Week 38 pregnancy symptoms

What symptoms can you expect in your 38th week of pregnancy?

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  • Your pregnant body

    You may find that you have restless leg syndrome during pregnancy. This is an overwhelming urge to move your legs because of a crawling or tingling sensation inside your foot, calf, or upper leg. You may also feel cramping, burning or pain in these areas. The pain can be worse overnight and in the evenings.

    Stretching and rubbing your legs will help to relieve the pain. You may need to take an iron supplement, as some experts believe that a pregnancy induced iron deficiency can aggravate restless leg syndrome. This condition isn't serious so don't worry.

    Now find out what you should be doing this week...

  • What should you be doing this week

    You should be thinking ahead to the birth at this stage. If you're having a home birth, then your midwife will probably drop off a home birth pack, full of essentials. If you've decided to give birth in a hospital, from now on you should be prepared to head to hospital at short notice. Here are some of the basics that you need to arrange:

    • Whoever is driving you to the hospital should know the best route
    • Make sure your car has enough petrol at all time
    • Have the hospital numbers and your maternity notes close to hand at all times
    • Have a plan B  just in case your partner can't drive you to the hospital
    • Have your hospital bag packed and ready to go (make sure you include clothes for your newborn and something for you to wear home)
    • Have your baby's car seat fitted, ready for the trip home.

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