Best baby bottles from birth

It's hard knowing what are the best baby bottles from the vast array on sale, anti-colic, fast and slow flow teats, BPA free or glass, it can be overwhelming. We pick out the best bottles for newborns and share our baby bottle reviews


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1. Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle, 3 x 150ml, £17.99 (£6 per bottle), 1 x 260ml, £7.49

Sizes available: 150ml, 260ml

Type of teats: Slow flow (from birth), medium flow (from 3m), fast flow (from 6m) and vari-flow (from birth)

Made from: Polypropylene

BPA free: Yes

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Microwave safe: Yes

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2019 Baby bottle – Gold

This MadeForMums gold award-winning bottle has been specially designed to stop your baby from suffering with colic – a godsend for parents trying to soothe an inconsolable, uncomfortable baby. According to the NHS, colic affects one in five babies and is brought on by painful tummy ache or indigestion, which can be caused by swallowing too much air when feeding – either through a poor latch when breastfeeding or taking in too much air when bottle-feeding.

Tommee Tippee claims the one-way venting system that draws air away from the milk reduces bubbles to cut the chances of your baby getting colic. And in testing, 80% of parents said that when feeding from these bottles, their babies suffered less wind, reflux and fussing – the same result as MAM got with their Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle.

To encourage your baby to take the bottle and to get a good latch (and reduce colic-causing air intake), the extra wide teats have been designed with the breast in mind, flexing and stretching to mimic a breastfeed, in a similar way to those made by MAM and Philips Avent. (It’s worth noting that these bottles can only be used with the Advanced Anti-Colic Teats – they won’t work with Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature Teats.)

With these bottles you make the feed slightly differently – stirring in the formula powder, rather than shaking the bottle to combine, for instance. As well as being anti-colic, the bottle has a unique, clever feature parents will love – a built-in, heat-sensing strip that turns pink within seconds if the feed is too hot to give to your baby – saving you from dripping milk onto your wrist to check the temperature.

MFM judge Kerry says “I love the quality of this product – it’s obviously wellmade and it feels great to use. The heat sensor is another great feature that’s really helpful when making up a feed. My baby suffers from trapped wind a lot and when using this bottle I’ve found it’s a lot easier to get the wind up.”

Available from: Amazon, Boots and Sainsbury’s

2. MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle (260ml) two-pack £12.50 (£6.25 per bottle)

Sizes available: 160ml, 260ml

Type of teats: Teat 0 (newborn), Teat 1 (from birth), teat 2 (2m+), Teat 3 (4m+), Teat X (6m+)

Made from: Polypropylene

BPA free: Yes

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Microwave safe: Yes

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2019 Baby bottle – Silver

The Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle is MAM’s answer to keeping your baby comfortable and colic-free. The MadeForMums silver award-winning bottle uses a vented base to reduce air bubbles in milk, rather than a tube like Tommee Tippee or Dr Brown. In MAM’s tests, 80% of mothers who used the Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle with their tots reported a reduction in colic symptoms – a similar result to Tommee Tippee.

The MAM Easy Start Anti Colic teats are made with a silicone that’s designed to feel like skin, with MAM claiming 94% of babies tested in their market research accepted the Easy Start Anti Colic teat and bottle.

Apart from being anti-colic, this bottle offers a unique self-sterilising feature that’s sure to be a hit with mums and dads. As long as you have access to a microwave and some water while out and about or on holiday, the bottle can be sterilised in just three minutes – no need to leave the house laden with sterilised bottles! As well as convenience, the bottle gets top marks for looks, with lots of sweet designs, and it’s a similar price to Tommee Tippee’s Anti-Colic bottle.

Our MadeForMums judge Melanie says “Self-sterilisation is a good feature and it’s worth the money considering they’re the same price as Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic. Best-looking bottle on market and great for sterilising on the go.”

Available from: Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco

3. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle, 3 x 150ml, £12.00 (£4.00 per bottle), 2 x 260ml/340ml, £11.99 (£6 per bottle)

Sizes available: 150ml, 260ml, 340ml

Type of teats: Slow flow (from birth), Vari-flow (from birth), Medium flow (3m+), Fast flow (6m+)

Made from: Polypropylene

BPA free: Yes

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Microwave safe: Yes

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2019 Baby bottle – Joint Bronze

Finding a feeding bottle your baby likes can seem like an expensive process of trial and error, and if changing from breast to bottle or combination feeding, it can be even harder. But with 92% of babies accepting their Closer to Nature Bottle within the first two attempts, the MadeForMums’ joint bronze award-winner in the baby bottle category Tommee Tippee is aiming to get rid of the guesswork.

The bottles use “the most breast-like teats ever made”. Made with silicone that feels like skin, the teats flex and encourage a natural latch. Although these are not specifically designed to be anti-colic like the brand’s Anti-Colic Bottle or the ones made by MAM and Dr Brown in our roundup, the teats have an anti-colic valve to cut down the amount of air your baby takes in when feeding. The bottles also come in various attractive colours and designs.

Our MFM judge Aisha says “Best bottles you can get. Baby switches from breast to bottle without trouble and never fusses. Just used this to express milk and have been using breast with bottle since. We used different bottles when the baby was at hospital and he never liked them.”

Available from: Asda, Sainsbury’s and Superdrug

4. Philips Avent Newborn Natural Starter Set, £32

Sizes available: 2x 4oz (125ml), 2x 9oz (260ml)

Type of teats: Teat 1 (from birth), Teat 2 (1m+)

Made from: Polypropylene

BPA free: Yes

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Microwave safe: Yes (bottle only, not teat, cap or screw ring)

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2019 Baby bottle – Joint Bronze

Made by this year’s MadeFor Mums joint bronze award-winner for baby bottles, this good-quality set has all the basics for bottle-feeding your baby. There are two 125ml bottles, for the early days when your baby takes smaller feeds, plus two 260ml bottles to use as their appetite grows. To complete the set, there’s a brush to clean them with and a soother, too.

If you’re combining breast and bottle, Philips Avent claims these bottles won’t confuse your baby. Their ultra-soft teats are wide and breast-shaped as well as flexible to mimic the feel of the breast – similar to Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature teats and the Natural Touch teats by Nuby. Like those teats, the Philips Avent teats also have an anti-colic valve, which flexes to prevent a vacuum build-up and vents air towards the back of the bottle so it can’t be swallowed by your baby. The bottles are ergonomically shaped to be easy for parents and carers to hold – great for long feeds – and for baby to grip when they get the knack, too!

Philips Avent claims 77% of babies accept this bottle instantly, compared to 92% of babies accepting Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature Bottle on the first or second go, and a 9/10 baby acceptance rate for Nuby’s Easy Latch teats, also in this group.

Value-wise, this set is on a par with similar sets from Tommee Tippee and MAM, although it’s a pricier buy than the Nuby Newborn Starter Set also in this roundup.

MFM judge Deborah says “My newborn, who is mostly breastfeeding, took to this bottle straight away, so I have been impressed by this kit. The ergonomic design also makes it easy for the parent to hold. My newborn at a few weeks old is probably too young for the anti-colic valve to be fully tested – but anything which reduces colic is to be welcomed. The cleaning brush that comes with the kit also makes it easy to fully clean the bottles.”

Available from: Amazon, Philips and Superdrug

5. Nuby’s Natural Touch Newborn Starter Set, £22.99

Sizes available: 2 x 180ml, 2 x 270ml

Type of teats: Slow flow (newborn)

Made from: Polypropylene

BPA free: Yes

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Microwave safe: Yes

This newborn starter set from Nuby has got everything you need to get started with bottle-feeding, including two 180ml bottles and two 270ml bottles, plus a matching orthodontic shaped soother, a bottle brush for cleaning, a Nuby Chewbie teether and a bib for catching those milky dribbles.

With sweet designs, the bottles come with wide, Easy Latch teats that share similar features as those from Tommee Tippee and Philips Avent – they are soft, textured and flex like a mum’s breast, so that your baby will latch on more easily, and they also have three anti-colic valves that allow air to flow back into the bottle rather than being swallowed by your baby and causing discomfort.

Like Philips Avent, Nuby claims its bottle is a good choice if you’re combination feeding, with “little chance of nipple confusion”. According to a survey by Nuby, 9/10 babies accepted the Easy Latch teats.

Compared to the set from Philips Avent, this is great value, being quite a bit cheaper, plus you get more for your money with the teether and bib, too. What’s more, if you buy the set direct from Nuby, you’ll get a Baby Acceptance 100% Guarantee, so if your baby doesn’t take to the bottles, you can get your money back within 24 weeks of buying them.

Available from: Argos, Asda and Nuby

6. Dr Browns Options 270ml bottle, £7.99

Sizes available: 150ml, 270ml

Type of teats: Level 1 (newborn)

Made from: Polypropylene

BPA free: Yes

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Microwave safe: Yes (for sterilising, not for heating milk)

Dr Brown has long been the trusted, go-to bottle brand if your baby has colic. Now they have changed their bottle so it can be used without the special, anti-colic vent when your baby has out-grown the colic phase.

Dr Brown’s Options bottle has a venting tube, which prevents a vacuum developing in the bottle and stops your baby taking in air while feeding – similar to the Tommee Tippee Anti Colic Bottle. But unlike the Anti Colic bottles from Tommee Tippee and MAM, the Options bottle can also be used without the vent as your baby grows out of colic. Without the vent, the soft, silicone Options teat vents the air through the bottle. (It’s worth noting that only the Options teats can be used with this bottle.)

Although the Options bottle doesn’t have a heat-sensitive strip like the Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic bottle or a self-sterilising function like the MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, it is the only one with the stamp of approval from healthcare professionals, with 92% of them recommending this bottle to help relieve colicky symptoms.

Available from: Dr Brown, Boots and Mothercare

7. Lansinoh feeding bottles, 2x 240ml with NaturalWave teat, £11.99 (£6 per bottle)

Sizes available: 160ml, 240ml

Type of teats: Slow flow (2S), Medium flow (3M), Fast flow (4L)

Made from: Polypropylene

BPA free: Yes

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Microwave safe: No

If you’re breastfeeding and want a bottle which others can use to feed your baby with expressed milk when you’re not around, then this Lansinoh bottle might be what you’re looking for.

The mOmma bottle and NaturalWave teat have been specially designed for breastfed babies, with a lower chance of your baby refusing the bottle, says the brand.

The silicone, NaturalWave teat is similar to many of the others in this roundup – it is wide and textured, it stretches and flexes, and it also has an Air Ventilation System to reduce intake of air, a cause of colic. Uniquely, though, the teat has a gradual slope design that means the baby can use the same natural sucking style and ‘wave-like’ tongue movement as they do when breastfeeding. It’s this that Lansinoh claims cuts the chance of your breastfed baby refusing the bottle, or shunning the breast after they’ve had the bottle.

At around £6 each, this bottle is in a similar price range to other bottles in this roundup. It’s worth knowing that you can use the same mOmma bottle to express, store and feed your milk, plus the bottle is compatible with all Lansinoh breast pumps.

Available from: Amazon, Asda and Lansinoh


8. HEVEA 2in1 Glass baby bottle, £20

Sizes available: 120ml

Type of teats: Slow flow (0-3m), Medium flow (3-24m)

Made from: Glass and rubber

BPA free: Yes

Dishwasher safe: Yes (but not teats)

Microwave safe: No

If you want a more eco-friendly baby bottle or don’t want your baby to drink from a plastic bottle, then HEVEA’s 2 in 1 Glass baby bottle might be the answer.

As a glass bottle is more breakable and slippery to hold than a plastic one, HEVEA has designed a soft, flexible and easy-to-grasp star-design rubber ball that the bottle slots into for you or your baby to hold when feeding. If baby – or Mum! – drops it on the floor, the ball simply bounces and the bottle doesn’t shatter.

The bottle is made from pure borosilicate, thermal shock-resistant glass which doesn’t leach any chemicals and is taste and odour free. The ball and the teats are made from natural rubber, which is softer than the silicone most teats are made from. Like others in this roundup, the teats are anti-colic and work in a similar way by venting the air to the back of the bottle.

Although the ball it comes with can be used as a toy when your baby isn’t feeding, the HEVEA bottle is the most expensive in this selection, at £20 for one bottle, nearly three times the price of the average plastic baby bottle. Plus, it doesn’t come in larger sizes for when your baby has bigger feeds.

MFM judge Amy says “I like that this product is made with glass and natural, BPA-free rubber. Its innovation is clever with the idea for the child to hold on to the rubber ball (also to stop burning from the heat of the glass bottle if using hot milk). I also like that the ball can be used as a toy.”

Available from: Ulula, Peace with the Wild and Hevea

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