When it comes to buying winter footwear for kids, it can be tricky to find practical shoes and boots that will keep their feet dry and warm yet are also cool enough for children who can be particular about what they like to wear.


Step forward ECCO Shoes, a Danish company established in 1963 with a focus on high-quality footwear that is known for being comfortable and stylish. The ECCO Autumn / Winter range for kids of winter boots, trainers and shoes are designed to suit the way modern kids live and play.

Why are these shoes special?

ECCO Kids shoes for Autumn / Winter are high-quality footwear styles made from ECCO’s own brand-made leather and premium textiles. The range contains practical design features to make the shoes durable and comfortable, offering waterproofing, warmth and support in wet and cold weather.

My two daughters - aged 8 and 10 - tried the following pairs of ECCO Kids shoes:


The ECCO TREDTRAY K being tested in grass
  • Ankle boots with a chunky rubber sole, they have a small heel and thick tread that makes them ideal for winter weather.
  • The lace-up boots have a separate zip fastening making them easier for children who may struggle with laces.
  • The Tredtray K boots are made from ECCO leather and are water repellent with the brand’s Hydromax treatment, to keep feet dry in wetter conditions. This also prevents the leather from hardening or splitting after repeatedly getting wet.
  • The boots have a real wool lining and the inner sole is lined with fake fur, to keep feet cosy and warm.
  • Direct comfort technology, Fluidform is injected into the sole below the removable inner sole to give feet comfort and support.
  • The Treadtray K boots comes in children’s UK sizes 9.5 – 2.5 / 3 and junior UK sizes 3.5 – 6.5 / 7.
  • They are available in four colours - black, pink, gold and brown.

The ECCO S7 Teen

The ECCO S7 Teen being tested outside
  • A high-top, metallic, lace-up ankle trainer that is inspired by Scandinavian street style designs.
  • Lightweight and flexible, they have a lace fastening with an additional side zip, making them easy to take on and off.
  • While you probably wouldn’t use these shoes to play in the snow, for example, the high-top design of the S7 Teen offers better foot coverage for autumn play and more ankle support than shorter trainer styles. There’s also a cut-out at the top of the shoe meaning more ankle movement for sports and play.
  • The shoes are made from full-grain ECCO’s leather, a soft textile lining, and a sole designed with ECCO Fluidform for a supportive, comfortable fit.
  • ECCO S7 Teen trainers comes in UK sizes 9.5 – 2.5 / 3
  • They are available in two colours, black and gold.


  • A street-style trainer design with a rubber sole and enhanced grip that’s designed to be durable for more rugged terrain and cold and wet conditions.
  • The shoes are made from premium ECCO leathers and waterproofed thanks to trusted Gore-tex technology, which also ensure high breathability.
  • A Velcro fastening and elastic laces make for easy fastening and an adjustable fit.
  • There’s a lightweight and bouncy inner sole, removable to air the shoe between wears.
  • The sole is made with ECCO Fluidform, giving natural anatomically supportive fit and feel.
  • The ECCO Exostrike come in children’s UK sizes 9.5 – 2.5 / 3 and junior UK sizes 3.5 / 4 – 6.5- 7.
  • They are available in two different colours, pink and navy.

What did we think of the ECCO Kids shoes?

The ECCO S7 Teen being tested on the swing

Our initial opinion of the ECCO Kids shoes was very positive. The shoes and boots seem sturdy and warm for winter. Both girls thought they looked “very cool” and liked the designs, styles and colours.

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There are several features of the ECCO Kids designs that are useful for both children and parents, offering practicality for autumn and winter. These include:

  • The addition of zip fastenings on the lace-up designs, plus Velcro and elastic laces on the trainers, making them easy to take on and off with minimal parental input.
  • Water repellence on both more winter styles is sensible, as parents know nothing will ruin a winter walk quicker than soggy socks.
  • The Treadtray K boots and the Exostrike trainers have thick soles and grip suitable for winter conditions.
  • The S7 Teen trainers offer more coverage for the foot, which is great for outdoor play during colder months.

When it comes to fit, the Treadtray ankle boots are sturdier and more supportive vs the softer trainer style of the Exostrike and the more flexible S7 Teen design. All the styles we tried were comfortable to wear and had a soft lining and cushioned soles.

After trying the ECCO Kids styles out in in the park during a damp and drizzly weekend, we were impressed with the grip that all of the shoes offered on more slippery surfaces.

The water repellent treatment was also impressive. All feet stayed dry and warm when walking through damp grass and autumnal piles of leaves, and even during a heavy downpour when we had to hot-foot it back home.

Both girls were in agreement that these are very comfortable yet cool autumn and winter shoes.

Eliza, age 10 tried the Tredtray K style in gold and the Exostrike in purple in size 3.5. She said, “I thought both pairs of the shoes I tried were really warm and comfortable. I have fabric trainers than make my feet wet, but these kept my feet dry.

Eliza aged 10 tested ECCO Shoes

I like the design of the Exostrike trainers, these are definitely something I would wear on long walks but for every day too.

I like the gold colour of the Tredtray boots. I hope it snows this year as the boots would be great for sledging.”

Flo, aged 8 tried the Tredtray K style in pink and the S7 Teen in gold in size 1.

Flo aged 8 testing ECCO Shoes

She said, “Both the boots and trainers were great! I like the colour of the Tredtray K boots, and the gold shimmer on the leather. I like these boots for winter as they will keep my feet warm in the park as we spend hours there playing. The lining is furry and they feel nice for my feet.

I love the colour of the gold trainers and they are very soft, I would wear these to school if I could!”

What sizes and styles of ECCO Kids shoes are available for Autumn / Winter 2022?

The ECCO Kids A/W footwear range contains a variety of shoes, boots and trainers. If you are a family of winter sports enthusiasts, there are outdoor activity boots suitable for snow sports and snowboarding. There are also winter boots like the Tredtray K style we tried, sporty styles such as the Exostrike, trainers for everyday play like the S7 Teen, and everyday shoes that are suitable for school.

The ECCO children’s range comes in UK sizes 9-5 – 2.5 / 3, with a range for juniors from sizes 3.5 – 6.5 / 7. The majority of the shoes have a unisex design and come in a wide variety of muted colours that would be appealing to boys and girls.

Love twinning with your kids? The ECCO S7 Teen trainers are modelled on ECCO adult’s Soft 7 styles. There’s also an adult’s Exostrike range of trainers and boots.

Who are these shoes best suited to?

The ECCO Kids range is designed to support active kids, which is obvious from the practical designs and styles.

The features of the shoes and boots make them ideal for autumn winter weather, offering full foot coverage, waterproofing and good grip for outdoor activity and slippery weather. However, they are comfortable too, with flexible soles and warm and furry linings.

ECCO Tredtray K boots and Exostrike trainers would be perfect for colder weather, or more outdoorsy activities. However, the design of both mean they would not be out of place on the playground. The trainer-style of the S7 Teen make them more suitable for everyday use, or for kids who prefer shoes with a more flexible fit.

All the ECCO Kids shoes we tried are great for kids who love to play outdoors, whatever the weather.


ECCO Kids shoe range for Autumn / Winter costs from £75 up to £135. The ECCO Kids full range is here.

ECCO shoes test on log swing