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Discover Nuna MIXX Next Generation Bundle – a compact system for all seasons

Must-read guide to Nuna's MIXX Next Generation Bundle, revealing the key features of this high-performing Travel System

Published: September 21, 2022 at 10:00 am

Choosing to buy your pushchair, carrycot, car seat and base as a bundle, from one brand, can give you peace of mind as you'll know that every part is designed to work brilliantly together. You'll also be covered for all sorts of trips, from taking your baby for a stroll in the park, popping to the shops, driving them in your car or travelling away from home.


Through MadeForMums' rigorous testing, it's clear that Nuna MIXX Next Generation Bundle is a high quality option, giving you the MIXX Next pushchair, MIXX Next carrycot, PIPA Next Car seat and the BASE Next 360° rotating base all in one place.

We highlight the key features and how these meet a variety of needs for you and your child, from newborn, through to toddler and beyond...

Buy the Nuna MIXX Next Generation Bundle from John Lewis (£1,200)

Nuna MIIX Next Generation Bundle

What's included in the MIXX Next Generation Bundle?

MIXX Next Stroller, from £660

MIIX Next Stroller

The Nuna MIXX Next Pushchair provides a smooth ride for your newborn and toddler, which is easy to manoeuvre with one hand. It can also be compactly folded away to fit into small spaces, making it easier to store and take with you.

MadeForMums' reviewer Karolina tested this pushchair with her 3-month-old baby and toddler aged 3. "The Nuna MIXX Next truly is the perfect all-rounder with a quality feel and the smoothest ride. It beats many more established and premium brands with its features, functionality and ease of use."

Karolina particularly liked the different seat positions and the fact that the seat lies flat. "The seat has an easy-to-operate one-hand lever recline with 5 different positions including a lie-flat one. I found the flat recline great for quick nappy changes on the go. It can go all the way down to pretty much upright for an older child."

For out and about convenience, the compact fold of the MIXX Next proved really nifty. "What really stood out to me was that it's easy to move once it's collapsed, you can pull it like a suitcase," she explained. "It also self-stands which can help with lifting the pushchair without straining your back."

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Karolina also praised the height of the seat unit. "The seat unit is mounted quite high which makes getting your baby in and out of the seat a lot easier. The slightly higher seat position also made it possible to use the pushchair seat as a highchair whilst eating out."

Given our changeable weather, the all-season design was another plus point. "There's a bamboo seat liner which wicks away moisture and keeps your baby cosy in the cooler seasons and then, for the warmer weather, there's a mesh seat back." It also has a removable water-repellent UPF 50+ canopy that provides your baby or child with full coverage, whatever the weather decides to do.

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MIXX Next Carrycot, from £200

MIIX Next Carrycot

The Nuna MIXX Next Carrycot is designed to keep your baby safe and comfortable for their first 6 months. MadeForMums' reviewer Karolina tested the carrycot with her 3 month-old baby and declared, "It's one of my favourite elements because it's not only stylish, it's also very practical."

It has a UPF 50+ canopy and includes a 'Dream Drape' – an extra bit of fabric that you can extend for additional shade and coverage. Karolina explained, "The carrycot keeps my baby comfy and cosy thanks to the soft, organic fabrics and multiple ventilation windows." Like the pushchair, the carrycot has mesh panels for all-season comfort.

The carrycot easily connects to the MIXX Next stroller: "It just clicks in," enthused Karolina. For convenience, it also has a handy hidden storage compartment that's removable and washable.

Karolina loved that the carrycot is approved for occasional overnight sleeping and, brilliantly, when it's not in use it can be folded down into a compact flat shape. "This makes it a very convenient option for parents who don’t have a lot of space at home."

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Nuna PIPA Next i-Size Car Seat, £240

Nuna Pipa Next Car Seat

The PIPA Next i-Size car seat is compatible to use with the Nuna MIXX Next pushchair to instantly create a travel system. It's chic and versatile, with the option to fit it with a base (sold separately but included in the bundle) or using the car's seat belt.

It's also a lightweight car seat (2.8kg), which makes it much easier to carry around.

As for safety, it's R129-approved, which means it's an i-Size car seat, and has a smart Side Impact Protection system featuring energy-absorbing foam and coloured indicators to show that you've fitted it to the base correctly. There's also an adjustable headrest to grow with your child, plus the 3-point harness is simple to adjust and works with just one hand.

Like the carrycot, the car seat includes a 'Dream Drape' which pulls down and is attached with magnets. And for travelling abroad, the PIPA Next is TUV aircraft certified, which means it's authorised to be used on a plane – if your airline offers this.

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Nuna Base Next Car Seat Base, £220

Nuna Base Next Car Seat Base

The Nuna Base Next Isofix Base, which is included in the bundle, is compatible with the PIPA Next (also included) and also 3 other Nuna car seats: the CARI Next, ARRA Next and TODL Next.

Using the Base Next makes it so much quicker and easier to install the car seat safely. The base just attaches to the vehicle's Isofix points and locks into place. The car seat then just drops on to the base, keeping the car seat safe and secure. You can be confident it's fitted correctly thanks to the coloured indication bars for load leg, seat attachment and seat rotation.

Plus, the base offers super-useful 360° rotation, which makes strapping your baby in so much simpler. You can sit them with the seat facing you and then rotate it round into the safe rear-facing position.


Buy from John Lewis now: Separately or buy the bundle

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