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The best pregnancy pillows

It can be difficult to sleep comfortably with a bump, but a supportive pillow can make all the difference. Here's the best pregnancy support pillows you can buy...


What is a pregnancy pillow?

Usually, they are large, comfortable sleeping aids that supports your pregnancy bump, bum and back.  They can be real lifesavers when you’re having trouble getting comfortable when resting or sleeping while pregnant.


Do I need a pregnancy pillow?

That really depends on if you have trouble or pains when sleeping.  All too often insomnia, constant toilet trips and internal thermostat issues are enough to drive any pregnant women mad at 4am, without adding a sore bum and an aching back the next day to the equation.

With your centre of gravity changing every day, your spine and bottom really need some extra support.

And sure, without a pregnancy pillow, you can make do with a thick pillow between your legs and a slim cushion under your bump – but it does make sleeping feel like an Iyengar yoga session.

Find the right pregnancy pillow for your body shape, and bedtime in our list of the 10 best you can buy…

1. bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow, £139

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing

Trying to sleep at any stage during your pregnancy can be a real pain, particularly in your back, knees, ankles, pelvis and of course, your ever-expanding tummy.

What’s so great about this squidgy pillow, according to MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor and mum of 2 Christy, is that ‘you can squash it into whatever shape or configuration you need’.

There are plenty of cushions that can double-up as a nursing pillow. But unlike the others on our list, it’s been designed by 3 female chiropractors using the softest eco-friendly cotton imaginable. Plus comes with 2 silicone-free pebbles which, once baby arrives, make great teethers. Oh, and it’s washable too!

Available from: Amazon, JoJo Maman Bebe and Scandiborn

2. Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Feeding Support Pillow, £45

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing

This pillow offers everything you’re craving (in sleep terms). It ticks the box of comfort, particularly when you prefer to sleep on your left side, as the shape prevents you from rolling onto your back. Sizewise, it’s not as big as some of the others that made our list making it easy to store. And then there’s the price tag – unlike some pregnancy purchases, this one won’t give you nightmares.

The original purchase comes in snuggly soft white cotton, but our MFM judges also loved that you can buy extra patterned washable covers to slip on top to co-ord your bedroom or nursery.

It comfortably curls around your body to offer welcome support once you start feeding too. As MFM reviewer Rhiannon says, ‘It held me perfectly in place. I slept quickly and soundly and I saw some improvement in my aches and pelvic pains in the mornings.’

Read our full MFM review of the Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Feeding Support Pillow

Available from: Amazon, Dreamgenii and JoJo Maman Bebe

3. ClevaMama Mum2Me Pod, £113.05

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing

This former MFM Awards Gold winner is a still a firm favourite with both mums-to-be and nursing mums.

Cleva by name, it’s clever by nature as it can totally transform from a supportive pregnancy pillow to a safe, secure and comfortable mattress for your baby.

No other pillow on our list is as adaptable and many mums have praised it’s use as a portable sleep or tummy-time pod allowing them a little bit of freedom to relax or potter around the house.

A spare cover for after little accidents would have been nice but overall, as MFM tester Elizabeth says, ‘It’s sturdy, good quality, supportive and versatile. I cannot recommend it highly enough.’

Available from: Amazon, Clevamama and Babycareshop

4. Kit for Kids Cuddle Me Pregnancy Pillow, £39.99

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing

If you’re suffering with chronic back pain during your pregnancy, this cushion could be your sleep saviour. It’s not as big and bulky as some on our list but still long enough to manoeuvre around your back, knees and bump for full body support.

Should you sweat in the night – and you probably will – it comes with a detachable cover that’s easy to remove and is machine-washable. A handy feature once you swap to using it when nursing your new born.

Available from: Amazon, Precious Little One and Uberkids


5. Belloost Pregnancy Pillow, £97

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing/Toddler Support

Getting your body into a good position to sleep is so important when you’re pregnant. If you’re used to sleeping on your front then this pillow could be your greatest pre-baby investment.

Unlike any other pregnancy cushion on our list, it comes with detachable inserts to accommodate your growing belly, which MFM tester Elisa appreciated.

She says: ’That comfy, cosy feeling of being able to lie on my front was bliss. So natural and relaxing without putting pressure on my bump.’

You won’t find many pregnancy cushions that will allow you a well-deserved back massage either….

Available from: Belloost

6. Summer Infant Body Support Pillow, £39.99

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing Pillows/Toddler Support

Perfect for pregnancy, feeding, tummy time and right up until your toddler wants to sit with some support, are amongst the reasons why this pillow proved so popular with our judges. Shaped like a number six, it cleverly contours around your body to aid a comfortable night’s sleep.

Judges commented that it felt well stuffed, offered sufficient cushioning around their bump and legs and seemed to help curb night sweats.

Available from: Amazon, JoJo Maman Bebe and Summer Infant

7. Slumberdown V-Shaped Pillow, £10

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing

What’s not to love about this pillow? It’s come from a company known for making pillows and duvets and is an absolute bargain.

As the name suggests, it comes in a simple V-shape to offer extra neck and back support during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. But is it worth even the paltry price tag?

MFM reviewer Sarah says that, ‘you’re definitely aware that the filling is synthetic however I love that you can stick the whole thing in the washing machine. It will certainly last the pregnancy and at least 6 months of breastfeeding. Compared to other pregnancy pillows like the Dreamgenii and the Summer Infant Body Support Pillow, it’s brilliant value for money.’

Read our full MFM review of the Slumberdown V-Shaped Pillow

Available from: Amazon, Studio and Pondenhome

8. PurFlo Cool Comfort Pregnancy Pillow, £40

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing Pillows

What sets this pillow apart from the others is its ‘Coolmax technology.’ Huh? Chances are, your body temperature is at an all-time high now you’re pregnant so this smart pillow somehow manages to regulate body heat to keep you nicely cool during the night.

As far as the actual shape of the cushion is concerned, our testers found it supportive in all the right places and gorgeously soft to snuggle into.

Available from: Amazon, Purflo and JoJo Maman Bebe

9. Chicco Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow, £50

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing Pillows

Unlike the other pillows in our round up, this one comes in 3 pieces that you configure to suit your needs.

Need to support your ankles? No problem. There’s a cushion for that. Same goes for your head, belly, back or knees.

Mix and match where and how you want it or join it together to make one long cushion. Testers reported that the pillow felt nicely sturdy and would definitely keep its shape long into the nursing stages.

Available from: Amazon, Chicco and Argos

10. Pillowscapes Bean Pillow, £39.99

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing Pillows

This easy-on-the-eye pillow doesn’t scream ‘Pregnancy Pillow’ and that’s why our MFM judges liked it.

That, and the fact that whilst it feels quite squidgy it’s still firm enough to offer support and relief to heavily-pregnant side-sleepers. Don’t be fooled by the picture, this is one big, beautiful bean-shaped pillow. Beauty sleep beckons….

Available from: Pillowscapes


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