Having a new baby is a magical experience but all the joys and special moments come with hard work and lots of time spent on your feet, too. That's why having a comfortable place to sit while you breast or bottle feed every day can make such a difference, especially in those first early months. A comfortable pillow to get a good night's sleep is also essential.


Luckily, there are lots of baby nursing chairs on the market designed for exactly that purpose. There are rocking nursing chairs, ones which recline automatically and those which include additional footstools so you can stretch out your legs a little too. The dedicated chairs are specially designed to support you and add comfort while you feed your little one, whether that's with lumbar support, armrests or reclining features.

Below, we've put together some information about what to look for and included a suggested list of some of the best nursing chairs you can buy now.

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Best nursing chairs at a glance

  • Best for back adjustment: Obaby Reclining Glider Chair and Stool, £250
  • Best for value: IKEA Poang Chair, £80
  • Best for a spacious seat: Tutti Bambini Noah Rocking Chair, £379
  • Best modern style nursing chair: Ickle Bubba Dursley Rocking Chair & Stool, £239
  • Best for high maximum user weight: Costway Upholstered Rocking Chair Modern Rocker with Rubber Wood Frame, £99.99
  • Best for its ergonomic shape: Mamas & Papas Hilston Nursing Chair, £569
  • Best for easy cleaning: Sereno Nursing Glider and Footstall, £229.99
  • Best for longevity: Pottery Barn Kids Wingback Reclining Nursing Chair, £1099
  • Best for small spaces: Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair, £350
  • Best for tech fans: iL Tutto Chelsea Electric Recliner Glider Chair with USB in Egg Shell, £799

What to look for when buying a nursing chair:

Comfort – You may find yourself spending a significant amount of time sitting in your nursing chair, for the first few months at least, so finding a chair that is not only comfortable, but also supports your back is ideal. Make sure the cushioning is padded well and does not lose its shape easily. Padded arm rests are also a plus, as they make it comfier when nursing or soothing your baby.

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A gentle and silent rocking motion – When it has been a long night and you are nursing your baby back to sleep, the last thing you want is a creaky or jolty chair that disturbs them! Ensuring you find a nursing chair that has both a smooth and silent gliding motion, will really take the stress out of those late nights.

Ease of cleaning – A baby can create all sorts of mess and spillages especially on a nursing chair. So having removable cushion covers, easy to wipe or machine washable fabric takes the stress away.

Armrest pockets – When you are settled in your chair, the last thing you want to do is get back out of it because you need to get something. Having a chair with arm pocket storage means you can keep your essential items such as wipes, muslins, TV remotes or a tablet close to you without disturbing your baby.

Additional rocking footstool – For long periods of nursing time, having a footstool to rest your feet on can make the ultimate difference, especially when it mimics the rocking motion of the chair. This addition helps will help both you and your baby to relax.

Longevity – It might be worth considering other ways the chair could be used in the future, if you'd like to get longer use out of it and make the most of your investment.

Chair size – Think about the space you have in your nursery and where you want to keep the chair. Some nursing chairs are larger than others so it's worth considering whether it will fit easily into the space you want to have the chair in.

Recline – If you want to be super comfortable in the chair, especially during the night feeds where you may nod off whilst comforting your baby, a recline feature might be worth looking out for in your nursing chair. Plus, a nursing chair with varied reclining positions could help you find the best position you need to feed.

What kinds of nursing chairs are there?

  • Nursery armchair – a fixed position or rocking armchair that is comfy and supportive
  • Rocking feeding chair – traditional rocking chair set on curved rockers
  • Glider chair – these chairs glide back and forth on smooth runners and can be really comforting for getting baby (and you!) off to sleep
  • With or without footstool – some come with a footstool that might glide or be fixed in place

Best nursing chairs for new parents

1. Obaby Deluxe Reclining Glider Chair and Stool, £250

– Best for back adjustment

obaby deluxe reclining glider chair

Colours: White with grey or sand cushion | Size: Chair – H100cm x W65.5 x D72cm, Stool – H34 x W49 x D38.5cm | Weight: Chair – 15.1 kg, Stool – 5.95kg | Recline: 7 positions | Awards: Silver – Nursery accessory, MadeForMums Awards 2022

With a white wooden frame and soft neutral cushions, this nursing chair will look right at home in most interiors. The slow rocking motion from both the chair and stool helps to relax you and your baby during that much-needed bonding time together.

The package includes a matching footstool, 2 deep supporting cushions and 7 easily adjusted reclining positions. We love the 2 handy pockets on either side of the arm cushions, which provide easy slip in storage space for those essential quick to grab items such as a spare dummy or an emergency muslin.

The backrest is easily altered and adjusted thanks to the accessible side handle that allows you to lock the chair into a fixed angle or position at any time. The perfect mechanism if your hands are full!

"We were given the Obaby Deluxe Glider as a gift and it has been wonderful!! The pockets in the arms were a dream for breastfeeding snacks, and even though we don’t use the chair for feeding anymore my son loves snuggling up in there for his bedtime story or being rocked in the chair when he’s not feeling well. A super comfy chair and something I wasn’t planning to get but am very glad we had!" shared parent tester Fiona.

Available from: Amazon and Obaby

2. IKEA Poang chair, £80

– Best for value

ikea paong nursing chair_

Colours: Birch, oak, white or black wood finish with numerous fabrics | Size: H100cm x W68cm x D82cm | Weight: 10.3kg | Recline: No

It may not be sold as a dedicated nursing chair, but many of our parent testers swear by the Ikea Poang, because of its comfort and slight bounce.

Designed to follow the shape of the body and support the neck and lower back, Ikea’s iconic armchair comes in a range of wood finishes, with tons of fabric options, including full grain leather. There’s even a rocking version and a matching footstool available too.

Previous buyers particularly praised the comfort of the chair with one saying, “really comfortable, easy to assemble,” and another, who has owned one for 18 years, adding, “I can’t live without this chair”.

Parent tester Nirali from our Top Testers Club tested this and shared, "Very comfortable, not bulky and not overly baby roomy so can easily fit it with other furniture after its life as the nursing chair is over."

Although, parent tester Emma had a different experience and commented, "I do love it but after a c-section, I struggled to get in and out of it." Something to bear in mind if you're having a planned c-section.

Available from: Ikea

3. Tutti Bambini Noah Rocking Chair, £379

– Best for a spacious seat

Tutti Bambini Noah Rocking Chair

Colours: Pebble or Grey | Size: H82cm x W79cm x D84cm | Weight: 22.6kg | Max user weight limit: | Recline:

We love the wide seat on Tutti Bambini's Noah chair, which allows for plenty of space for one or even two of your little ones to curl up with you as they continue to grow.

The fabric is treated with scotch guard that means it can be easily cleaned and shouldn't stain if anything gets spilt on it.

"It’s the best thing we bought for having our 2nd daughter and worth every penny. It’s been used endlessly for middle-of-the-night snuggles, morning feeds and for reading stories too. Stylish but super comfy too" shared parent tester Sian.

It's available in a natural shade of stone or pebble grey, both stylish shades that will fit in amongst most homely interiors. This is especially handy as the chair comes with additional spare oak legs, meaning you can convert the chair into a static armchair that could be used in a different room in your home later down the line.

Available from: Kiddies Kingdom and Tutti Bambini

4. Ickle Bubba Dursley Rocking Chair & Stool, £239

– Best for a modern style

Ickle Bubba Dursley Nursing Rocking Chair

Colours: Pearl Grey or Blush Pink| Size: Chair – H98cm x W64.5cm x D84cm, Stool – H37cm x W50cm x D38cm | Weight: Chair – 11.6kg, Stool – 3.9kg | Max user weight limit: | Recline:

The Dursley Rocking Chair has a modern edge to it that not only provides great support whilst feeding with a soft suedette cushion, but comes in a range of colours such as grey and blush pink. This cushion can also be easily removed in case of spillages or accidents too.

The strong wooden white frame supports the well-padded cushions and provides the comfort and security needed for those long feeding sessions. Plus, the padded arm rests come with pockets either side for quick easy access for those important items such as the favourite dummy or emergency wipes! But it can also be simply removed if needed.

It's worth keeping in mind that you cannot recline or change the positioning or angle of this chair, unlike some other models.

Available from: Amazon, Wayfair and Ickle Bubba

5. Costway Upholstered Rocking Chair Modern Rocker with Rubber Wood Frame, £99.99

– Best for high maximum user weight

costway rocking chair

Colours: Grey & White or Dark Grey | Size: H83cm x W66cm x D78cm | Weight: 18kg | Max user weight limit: 150kg | Recline: No

With padded cushions that are filled with high-density sponge, the Costway rocking chair perfectly takes on your body weight helping you to completely relax whilst holding your baby. The breathable faux linen fabric feels soft and comfortable even after long periods of rest or feeding.

You can feel the strength and trust the durability from the wooden frame, which is built to last and provides good lumbar support. It also has a high maximum user weight capacity of 150kg which suggests it will last a long time. The impressive anti-slip felt padding on the rocking feet means the chair will keep its position even on wooden flooring.

Available from: Costway, B&Q and The Range

6. Mamas & Papas Hilston Nursing Chair, £569

– Best for an ergonomic shape

Mamas & Papas Hilston Nursing Chair

Colours: Duck Egg, Silver, Rose, Cloud Velvet, Blush Velvet, Grey, Sand, Navy, Mustard Velvet, Navy Velvet | Size: H81cm x W73cm x D79.5cm | Weight: 24.5kg | Max user weight limit: | Recline: No

This elegant chair will be the prime feature in any contemporary nursery or living space, thanks to its modern look that can be easily matched to other furniture. This also makes it ideal for using beyond the baby years, as it wouldn't look out of place around other areas in the home.

As well as looking the part, its ergonomic shape will help to provide plenty of support. For example, Mamas & Papas say the arms are positioned to be at the height that's most effective and comfortable for feeding, whilst the solid oak legs provide a smooth rocking motion. The durable fabric and reversible cushion can be simply removed for quick cleaning purposes too.

Keep in mind that the chair does not come with a matching footstool included, but you can order both for a slightly more expensive price of £709.

Available from: Mamas & Papas

7. Sereno Nursing Glider and footstool, £229.99

– Best for easy cleaning

Sereno Nursing Glider and footstool

Colours: Natural or White | Size: Chair – H103cm x W68cm x D72cm, Stool – H38cm x W50cm x D40cm | Max user weight limit: | Recline: 7 positions

The Sereno Nursing Glider chair has 7 reclining positions to help you get as comfortable as possible, with an easy to reach, double sided locking system that secures the chair into place safely and effortlessly. Its motion is a soft glide, similar to the other glider chairs in this list. On each side of the chair is a simple side pocket that can fit anything from wipes, muslin cloths, dummies, bottles or even your own gadgets.

The fabric is a durable corduroy which can be sponge-cleaned to remove any spillages or leakages that may occur in day-to-day use. The edges of the chair are purposely rounded and smooth to provide the upmost safety for pregnant women or young children too.

The overall look of the chair is classy and elegant with cream tones alongside the natural wooden frame. The back has a traditional spindle design that provides the adequate amount of support whilst looking the part. A matching footstool is also provided for extra comfort and style, and that also has a gentle gliding function.

Available from: Amazon

8. Pottery Barn Kids Wingback Reclining Nursing Chair, £1099

– Best for longevity

Pottery Barn Kids Wingback Reclining Nursing Chair

Colours: Grey | Size: H102cm x W75cm x D99cm | Weight: 53.9kg | Max user weight limit: | Recline: Yes

The Pottery Barn Kids nursing chair helps for easy bonding time with your baby thanks to its reclining function that can be operated automatically or manually. The brand promises this reclining chair to be “virtually silent” too, so as not to disturb your little one – a quality that we think is an absolute must.

The chair is easy to operate as the functions are close to reach. Plus, its solid wooden frame and thick padded cushions means this chair is not only durable and ready to last a long time, but also incredibly supportive for tired parents.

The winged arms create more space for those precious cuddles and the subtle grey fabric means this chair would suit most modern chic nurseries, however its big selling point is the fact it doesn't look too much like a nursing chair: it could easily move to another part of the home to be used for years afterwards as a reclining chair.

Available from: Pottery Barn Kids

9. Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair, £350

– Best for small spaces

obaby round back nursing chair

Colour: Oatmeal | Size: H80cm x W70cm x D85cm | Weight: 17.15kg | Recline: No

This beautiful Obaby rocking chair provides you with support and comfort. With a sturdy wooden frame and thick foam cushions, this chair is firm but sculpting so you can feel relaxed but don't have to sacrifice your posture.

With its slow rocking motion, it's ideal for helping both you and your baby unwind at any time of the day. The durable weaved upholstery and neutral soft tone means this chair will be suited to most nurseries and adapt to any living space within your home too.

Parent tester Leanne, who tested this with their newborn baby shared, "This timeless, beautiful piece of furniture can be used for breast or bottle feeding and to rock baby to sleep. It’s super easy to assemble and gives optimal back support, even for taller parents. The sides give leverage when adjusting my baby’s position on my chest and rocking using my foot is extremely comfortable, meaning I can change speed and rhythm with exceptional ease. The tub style is smaller than some rockers so fits in my narrow nursery perfectly."

Available from: Robert Dyas, Dunelm and Obaby

10. iL Tutto Chelsea Electric Recliner Glider Chair with USB in Egg Shell, £799

– Best for tech fans

il tutto chelsea chair

Colours: Egg shell, Grey frost | Size: H100cm x W75cm x D80cm | Weight: 53kg | Max user weight limit: 100kg | Recline: Yes (electric)

Although it's one of the most expensive ones on our list, this comfy rocking armchair from Australian brand iL Tutto would be a luxury addition to the nursery with its high-quality premium fabric. This nursing glider chair has a timeless design with the option to receive a fabric swatch to test and see the quality for yourself before committing to it.

This Chelsea edition is electric and you can recline it by simply pressing a button: a perfect perk for mums who have had a c-section as they won't have to manoeuvre too much to find a perfect recline position. Additionally, the high backrest makes this nursing chair comfortable for people who are tall too.

With technology lovers in mind, this nursing chair has a USB port on the side so you can take your tablet or phone with you to use whilst feeding or just snuggling for a cuddle. This could be particularly appealing to parents who find themselves spending long hours nursing or feeding their little ones at night.

The smooth gliding motion will help to soothe your baby (and possibly you) during the night wakeups.

Available from: iL Tutto


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