In a nutshell

Cleverly designed to make feeding your baby as comfortable as possible, we love how stylish, sturdy and compact it is – and that it can be used for tummy time, too. However, it is expensive for a feeding pillow

What we tested

  • Comfort
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Versatility
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Ease of cleaning
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Quality
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 3.8 out of 5.


  • Machine washable cover, sturdy, soft fabric, stylish, compact, easy to carry, useful for tummy time


  • Expensive

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Ergobaby are a popular brand in the baby market and are particularly well known for their baby carriers.

Their Natural Curve Nursing Pillow, like their most iconic products, has been designed to give the best ergonomic fit, and has won several awards, including a MadeForMums 2019 Gold Award. It’s made from solid foam with a unique contour to help properly position baby tummy-to-tummy at a good height and make breastfeeding as comfortable as possible for nursing mums. It can be used from newborn for breastfeeding, from 3 months for bottle-feeding and from 6 months for tummy time.

Similar products on the market include the cheaper Chicco Boppy Nursing Pillow, £29.99 and slightly more expensive ClevaMama ClevaCushion, £56.99 and the Mamas & Papas Nursing Pillow £23.99.

Tested by

Laura is a mum to 2 children – Ross, aged 3, and 5-week-old Skylar. She tested the Ergobaby Natural Curve pillow when both breast and bottle-feeding her baby.

First impressions of the Natural Curve Nursing Pillow?

I’ve used nursing pillows before and haven’t found them that useful so, while this Ergobaby one looked very stylish and comfortable to use, I was dubious about how much help it would offer.


Do you need instructions on how to use it?

There are handy images pictured on the Natural Curve pillow’s packaging to show you how to use the cushion, as well as pointers on how not to use it.

How do you use the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow?

There are several ways you can use the pillow – and not just for nursing. It can used for both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, as well as for holding your baby facing you during bonding time. The Natural Curve pillow can also be used for tummy time as baby gets a bit older.

How comfortable is it?

I used the Ergobaby Natural Curve pillow from birth and actually found it a little uncomfortable at first as it pressed on my stomach, which was still very tender. However, as everything settled back down after birth and my tummy area was less swollen I found it easier to use. It can also be used to the side of your body if you are using it for breastfeeding.


How much room does the Natural Curve pillow take up?

It’s quite a solid pillow so can’t be folded or squashed down to put away and probably wouldn’t fit into a cupboard, but I kept it tucked away at the side of the sofa where it fitted nicely.

Is it easy to move around the house?

The Natural Curve pillow has a carry handle so can easily be moved around, and it is quite compact.

Does this nursing cushion give you the support you need?

The Natural Curve pillow is designed to place your baby at the right height and position to stop you from slouching. I initially used this for breastfeeding and still found that it was a little lower than I needed it to be.

It did place baby at a good position for laying sideways, freeing up a hand to help guide baby into the right place, but I still found that the height wasn’t quite right and I was still slouching a little.

When I went on to bottle-feed, I found the positioning much better and that it offered the support I needed.


Is the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow better than a normal pillow?

Yes, it is better than a normal pillow as it is so unyielding that my arm didn’t sink into it, giving me proper support.

What do you think of the design?

I liked the Natural Curve’s design - it looked pretty sleek so I didn’t mind it being on display.

Would you recommend the Ergobaby pillow?

Although I found it offered support whilst bottle-feeding, and I would recommend it to someone who was specifically looking for a feeding pillow, I’m not sure I would suggest rushing out to buy the Natural Curve otherwise.

Yes, it was nice to use, but I’m not sure it’s an essential when there are lots of other things to spend your money on when you have a newborn baby.


How durable did it seem?

The Natural Curve pillow seemed to be made from good quality materials and felt like it would be long-lasting.

Is it machine washable?

The Natural Curve’s cover could be removed and machine washed - an essential given the nature of the product. You can also buy replacement covers if needed.

Do you need any extra accessories for the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow?

No, you don’t need any extra accessories for this pillow.

Can you use it with your baby in other ways?

You can use the Natural Curve pillow as a tummy time cushion, so that gives it more value for money. You can also use it to place baby facing you, which is great for interacting with your baby and providing good eye contact, as well as giving your arms a rest!


What’s in the box?

Just the Natural Curve pillow, with the instructions on the packaging.

What would you have wanted to know before you purchased the Natural Curve pillow?

Knowing that it could be used for tummy time as well as nursing could convince me to buy this pillow, as it’s something that I might have overlooked otherwise.

Who would the Natural Curve pillow be most useful for?

Although I didn’t find this helped me personally with breastfeeding, I think this Ergobaby pillow would be useful to try if you are trying to feed baby yourself but struggling to get into the right position.


Is the pillow value for money?

I felt the Ergobaby Natural Curve was a bit pricey for just giving your back and arm support. Having said that, if you are struggling to breastfeed and this helps you to get baby into a comfortable position and be able to do that, then this is absolutely worth the price tag.

Where can I buy Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow?

The Ergobaby curve nursing pillow is available to buy online at Ergobaby, Amazon and Natural Baby Shower

MadeForMums verdict:

The Ergobaby Natural Curve is a sturdy feeding pillow which offers support for both breast and bottle-feeding, as well as having the added value of being able to be used for tummy time for baby. I would recommend it for people who need extra support getting baby into a comfortable position.



Product Specifications

ModelNatural Curve Nursing Pillow review
Pillow typeNursing
    • Firm, supportive pillow for baby
    • Helps prevent slouching
    • Easy carrying handle
    • 0 months plus Newborn+
    • machine washable Machine Washable