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Give the gift of coding with the Botley® robot, a fun and friendly way for young children to learn coding – without a tablet or smartphone

Learning Resources has developed a coding robot that is both educational and fun, and turns learning into an engaging and inspiring experience.

Thanks to its great feature range, Botley will not only introduce your child to coding, it will also develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The dynamic robot encourages children as young as 5 to use step coding and logic through its unique activity set. Children can create obstacle courses, program Botley to detect objects (and avoid them) and even make it repeat a step or entire sequence.

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The Botley set includes the charming robot, detachable robot arms, an easy-to-use remote programmer and 40 coding cards. Children can program up to 80 steps in one sequence, and the robot’s LED lights will signal each step and its direction.
Botley has plenty of hidden features, too, like a sensor underneath that means it can follow a bold black line, and the way the detachable arms can move objects. Once your child has visualised and programmed a sequence, all they have to do is press transmit and watch Botley roll!

The best part? Botley doesn’t require a tablet or smartphone, so there’s no need to worry about too much screen time. Easy to use, vibrantly designed and utterly engaging, Botley will keep your child entertained – and give them an introduction to basic coding.

Botley is ready to use straight out of the box – all you need 5 AAA batteries.

Want your child to learn coding with Botley?

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