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Let’s play Animal Magic!

Which animal will you find in the bag? And can you work out where they live?

LEGO DUPLO Animal Magic

With Take 10 to Play, brought to you with LEGO® DUPLO®, you can discover 10 brilliant 10-minute games to play with your child. Each game is specially designed to boost early learning, and to help you and your child create and connect together – for a smile-filled session of family fun.


This game is great for developing logical-thinking skills, which will help your child start to make sense of information, understand different categories and work out how these all connect in the world they see around them.

Here’s how to play Animal Magic

What you’ll need:

  • LEGO® DUPLO® bricks and LEGO® DUPLO® animals (such as those in the World Animals Set)
  • a cloth bag

If you don’t have any LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, you can use books, wooden blocks and toy animals

How to play

  • Build 3 different ‘areas’ for your animals. This will depend on which animal figure you have but, for example, a jungle area (with orange and yellow bricks), an ocean area (with blue and white bricks) and a farm area (with green and red bricks).
Building DUPLO with child
  • Put all the animals into your cloth bag.
A child putting LEGO DUPLO animal heads in a bag
  • Get your child to put a hand in the bag and take out 1 animal.

Children taking a LEGO DULO animal head out of a bag

  • Which animal is it? Can your child make that noise? Can they put it in the right animal area?

Extra ways to play Animal Magic – for extra learning!

  • Have more animals in the game
  • Make the areas different shapes and sizes
  • Add accessories (flowers, vehicles, trees etc) to the areas
  • Talk about the differences in animal habitats – and why each one suits different animals

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And if you want some singing fun, too

Put your imaginary zoo-keeper’s hat on and get set for some musical wildlife-watching with the LEGO® DUPLO® version of the much-loved children’s song Rain Rain Go Away. Sing along as you follow the children on their safari train journey, spot the different animals hiding from rain – and see if you can name them before the children notice them, too.