When your baby won’t eat vegetables

Nutritionist Dr Rana Conway shares her tips on how to get your little one loving his greens


1) Give veggies at the start of a meal when your baby’s hungrier and more likely to eat them.


2) Try cooking them in different ways. If she doesn’t like boiled veggies then try roasting them, which gives a sweeter flavour.

3) Try doing a fun ‘cheers!’ with your broccoli spear against your baby’s, before eating yours up with a big smile.

4) Add puréed or grated veg to foods your little one likes, such as pasta or mash.

5) Some babies are naturally more cautious, so offer veggies as finger food so she can get used to them by feeling and sucking on them first.


Try this:

Make a batch of purée and then swap some with a pal. Your baby can try a new taste, and if she doesn’t like it you won’t end up with a load of unwanted food.

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