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A squishy, well-made super-sized pillow that provides great support for a multitude of needs, including pregnancy

What we tested

  • Comfort
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Versatility
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Ease of cleaning
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Quality
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.


  • Effective pregnancy support, very soft, multi-purpose, machine washable and suitable for tumble dryer, great value


  • Large, can’t find replacement pillowcases

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Silentnight are renowned for making a range of pillows and mattresses to suit all types of sleeper. The extra-long Body Support Pillow isn’t specifically designed for pregnant women – in fact, you can use it as a regular bed bolster or for neck or back support. But the length makes it just right for mid to late pregnancy, when many women find they need some extra padding around their bump and legs at nighttime.

The pillow’s great value price, excellent supportive padding and versatility earned it Gold in the Pregnancy/nursing pillow category of the MFM 2020 Awards, scoring highly with all who tested it.

It’s a standard rectangular shape, unlike more specific pregnancy pillows like the very popular and similarly-priced Dream Genii (£35.99 on Amazon) and it’s a mid-priced option, with an RRP of £38.

Tested by:

Christy tested the pillow for nighttime sleeping at home during her 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

What are your first impressions of the pillow?

The first thing I noticed was how much longer and wider it is compared to my usual Dream Genii Pillow. It measures 147x48cm in comparison to the Genii’s L43.2x W35.6 x H35.6cm, which is quite a difference. It’s a regular pillow shape but much longer – basically double the length.

I was really pleased it came in a handy carrybag (although the zip broke nearly straight away) as it meant I didn’t need to worry about getting it grubby as I carried it home. Once out of the bag, the next thing I noticed was how soft it is – both the pillow and the case are made from lovely, silky fabric, so it felt really premium. My 6-year-old daughter couldn’t resist jumping on it and declared it to be “very comfy!”How do other similarly-priced pregnancy pillows compare?

silentnight pillow in use

How does it compare to other pregnancy pillows you have used?

There are a few products to compete with the Silentnight Body Support Pillow – as mentioned, I already have the Dream Genii Pillow – a plump, cosy pillow made up of three parts that’s designed specifically for pregnancy and breastfeeding. It’s almost the opposite of the Silentnight Body Support Pillow – compact and lightweight, while it certainly offers support, its slim exterior is no match for the bulky reassurance of the Silentnight.

The Summer Infant Ultimate Comfort Pillow (£40) is another worthy rival – cleverly rolling up to double as a tummy time pillow or a squashy toddler seat, its multifunctionality is a strong selling point, yet a number of online shoppers remark that it lacks enough padding to be truly supportive and it doesn’t wash well.

A cheaper alternative is the sleepdove Maternity Pillow, a classic v-shaped design that’s available in two sizes – 9ft for £18.95 or 12ft for £21.99. With hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon, shoppers rate its value for money and support for pregnant bumps, but many mentioned how difficult it is to get the cushion in the pillowcase and some said how the bend in the pillow can be uncomfortable.

How comfortable is the Silentnight Body Support Pillow?

Very - the squishy hollow fibre is very bouncy and plush, so it’s thick enough to give plenty of support but has just the right amount of give so the pillow accommodates your body (rather than the other way around). It’s also really flexible and light, which makes it easy to switch sides if you’re turning over in the night.

The beautiful quality and comfort of the pillow is a view shared by all home testers from the MFM 2020 Awards, who rated the Silentnight Body Support Pillow for its high-end feel and soft filling.

silentnight quilt

How much room does it take up?

It’s big! There’s no way around the fact this is a large, bulky pillow – it’s pretty much the size of another person. But you really do need extra support in pregnancy, particularly in the last trimester, when you’re not only lying on your side but often get aches and pains. So, while it’s big, I’d say it definitely earns its mattress space. And on the plus side, after pregnancy it fits well as a bolster pillow across a double bed.

silentnight folded PR

And while it’s larger than almost all of its closest competitors at 147x48cm, it’s not a patch on the sleepdove Maternity Pillow, which is a whopping 360x46cm – so big, it may even put the size of your bed into question!

Is it easy to move around the house?

Yes, although it’s large, it’s only 1.6kg so feels quite light to carry, folded over your arm or shoulder. Again, unlike the sleepdove Maternity Pillow, which is a heftier 3kg.

Does the Silentnight Body Support Pillow aid sleep?

Yes. At 6 months pregnant I’ve tried napping without it but found it too uncomfortable. So I’d say from this stage of pregnancy and beyond, it’s an essential buy to get a relatively good night’s rest.

Does the Silentnight Body Support Pillow give you the support you need?

Yes, as a pregnancy sleep support pillow it’s excellent. It’s long and squishy enough to fit around your body where you need it; so you can rest the upper part against and beneath your bump, but also place the lower part between your knees for extra support. It’s also thick and robust enough to support your legs – unlike the pricier BBHugme Pregnancy Pillow (£138.50 on Amazon), which is so squishy it flattens out when you squeeze your legs together, the Silentnight remains padded and supportive.

silentnight sitting

I do find every few days I need to re-plump it, but that’s easy to do and it regains its shape easily. However, after a couple of months use, it does have a bit of an indentation in the middle.

Many reviews report it has a medium to firm feel, which aids its support for achy bodies.

Is the Silentnight Body Support Pillow better than a normal pillow?

Definitely. It’s really nice quality, but the usp is its length. You could use 2 regular pillows but I think they would move out of place easily, whereas the Silentnight pillow is easy to fit and keep secure throughout the night.

Is it machine washable?

Both the pillow and case can be machine washed and tumble dried. This is handy because I couldn’t find a replacement pillowcase, so being able to wash and dry it on the same day is useful. I also like the fact even the pillow itself can be washed – great if your waters break in the nighttime.

Something else to note with pregnancy pillows is just how difficult customers report the covers are to take on and off, especially if they are an unusual shape as many pregnancy supports are. With the Silentnight, it’s simple to whip it on and off for a wash.

How durable does the Silentnight Body Support Pillow feel?

As you’d expect from a major brand like Silentnight, it feels well-made and good quality. The fact you can wash it will lengthen its lifespan but, like most bedding, it’s not designed to last forever. However, I’d be confident you could use this through several pregnancies and beyond.

Do you need any extra accessories?

Not really. I wish they sold spare pillowcases, but I couldn’t find any online.

Can you use the Silentnight Body Support Pillow as a feeding pillow?

Yes, it’s big enough that you could wrap it around your tummy as a support for the baby while you feed them. However, you might find a smaller, firmer pillow like the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow more effective for around £10 more.

Can you use it with the baby or as a tummy time pillow?

When my baby is starting to sit up, I’ll be trying this out as a support for them. However, I think it’s a bit too squishy to use for tummy time.

Is the Silentnight Body Support Pillow value for money?

Yes, I think it’s excellent value for money. You could buy two regular-size pillows for cheaper, but I think the length makes it really effective as a pregnancy support, and its versatility means you can use it for a variety of reasons. I also think the quality feels great, so I'd be happy to buy these for use in pregnancy alone.

It comes with 1 pillowcase, which I feel should be standard but not all do. Two of the MFM 2020 Awards home testers agreed, with one rating is 10 out of 10 for value, and another saying: “It's quickly become a necessity. I don't ever want to be without it, I'm even taking it into hospital with me when I stay.”

Where can I buy the Silentnight Body Support Pillow?

It’s available from Argos and Amazon.

MadeForMums verdict:

A perfect plump pillow from early pregnancy and onwards, the Silentnight Body Support Pillow particularly comes into its own for the mid to late stages. It provides flexible, comfortable sleep support, and the fact you can use it after pregnancy makes it excellent value. Whether you have a backache, want to prop yourself up in bed to read, or use for breastfeeding, I think this versatility really adds value.

It also earned a big thumbs up from me for being suitable for the washing machine and tumble dryer. Perfect for mums-to-be, or anyone who needs a bit of support (or who just likes huge squishy pillows!).




MadeForMums Consumer & Reviews Editor Christy McGhee
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Product Specifications

ModelBody Support Pillow
Pillow typePregnancy
  • Gently supports your bump to keep you and the baby sleeping comfortably
  • Supersized to provide full body support
  • Versatile as can be used in many different positions
  • Machine washable