Your labour survival essentials

Give birth as comfortably as possible with our labour saviour ideas.

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  • Your labour survival essentials

    You’ve had your scans, met your midwife, and should be just about ready to go. When you actually get down to business you’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible.

    Here’s our essential checklist of what you’ll need to make your birth and time in hospital as relaxed and contented as possible.

  • Your labour survival essentials

    Dress For The part

    You’ll need something practical and comfortable to give-birth in.

    Hospitals are warm at the best of times so make sure you choose something strappy - during labour you’ll get hot!

    These nighties are not only pretty but have easy drop down cups for breastfeeding afterwards.

    Grey Sweet Dreams Nightie, £30, Bella Mama

    Blue Printed nightie, £28, Mamas and papas

  • Your labour saviour essentials

    Be comfortable

    You might prefer a hospital gown but not an over-sized, over-used one supplied by your hospital. Cut like a real hospital gown but jazzed up with stylish colourful fabric, Maternity Gowns from The Pretty Company will make delivery and recovery more comfortable.

    Angelina Maternity Gown for Labour & Birth, £34.99, The Pretty Company

  • Your labour survival essentials

    Keep Your Cool

    You’ll be hot, bothered and bound to perspire so make sure you take the following to keep you as cool as possible:

    Hair bands to keep your hair out of your face.

    A soft flannel for your birthing partner to mop your brow in times of need.

    Refreshing face spray to cool and calm you down.


    Hair bands from a selection from and

    Eau Thermale Avene spring water spray, £5.50, Avene aval at 


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  • Your labour survival essentials

    Dont Dehydrate

    Have plenty or water at hand.

    A natural sponge is a good idea as you can then suck water from it which ever labour position you happen to be in.

    Your lips will get dry during labour so a lip balm will also come in handy.


    Boots original beauty formula lip salve, £5,

    Honeycombe Natural Sea Sponge by The Natural Sea Sponge Company, £9, Beautiful Pure UK 

  • Your labour survival essentials

    Post birth Necessities

    After the birth you may need to spend a bit of time in hospital. Keep warm and comfortable with the following:

    A cardigown to wrap yourself up in after all that hard work.

    You’ll need slippers as you'll be sure to do plenty of pacing.

    Bedsocks, just for extra cosiness - you've earned it!



    Sorbet "Summer Romance" flower ballerina slippers, £12, Additions Direct

    Soft & Warm Cardigown in Soft Pink, £79, Babes with Babies

    Stripey Pink Alpaca Bedsocks, £34.95, pressies4princesses

  • Your labour survival essentials

    Stock up on zzzzzzz's

    You’ll be exhausted and will need as much sleep as possible before you take your little bundle home. An eye mask is a must to block out the hospital light glare.  

    Fabulous Eye Mask, £6.97; Lavender Silk Eye Mask, £8.49, both Pressies4princesses

  • Your labour survival essentials

    Stay fresh 

    Your body has just been through a lot and so you may not be able shower straight away. Take some face and body wipes and hand sanitiser to freshen up easily. Plus dry shampoo works miracles on greasy hair!

    Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes, £5.50, The Body Shop

    Quash Moisturrising hand sanitiser, from £1.99, Quashme 

    Klorane Gentle Dry Oat Milk Shampoo, £6.95,  Boots

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  • Your labour survival essentials

    Clean as a whistle

    When you are ready to wash properly spoil yourself with lovely travel toiletries and plenty of soft body cream to replenish any lost moisture during the birth.

    Burt's Bees Travel Shower Kit, £14.99, Amazon

    Australian Organics Replenishing Creme Moisturiser, £8.95, John Lewis

    Wonder-Full Balm, £18.50, Mama Mio 


  • Your labour survival essentials


    It’s possible you could still look approximately 5 months pregnant for a few weeks after birth and you could still feel quite sore. As taking your baby home is an exciting time why not having some new clothes to go home in? Something soft, comfortable and a little bit luxurious is a great choice.

    Cashmere Cardigan, £120; Jersey Leggings, £20, both Mamas and Papas

Last updated on 4 March 2009