RD 10 Christmas stocking fillers for under £5

Magic balloons, hatching dino eggs, cats in tins, jelly lollies and mini airplanes - all for under a fiver

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  • Village Tin & Cat

    Why we love it: You get a 7cm plush cat in its own little village house - decorated inside and out. There are 6 to choose from and all are very lovable.

    What it costs: £4.99, from Museum Selection

  • Galt Toys Animal Magic Pictures

    Why we love it: 24 hidden pictures revealed with the rub of a coin. Classic!

    What it costs: £2.55, from Amazon

  • Tobar Wall-Walking Spider

    Why we love it: This spider sticks to the wall and slowly ambles down.

    What it costs: £4.75 from Amazon

  • Magic Plastic Balloons

    Why we love it: Balloons that don't pop! Suitable for 6 years+

    What it costs: £4, from Hawkin's Bazaar

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  • Disney Frozen Mini Memory Game

    Why we love it: A great learning game to practise memory skills with. And it's Frozen. Win-win.

    What it costs: £3.99, from Amazon

  • Giant Colouring Book

    Suitable for: 3 - 8 years

    What it costs: £4, from Early Learning Centre 

  • Bike Airplane

    Why we love it: A simpleway to jazz up your little adventurer's bike and making riding more exciting.

    What it costs: £4.99, from Mulberry Bush

  • Christmas Jelly Lollies

    Why we love it: Isn't it obvious?

    What it costs: £3.15, from Not On The High Street

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  • Colour-Changing Light Up Duck

    Why we love it: It's a quackin' bargain, that's why.

    (Get it? Quackin' instead of crackin'? Never mind...)

    What it costs: £4.95, from Not On The High Street

  • Large Dinosaur Egg

    Why we love it: Hatching toys are all the rage - so this purse-friendly version should go down a treat.

    Check out our fave hatching, discovery and nurturing toys here.

    What it costs: £4.75, from The National Trust

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