Travel gear for family days out

Pack up and go with these great travel products

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  • Lock smart

    No room for the buggy? Park up and lock up with a Buggyguard! Genius.


  • Sun shield

    Pack a LittleLife Compact Beach Shelter in the car boot for UPF 50 protection and shade from the sun for your little one.


  • Cool!

    We love this new 2-Drinks Cooler Sports Bottle. The inner bottle can be filled and frozen to keep the outer bottle, which can also be filled, chilled. Drink the frozen inner bottle contents when thawed.


  • Drink up

    Chillipeeps Adaptable Teats screw into an adult water bottle or formula milk carton to quench your baby's thirst on the go.


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  • Balancing act

    Stop your buggy tipping backwards when loaded - these Hamster Buggy Bags distribute weight towards the front and unclip for easy uploading.

    £29.99 per pair,

  • Mobile minder

    Help locate a lost child quickly and safely with the help of these Child Safety Wristbands, which display your mobile number to reunite parent and child in the quickest possible time.


  • Got to go

    Keep potty training on track with a 2in1 Potette Plus - it unfolds into a fully absorbent toilet trainer seat in a hygienic carry bag.


  • Wipe away

    Keep wipes handy with this Skip-Hop Swipe Case. Simply attach to any buggy or bag.


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  • Be prepared

    The Sun & Burns and Travel & Go First Aid Kits from Wallaboo both contain essential first aid products for peace of mind while you're away.

    £7.99 each,

  • Hang on

    The new TugTrio has a BuggyTug to stop it rolling away from you, a Toddletug to stop toddlers running off, and a TeddyTug to stop toys being thrown overboard!


  • Mash up

    For instantly smooth meals for little weaners, simply pop some soft fruit or cooked veg into The Wean Machine to instantly puree it ready for feeding.