Best breastfeeding/nursing and support pillows

Pillows and supports to help you ensure your baby is properly supported and positioned in the best way during feeding - tested by mums for both breast and also bottle feeding

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1. Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow, £49.90

Type: Nursing


Developed with lactation experts, this firm, crescent-shaped pillow wraps around your waist and ensures your baby is at the perfect height to nurse, so you don’t have to lean over, straining your neck, back and arms. You’ll be able to feed in comfort, while your baby will enjoy lying on the soft, plush cushion, in the tummy-to-tummy position for a healthy latch and angled so their head is above their tummy to aid digestion.

Similar to several of the other pillows in this group, Ergobaby’s pillow can also be used for bottle-feeding and for tummy time as your baby grows.

For portability, the Ergobaby Nursing Pillow also has a carry handle, while a machine-washable, zip-off cover (the interior lining protects against spills) means it’s easy to keep clean. The pillow comes with a blue cover or a grey and white sheep design, but you can also choose from five other cover designs (£19.90 each).

MFM tester Anna says “This is a really effective nursing pillow. It has a great shape that helps positioning really well, which makes using it a real pleasure. It’s very soft to the touch and the cover can be easily removed and washed. It also helps Mum support her arms, which is a bonus. Definitely one of the best nursing pillows I’ve tried.”

Available from: Amazon, Ergobaby and Uber Kids

2. bbhugme Nursing Pillow, £65

Type: Nursing

The bbhugme Nursing Pillow™was designed by a chiropractor and has plenty of great features.

This beanbag-textured pillow works a bit differently from the Ergobaby pillow, in that you tie it around your waist. This not only supports your neck and shoulders when feeding, but makes sure that the pillow, and your baby, stay in the same position. It’s also the only adjustable pillow in this group, with two ‘pebbles’ at each end which you can move closer together to create a firmer pillow, or further apart for a squishier support.

It comes in two colourways – grey, or pale pink, and it also has its own smart travel bag, making it easy to take out with you. Made from eco-friendly materials which prevent overheating, the cover can be machine-washed, and if things get really messy, you can wipe the actual pillow down with liquid detergent if you need to.

Although it’s the most expensive pillow in our roundup, it hasn’t got as many extra uses as some of the other pillows, but it’s the only one you can also use as a hip carrier.

MFM tester Claire says “This is a lovely nursing pillow that can be adapted for different sizes and positions. You can adjust it to make it firmer or softer, depending on your preference. I love the neutral colours and the fact that it comes with its very own travel bag – making it ideal for feeding on the go! If you have had a C-section birth (as I have) then it is particularly helpful, as it protects your scar, while helping to distribute the weight of the baby.”

Available from: Amazon, Bbhugme and Natural Baby Shower

 3. HushCush Nursing Arm Pillow, £26.99

Type: Pregnancy and nursing

The HushCush slips onto your arm like a padded sleeve, rather than sitting around the waist. As it’s an arm pillow, you don’t need to worry about it fitting, because one size fits all, and, like the bbhugme, it shouldn’t slip out of place. This makes it a good option if you’ve had a C-section, as it doesn’t sit against your tummy and the ergonomic design helps to evenly distribute your baby’s weight.

With an organic cotton cover that’s soft against your baby’s skin, you can easily lift your baby up to the ideal height for feeding, saving you from straining your back or slouching. It’s specially designed to help keep your baby correctly aligned for a better latch, with their body at an incline for better digestion. It even retains Mum’s familiar scent, which your baby will love!

Like several of the pillows in this roundup, it’s multi-purpose – you can use it during pregnancy as a lower back support, as a wedge when sleeping on your side, or put it between your knees. Although it doesn’t come with a travel bag like the bbhugme, it has a strap which makes it easy to carry, and its size makes it easy to slip into your pram basket for trips out. You can buy the pillow in four different designs, with spare covers available in six designs.

At this price, the HushCush is one of the cheaper pillows in our roundup, at nearly half the price of some of the others, so it’s a good-value buy.

Available from: HushCush, Kidly and Onco

4. ClevaMama ClevaCushion 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow and Baby nest, £56.99

Type: Pregnancy and nursing

The 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow from ClevaMama has been designed to be used in several different ways, giving you around two years of use. You can use it as a back rest while pregnant, as a nursing pillow when your baby arrives, and it can also be used as a snuggly baby nest, or to provide extra support for your little one in the car, high chair or pram and more. It’s also the only pillow in this roundup that comes with toys you can attach to entertain your baby during tummy time.

Machine-washable and available in five different designs, the cover is lovely and soft for your baby to lie on, while the pillow itself is made from ClevaFoam, which is scientifically proven to protect the round shape of your baby’s head.

Of all the pillows in this round-up, it’s definitely the most versatile. Although the price is on a par with the pillows from Ergobaby and bbhugme, it offers a lot of value simply because you can use it in so many ways.

Available from: Amazon, ClevaMama and Kiddies Kingdom

5. Chicco Boppy Feeding Pillow, £29.99

Type: Nursing

The “world’s first nursing pillow”, the Boppy Feeding Pillow is doughnut-shaped to fit snugly around your waist whatever your size, similar to the Ergobaby and ClevaMama pillows. It’s designed not to slip off your body and to provide a stable support, positioning your baby at the right height for breastfeeding so you are both comfortable and you can sit upright, avoiding neck, back and arm strain.

Designed not to lose its shape over time, the pillow’s hypoallergenic filling is soft yet compact so your baby won’t sink into it. The pillow is also easy to clean – you can either zip off the cover and wash it – or, unlike the other pillows in this roundup except the Dreamgenii, you can wash the whole pillow at 30ºC.

Although it doesn’t have as many uses as the ClevaMama 10-in-1 pillow (which is nearly double the price), you can also use it to cushion your baby when lying on their backs (although they shouldn’t sleep on the Boppy), to support your baby during tummy time, and to stop them from toppling over when they’re learning to sit. You can buy it in various designs including a sweet woodland print or grey cloud print.

Available from: Amazon, Mothercare.


6. Over The Rainbow Deluxe quilted 4-in-1 Nursing Pillow, from £25.95

Type: Nursing

This deluxe nursing pillow is secured around your waist with ties for a snug fit and to stop it moving in the middle of a feed, allowing you to relax your neck, back and arms.

The pillow is soft and quilted so it’s comfy for your baby to lie on, and it also comes with a mini pillow to put under your baby’s head to give them a bit of extra height for feeding if they need it.

As with all of the pillows in our roundup, the cover is removable and washable – as is the mini pillow. The cover also comes in three designs: grey with white stars, a jungle-themed one, or a white cover with yellow, blue and pink spots.

Compared to the other waist nursing pillows in this roundup, the tie-on feature makes it similar to the bbhugme, while it also has multiple uses like the Boppy and ClevaMama pillows. Uniquely, it’s fitted with a wide, adjustable, nappy-style harness so you can safely lie your baby on the pillow on their back without them slipping down (this can be moved to the reverse side when feeding), plus you can also use the pillow for tummy time and to keep your baby upright as they learn to sit.

Price-wise, this pillow is fantastic value for money, being not only multi-use but also the cheapest pillow in this selection.

Available from: Amazon and eBay

7. Thrupenny Bits Nursing Pillow, Classic: £33-£45, Ultimate: £41-£58, Twin: £89

Type: Nursing

Designed with the help of a lactation specialist, this hypoallergenic, crescent-shaped pillow hugs your waist and lifts your baby up to the right position for a good breastfeeding latch, so you can feed in comfort. To make sure there’s no gap between you and your nursing baby, the Thrupenny Bits pillow is tied on with straps, just like the pillows from bbhugme and Over the Rainbow.

Similar to the bbhugme, these ties make the pillow very portable, allowing it to be carried over your shoulder or hung over the handle of your pram. Like the pillows from Boppy, Over the Rainbow and ClevaMama, the Thrupenny Bits pillow can also be used as a support as your baby learns to sit, but it also has a novel extra use – remove the pillow from the cover when you’ve finished breastfeeding and the cover can be used as a bag!

Uniquely, this pillow comes in two different sizes, both with soft-touch, washable covers. Available with a striped, floral or starry cover, or in (cheaper) corduroy, the smaller, easily portable Classic measures approx. 65cm x 27cm and will suit your baby for up to six months. Or, if you’re taller or have a larger baby, the larger, deeper Ultimate measures 65cm x 32cm and raises your baby to a higher position than the Classic and should last you and your baby well past six months.

Available in four designs, it also comes with pockets. If you plan to go out and about with your pillow, you can buy a waterproof bag to carry it in for £25.

The Thrupenny Bits pillow is also the only one in this group that sells a (pre-order) twins pillow for tandem breastfeeding, which comes in the Ultimate size, with two extra pillows for your babies’ heads.

Value-wise, in the Classic size, this pillow is a similar price to several of the others in this roundup, while the Ultimate size is larger, so it should last you and your baby longer and can be bought at a very reasonable price depending on what cover you choose.

Read our full MadeForMums review here

Available from: Amazon, Rosebud Baby and Thrupenny Bits

8. Kinder Valley Donut Nursing Pillow, £25.99

Type: Pregnancy and nursing

With its curved, doughnut shape, the Kinder Valley Nursing Pillow fits around your waist, like the Boppy pillow, raising your baby to a comfortable height for breast- or bottle-feeding. There’s no need to worry about milk spills as the cover is removable and washable – and it’s also available in attractive designs including multicoloured rainbows on a white background, or coloured stars on a white background.

Like the HushCush and the ClevaMama pillows, it can be used in pregnancy to support your bump while sleeping, or as a neck and back support, while your baby can use it for tummy time and to help him sit up, in a similar way to the ClevaMama, Boppy, Thrupenny Bit and Over the Rainbow pillows. With all these functions and as one of the two cheapest nursing pillows in this group, it’s a great-value buy.

Available from: Amazon and Precious Little One


9. Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow, from £44.99

Type: Pregnancy and nursing

When you’re expecting, it can be hard to get comfy in bed. To maximise blood flow between you and your baby and to help get your baby into the right birth position, midwives recommend sleeping on your left side, but if you’re a front or back sleeper, this can be tricky. This is where the Dreamgenii comes in.

This clever pillow is in the shape of a 7 – the long stem is a bolster cushion that goes under your bump and between your knees, and the top is a length of flat fabric with a small cushion at the end that goes behind your back to stop you from rolling onto it during the night.

Like several of the other pillows in this roundup, it has an extra use – once you give birth you can use it as a nursing pillow. The long leg support wraps around your tummy and back to help you sit up straight and, with the back support, makes a comfy platform for your baby to lie on as they feed.

Although you can wash the cotton cover – which comes in five designs – as with many of the other products in this selection, the pillow can only be sponged clean or gently hand-washed at a low temperature.

What sets the Dreamgenii apart from other pregnancy pillows is that it’s backed by UK midwives, and it’s also recommended if you’re suffering with SPD during your pregnancy.

At this price, this pillow is in the mid range, but as a sleep aid while you’re pregnant as well as a nursing pillow, it could be well worth the use you’ll get from it.

Available from: Argos, Dreamgenii and John Lewis

10. Feeding Friend, £34.99

Type: Nursing/travel

Created to use when you’re out and about or on holiday, this compact, lightweight, self-inflating feeding pillow provides you with that much-needed back, shoulder and arm support wherever you are.

Shaped differently from the other pillows in this roundup, it’s a long wedge, which the makers claim gives you more choice when it comes to feeding positions.

To inflate – or deflate – it, you simply twist the valve and it works in seconds – no batteries required. Measuring 48cm x 15cm inflated, and 28cm x 24cm deflated, it’s a great space-saver. It comes with a super-soft removable cover that’s easy to wash, and like the pillow from bbhugme, it has its own storage bag so you can slip it into your pram basket or your baby bag when you’re not using it.

MFM tester Jennifer says “This pillow is shaped differently to other feeding pillows that I have seen and my baby found it comfortable to lie on. The material covering the cushion is very soft, and I like that the cover can be easily removed and washed. It seems good value for money based on the design and material. The main appeal of this cushion is that it can be deflated and inflated to suit different sizes and to transport it – this is a great idea and very useful.”

Available from: Amazon


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