NatPat specialises in year-round wellness for children via unique stick-on patches. The patches use blends of natural essential oils to help with a range of wellness concerns. These range from mosquito repellent and itch-relief patches through to blends that may help improve focus or encourage a calm mood.


We've explored the NatPat range – from their SleepyPatch to the ZenPatch – to help you better understand the range of wellness solutions on offer. The products were tested by families from our Top Testers Club, to see how they fared with children exhibiting a range of symptoms.

How to choose the right NatPat patch for your child

NatPat offers products in 3 main categories:

Outdoor protection including UV-detecting stickers and mosquito patches
Wellness and cognitive patchesincluding the SleepyPatch, ZenPatch and new Sensory Touch Stickers
Respiratory and allergy relief stickers – including the StuffyPatch and Itch Relief stickers

Understanding where to start with the NatPat range will entirely depend on your child's needs. Are you looking for something to help with a mood/ feeling, or a physical issue such as an itch or bite? This should lead you to the correct range. The brand also offers bundles, including the outdoor adventure kit (which includes the mosquito repellent patches, itch relief stickers and UV-sensing stickers) and the home wellness kit (which includes the sleep, focus and zen stickers).

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In our overview of the NatPat range, we'll dive into some of the key details about each product and offer feedback from our parent testers to help you find the right product for you.

A guide to NatPat stickers

Outdoor Adventure Kit: Mosquito Repellent, Mosquito Repellent (For Adults), Itch Relief Stickers and UV Sensing Stickers

Buy the Outdoor Adventure Kit from £43

NatPat Outdoor Bundle

The Outdoor Adventure Kit includes the BuzzPatch mosquito repellent patches for both kids and adults, the MagicPatch itch relief patches and the SunnyPatch UV-detecting patches making it an ideal solution for a family holiday or the fast approaching spring/summer season.

The BuzzPatch patches use a blend of essential oils that may help to repel mosquitos. MFM editor Gemma used them on holiday with her 3-year-old son, and said, "he didn't get bitten at all – and if I'm anything to go by, he'll be prone. I ended up popping one on my handbag too."

The MagicPatches aim to provide itch relief by using NatPat's grid-relief technology to stimulate the lymphatic system to remove the mosquito venom that causes itching.

The SunnyPatch is perhaps the most interesting: rather than treating anything, it uses colour-changing material that reacts to the exposure of UV rays to help you know when to top up sunscreen.

"The SunnyPatch stickers are brilliant," said parent tester Georgina, who tested them with her 2 year-old son Harry. "Harry has albinism and we constantly have to watch the UV levels to protect his skin as he lacks melanin to be able to do so himself. It was great to see how it changed colour, and when we knew he needed a re-application of sun cream, which then turned the patch clear again."

Buy the Outdoor Adventure Kit from £43

SleepyPatch For Kids - Sleep Promoting Stickers

Buy the SleepyPatch - £15 each or £35 for 3 packs

NatPat SleepyPatch

Age: 2+

Through the use of essential oils like lavender and mandarin, the SleepyPatch bedtime stickers aim to help children to relax and sleep better.

Through the use of NatPat's nanomaterial, the SleepyPatch releases essential oils over an 8-10 hour timespan lasting all night, and is formulated to work within 30 minutes. It can be fixed to pyjamas, a pillowcase, even a soft toy that your child holds close. But, as children tend to move around a lot in the night, our testers suggest fixing them to a static object (like a headboard or bedframe) so they stay put until morning.

Parent tester Anna, who tested the SleepyPatch with her 4-year-old Imogen, said they "enjoyed using them as part of our nightly routine for the last week." Her daughter noted, "I like the funny pictures and the one with the eye mask and the white ones."

Buy the SleepyPatch For Kids - Sleep Promoting Stickers for £15 each or £35 for 3 packs

ZenPatch - Mood Calming Patches

Buy the ZenPatch - £15 each or £35 for 3 packs

NatPat ZenPatch

Age: 0+

Using a blend of natural essential oils including mandarin, sweet orange and lavender, the ZenPatch is designed to provide calming effects.

The patches use the same nanomaterial as the SleepyPatch to diffuse the oils every 5 minutes to trigger receptors in the nose and, as NatPat notes, "send messages from the nervous system to the limbic system - the system that controls behaviour and emotions."

"My daughter loves the smell and appearance of the stickers and was very keen to wear them," noted parent tester Philippa. "She liked to just take a minute to do some deep breathing and smell her sticker."

If you're looking for a gentle solution to help support a child who suffers with anxiety and nervousness or an excess in energy, reminding them to take a moment and breathe in the oils could be a positive way to start.

Buy the ZenPatch - Mood Calming Patches for £15 each or £35 for 3 packs

Sensory Touch Stickers

Buy the Sensory Touch Stickers - £15 each or £35 for 3 packs

NatPat Sensory Touch Stickers

The latest addition to the NatPat range are the Sensory Touch Stickers, which use durable vinyl to provide a soothing touchpoint for kids that are prone to sensory overload, anxiety and stress.

The patches come in an assortment of colours and can be stuck on a range of surfaces including kids tablets, laptops, books and more. They are also reusable thanks to the adhesive which allows you to remove and restick them onto a new surface.

Buy the Sensory Touch Stickers for £15 or £35 for 3 packs

Home Wellness Kit: Bedtime Stickers, Focus Stickers, Zen Stickers

Buy the Home Wellness Kit from £35

NatPat Wellness Bundle

The Home Wellness Kit includes 24 x SleepyPatch patches, 24 x ZenPatch patches and 24 x FocusPatches designed to support your child with natural wellness throughout the day.

The FocusPatch uses essential oils such as lemon, bergamot and peppermint which many have found aids with focus and concentration.

"They seemed to help keep Jack focused on sitting still for his dinner and whilst at school for the day," parent tester Jo said.


Buy the Home Wellness Kit from £35