The best pregnancy pillows

It can be difficult to sleep comfortably with a bump, but a supportive pillow can make all the difference. Here's the best pregnancy support pillows you can buy...


What is a pregnancy pillow?

Usually, they are large, comfortable sleeping aids that supports your pregnancy bump, bum and back.  They can be real lifesavers when you’re having trouble getting comfortable when resting or sleeping while pregnant. 


Do I need a pregnancy pillow?

That really depends on if you have trouble or pains when sleeping.  All too often insomnia, constant toilet trips and internal thermostat issues are enough to drive any pregnant women mad at 4am, without adding a sore bum and an aching back the next day to the equation.

With your centre of gravity changing every day, your spine and bottom really need some extra support.

And sure, without a pregnancy pillow, you can make do with a thick pillow between your legs and a slim cushion under your bump – but it does make sleeping feel like an Iyengar yoga session.

Find the right pregnancy pillow for your body shape, and bedtime in our list of the 10 best you can buy…

1. ClevaMama Mum2Me Pod, £89.99, MadeForMums Awards Gold Winner

ClevaMama Mum2Me Pod

Type of pillow: Pregnancy support and nursing 

It can be hard for mums to justify the cost of something for themselves when there are so many baby items to buy, but this innovative, gold award-winning pillow has something for everyone.

As a multi-way support cushion, it makes sleeping on your side more comfortable throughout pregnancy, supporting your entire bodies from back to bump, hips and knees.

When baby is old enough, and they’re ready, your bub can use it as a bumper for underarm support while they enjoy some tummy time.

The pod is made with 100% soft jersey cotton and has a machine washable cover.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the ClevaMama Mum2Me Pod:

“Being seven months pregnant it’s very hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. I found the Mum2Me Pod highly effective in helping me get a restful night’s sleep. Having the pillow under my bump and also in-between my legs really eased my SPD pain. The pillow is super soft and comfy. I will also be using the pillow for breastfeeding so it has many great uses.” Mum of 1, Charlotte 

“I’m in love with this product! It feels very sturdy and good quality. It’s quite big, which means I’ve been able to use it for my ten-month-old baby.  It is so supportive and versatile; you can use it in so many different positions. I cannot recommend this product highly enough!” Mum of 2, Elizabeth

You can buy the ClevaMama Mum2Me Pod from: Amazon


2. Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow, £47.99, MadeForMums Awards Silver Winner

Type of pillow: Pregnancy support and nursing 

Our silver award goes to the Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Feeding Support Pillow, a distinctive product shaped like a 9 that has earned somewhat iconic status among expecting mums.

The Dreamgenii offers back support, leg support and bump support, and the shape of the pillow is designed to offer maximum blood flow between mother and baby whilst you sleep. 

Once your little one arrives, it can also be used as a feeding support pillow, and it comes in several gorgeous designs to complement any nursery theme, as well as soft brushed white cotton. 

Read what our MFM reviewer thought of the pillow in our review here.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Feeding Support Pillow:

“I love this pregnancy pillow! It’s so comfy and helps me to get a good night’s sleep in the correct position. The print is cute too. I’ve tried a cheaper pillow and it was nowhere near as good. I don’t find this too bulky and it’s lovely and soft.” Expectant mum, Alysia

“I love how this pillow feels, with its soft cotton cover. I also like that it provides back, belly and leg support.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

You can buy the Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Feeding Support Pillow from: Amazon, John Lewis and Dreamgenii


3. bbhugme pregnancy pillow, £139, MadeForMums Awards Bronze Winner

Type of pillow: Pregnancy support and nursing 

Our bronze award goes to the bbhugme, a full body, adjustable support pillow designed by three Norwegian chiropractors (and mums) to provide relief to the pelvis, lower back, belly, knees and ankles during pregnancy.

It’s not the cheapest on the market, but it does have a use beyond pregnancy, offering extra value. When your baby arrives, it can be used to reduce neck and shoulder strain while breastfeeding –tie the pillow around your body to create a soft, comfortable base for your baby to lie. It even has space for twin babies to snuggle in.

The pillow is made from natural, soft and eco-friendly materials which easily shape around parent and baby, and bbhugme say it has been thoroughly tested by mums, dads and professionals therapists.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the bbhugme pregnancy pillow:

“The bbhugme pregnancy pillow is beautifully designed, so much nicer than any other pregnancy pillow on the market! It is very comfortable to sleep with. I liked how I can adjust how firm it is. Another big plus is that I can remove the cover (which is lovely and soft!) and wash it.” Mum of 1, Kathryn 

“I like the thought behind this product, and the fact it can be adjusted to different shapes, sizes and firmness.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

You can buy the bbhugme pregnancy pillow from: Scandiborn, Natural Baby Shower and JoJo Maman Bebe


4. Kit For Kids Heat Regulating Cuddle Me Pregnancy Pillow, £40

Type of pillow:  Pregnancy support 

Offering both temperature regulation and full body support, you’ll love cuddling up to this Kit For Kids pillow.

The wrap around shape is versatile and can support the head, bump and knees simultaneously, to give a good sleeping position.

The soft cover is machine washable at 30C. 

You can buy the Kit For Kids Heat Regulating Cuddle Me Pregnancy Pillow from: PreciousLittleOne and Amazon


5. Summer Infant Body Support Pillow, £39.99

Type of pillow: Pregnancy support, nursing and baby support  

A big pillow shaped like a 9 and designed to provide full-body support as it envelops your body from your head, through your legs and around your back. 

Post-pregnancy, it can be rolled into a pillow for baby’s tummy time, a toddler’s reading chair or mum’s feeding pillow.

Much-loved by expectant and breastfeeding mothers alike, the Summer Infant Body Support pillow offers good value at £39.99. 

You can buy Summer Infant Ultimate Comfort Body Pillow from: Amazon, Argos and Very


6. Slumberdown v-shaped pillow, £10

Type of pillow: Pregnancy support 

Sleep can be in short supply when you are pregnant, even though you need rest more than ever.

This very affordable V-shaped pillow offers pressure relief to aid sleeping on your side and its hollofibre foam means it’s allergy-free and machine washable. 

It’s not the prettiest pillow, but it is one of the most comfortable and supportive, not to mention one of the cheapest you’ll find.  

Read what our MFM reviewer Sarah thought of the pillow in our review here

You can buy the Slumberdown V-shaped pillow from: AsdaAmazon and Wayfair


7. Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow, £44.95

Type of pillow: Pregnancy support and nursing

The Big V is designed to curl around you at night, supporting your bump. It’s also useful for breastfeeding and during the baby and toddler years, giving you full use for its high-end price. 

Our MFM reviewer also said it was “invaluable” following the caesarean birth of her twins, as she found it gave her great support in bed, and getting in and out. The pillow is filled with tiny microbeads, which our MFM reviewer described as “soft and comfortable”. 

On the downside is the price tag and also that it’s a bulky pillow, so you’ll need somewhere to store it. 

We’ve reviewed the Theraline pillow, see what our mums think of it

You can buy the Theraline maternity pillow from: Boots, John Lewis and Amazon 


8. Pillowscapes Bean Pillow, £44

Type of pillow: Pregnancy support and nursing

A multiple use pillow, which can be used as a pregnancy support pillow, or feeding cushion, this large bean-shaped cushion can be used to support your legs or tummy while in bed.

Its unusual shape can also be combined with Pillowscapes’ other designs – the Bow pillow, Drop pillow or upright V pillow – for total comfort.

Buy the Pillowscapes Bean Pillow from Pillowscapes


9. PurFlo Cool Comfort Pregnancy Pillow, £39.99

Type of pillow: Pregnancy support and nursing

This curved mum and baby pillow can be used during pregnancy, and is useful for breastfeeding after the birth.

From the same company that makes the PurFlo breathable baby mattress, this pillow is heat regulating, thanks to its ‘Coolmax technology’, so should help keep you cool at night.

And once you’ve had your baby, it’s easy to use as a nursing pillow on a sofa or chair. The covers are removable and machine washable. 

Buy the Purflo pregnancy support pillow from Argos, and Amazon.


10. Chicco Boppy Total Body pillow, £60

Type of pillow: Pregnancy support 

A pillow that can be divided into 3 separate pieces, the Chicco Boppy Total Body Pillow allows you to configure it in any way you like, to offer you the support you want.

What’s also great about the Boppy pillow is that it’s completely machine washable, so no faffing around when it comes to keeping it clean. 

You can buy the Boppy Total Body pillow from Yummy Kids, and Very.

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