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In a nutshell

Quality lightweight and compact buggy ideal for travel or as a second pushchair - but bear in mind there's no seat recline

  • Pros

    Incredibly lightweight, easy to fold, large accessible basket, shoulder strap

  • Cons

    No recline, hood doesn’t extend fully over child, no raincover included

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Our review

Key features of the Britax Holiday pushchair:

  • Age suitability: 6 months until 15kg (approx. 3 years)
  • Type of buggy: Lightweight single
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Fold: Two-handed fold
  • Travel system compatible: No
  • Total cost: £120

Britax is a trusted baby products brand that has been around since the 1960s and is probably best known for its comprehensive range of car seats, having been a trailblazer in car seat safety.

But Britax is also a key player in the pushchair market, with its Britax B-Ready picking up gongs in the double buggy and convertible buggy categories of the MadeForMums Awards 2017.

Meanwhile, its Affinity 2 and B-Agile 4 are much-loved by parents for their great value, comfort and durability.

The 5kg Britax Holiday adds to the brand’s growing buggy family with a lightweight option that is – you guessed it – aimed at holiday makers and those who do a lot of travel.

This pushchair has no pretensions of replacing your regular daily stroller – it is all about the travel features.

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You can buy the Britax Holiday from Uber KidsArgos and Paul Stride.

First impressions of the Britax Holiday?

It does exactly what it says on the tin – it is a fabulous buggy for taking away on holiday as it’s incredibly lightweight and folds super compactly.

Plus the handy carry strap means it can be thrown over your shoulder for a genuine travel option.

Having two children, I’ve been through my fair share of pushchairs and I was genuinely excited when I first saw the Britax Holiday’s box. It was so small, and I could easily carry it on my walk home!

The Holiday looks neat and compact, and certainly smaller than my previous Maclaren Techno XT – I could really see myself enjoying using it.

For me the thing that really stood out was the fold and the shoulder strap – I personally found it much easier to fold than the Babyzen Yoyo 0+ (£375), and I liked that I could carry it over my shoulder, a feature which our reviewer found lacking when testing the Baby Jogger City Tour (£249.99).

The slight niggle for me was that when folded, it has a length of 60cm, making it over the limit to take on a flight as carry on baggage. Most airlines, including British Airways and Easyjet, have a maximum length of 56cm.

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What other lightweight buggies does the Britax Holiday compare to?

At £120, it’s comparable to other lightweight strollers such as the Peg Perego Pliko Mini (£150), the Recaro Easylife (£189), the Silver Cross Zest (£145) and the Mee Go Feather (£130).

In terms of being a tiny, lightweight pushchair, it’s also in the market with the Baby Jogger City Tour, which is pricier at £250 but a little more compact when folded. Another competitor is the Red Kite Push Me Cube (£135), but that is heavier at 6.7kg.

 Exactly how light is it? Does its weight hamper its durability?

The Britax Holiday is 5kg and certainly feels incredibly easy to carry around. I think for a pushchair of this weight, it felt surprisingly sturdy. Obviously it can’t compare to an everyday travel system for that feeling of being robust, but the frame looked and felt strong, and all its parts were high quality and well made.

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How compact is it when unfolded and when folded?

Britax Holiday is ultra compact

This is probably one of the most compact pushchairs I have ever used – both unfolded and folded.

When unfolded it measures 101cm high by 43cm wide, by 74cm in length. When folded it is 24cm in height, by 25.5cm in width and 60cm long.

This compares to the Babyzen Yoyo 0+, which is 52cm x 44cm x 18cm, and the Baby Jogger City Tour, which measures 55.8cm x 45.7cm x 25.4cm when folded.

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What do you think of the fold system?

There’s a knack to it – but once I got the hang of it I found it one of the easiest folds I have come across.

To fold it:

  • Push the button in the centre of the cross bar at the top back of the Britax Holiday
  • Fold the cross bar upwards
  • Pull up the catches on each handlebar
  • Push forward the handlebars

I just loved how small it folds up and that it can be freestanding too.

Plus it’s very simple to unfold the Britax Holiday – there’s no catch to remember to undo, you just have to pull up the catches on the handlebars again, flick out the buggy (this takes a bit of practice at first!) then lock the back cross bar into place.

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How easy is it to store?

If you have a small space, the Britax Holiday is perfect. It slots away wherever you need to store it – under the stairs, in a hallway, in the car boot, even in a cupboard or under the bed.

Would you be able to take the Britax Holiday away on holiday, and how do you think it would fare?

Most definitely. It is designed as a holiday buggy and it fits the bill perfectly – almost!

It’s easy to fold, lightweight and compact, plus its hood has UPF50+ sun protection. It will jam into pretty much any leftover space in the car boot when you’ve packed all your luggage, and is easy to use on trains – fitting neatly into the storage racks at the ends of the carriages.

My only downside for the Britax Holiday is that it is just slightly too large to meet the requirements for carry on luggage on a flight. Most airlines have a maximum length for carry on luggage of 56cm – as I mentioned before, the Holiday is 60cm long when folded.

What do you think of the seat size?

It is definitely on the slim side and measures 28cm wide by 21cm deep. For a stroller this is petite – compared to the Babyzen Yoyo 0+ and Peg Perego Pliko Mini, both of which have a seat with a maximum width of 34cm – but my three-year-old did fit comfortably in it.

The seat back height is 53cm, which is actually taller than most.

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Does it recline?

No, it doesn’t recline, so if you want a pushchair that will allow your little one to have a comfy nap, then it’s probably not the buggy for you.

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What do you think of the height of the buggy?

The buggy handle height is 101cm, which I found a decent height for me – but I am only 5ft 3ins!

Britax Holiday is 101cm high

My husband, on the other hand, wasn’t keen on using it unless we absolutely had to as he found it too low for him at 6ft 3ins. The fact the handles don’t extend meant it just wasn’t an option for him.

Is the frame strong, durable?

Yes, the frame does seem strong in itself and I liked that the plastic joints felt very hardwearing. My only niggle with it is that there did seem to be some wobbly sideways movement as I pushed the Britax Holiday, which made me a little concerned I had broken it! I hadn’t – and I think it was just a bit of flexibility in the frame’s joints, which probably actually gives it more strength, rather than less.

What do you think of the shoulder strap – does it make it easy to carry?

The shoulder strap is brilliant – it’s adjustable and makes life so much easier than the kind of hand carry handle you find on a Maclaren, or none at all!

I found that because the Britax Holiday is so light, it didn’t feel like too much of an effort to throw it over my shoulder. We are planning a trip to Cornwall soon and want to do a bit of walking with the kids, but will definitely need a pushchair for when our 3-year-old Zohra gets tired.

Britax Holiday has a carry strap

This is the perfect solution as one of us will be able to carry it until it’s inevitably needed. You can even buy a backpack travel bag (£25) for the Britax Holiday, so it can be carried on both shoulders too.

What do you think of the handle bars?

They are covered in a soft foam and feel nice to hold, and were a good height for me. The downside for particularly tall parents is that they aren’t height adjustable.

How comfortable does it feel for your little one?

This is a tricky one as, while my daughter Zohra absolutely loved being in the Britax Holiday and always seemed very comfy, we only used it for relatively short amounts of time of up to a couple of hours.

Equally, I tested out the Holiday with my 9-month-old niece, who looked comfortable in it.

Britax Holiday is comfortable

But I’m not sure how comfy either would have been if it got to nap time, as there is no recline on the seat.

The fully adjustable harness means you can make sure you’ve got exactly the right fit for your little one, whatever their age or size, which helped in the comfort stakes.

What do you think of the hood?  Can it be used as sun protection?

The hood is not huge, but it does have a fold down sun visor feature, plus it’s made from UPF50+ sun protection fabric.

In an ideal world, I would like a buggy that is marketed as being a holiday pushchair to have much more extension and coverage from the hood for if you are going on a sunny trip.

What are the basket and storage pockets like?

A lightweight, compact stroller with a big basket that’s easy to use? I thought I was dreaming when I saw the basket on the Britax Holiday! I may be a saddo, but my eyes literally lit up at the Holiday’s basket.

It is deep and square and can take up to 5kg in weight – plenty for whatever I wanted to jam in. And the best part is that it is so easy to access from the back, as well as from the sides, but is deep enough that you don’t need to worry about all your bits falling out.

There are no extra storage pockets, but I didn’t find I needed any as the basket was so large and easily accessible.

Britax Holiday has a large basket

How easy is it to push?

I found it very easy to push, despite the fact the wheels are just 12cm in diameter, I was able to tackle city streets, parks and even a bit of a rough, hilly path. I wouldn’t recommend it for all-terrain, but then it’s not designed for that!

Even with my three-year-old in the Britax Holiday, its smooth ride meant it didn’t feel heavy to push along.

I asked my sister to have a go at pushing it as she was a bit dubious about its dinky size, and she was impressed with how light and easy it pushed!

How does it ride on different surfaces?

We had no problems with pushing the Britax Holiday around our city streets and at museums and out at the park. It’s worth noting that the wheels are swivel only however so, while that makes it super easy to manoeuvre, it is not designed for rough terrain.

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Tell us about the brakes.

There is one foot brake, on the right back wheel, and I found it easy to flip on and off.

Does it fit in the boot of your car?

Absolutely! I could probably fit at least 6 of them in the boot of my VW Golf!

Britax Holiday fits easily in car boot

What age child is it best for?

It is suitable from 6 months to 3 years, and must only be used for children that can sit up unaided. For me, I would probably use it for short trips for younger children that still like to have a nap, but would happily use it right up to the 15kg/3 year age limit.

What’s in the box?

  • Britax Holiday stroller
  • Wheels
  • Instructions

Is it easy/hard to build the product?

Incredibly easy. It was just a case of getting it out of the box pretty much fully assembled, and slotting the wheels on. Minimum stress, happy parents!

Who would the product be most useful for?

A family needing a second buggy specifically for holidays or whizzing about on the nursery run.

What is the price? Is this good value for money? 

The Britax Holiday costs £120, which is slightly more expensive than some other buggies that you might use for a trip away or as a second pushchair. 

However, it has clearly had some clever design thinking go into it, and is made from high quality materials, so I would expect it to fare better than some cheaper brands.

It doesn’t come with a rain cover, which costs £19 and is pretty essential in the UK (unless you only plan to use it on sunny holidays!), and you can also buy the backpack travel bag for £25.

MadeForMums verdict:

A neat and cute looking lightweight pushchair that is so compact it could be mistaken for a doll’s pram, but is robust and easy to push.

It’s not an everyday pram, but for holidays, the nursery run or a second buggy to keep in the car or at the grandparents, this is a well-designed option at a reasonable price.

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