for bikes and cars and count the pretty flowers as you go.

Print your transport activity sheet

3. Colouring


Grandad Tumble wants to say hello! Colour him in to match the photograph in the corner, or come up with unique designs and patterns for his clothing.

Print your colouring in activity sheet

4. Woodland fun


There is so much to see in the woodland! Draw along the line to spot deer, rabbits and cheeky little squirrels. For an extra challenge, try counting how many of each animal there are and adding up the ears on a rabbit.


Print your woodland activity sheet

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