For many new mothers, breastfeeding can be a magical experience, but it can also be quite challenging, especially in the early days. If you’re experiencing problems with breastfeeding or you want to express milk more regularly, a breast pump can be a great option – and that’s where Fraupow can help.


Designed to fit you and your lifestyle, Fraupow’s wearable breast pump has different sized flanges to cup your breast comfortably, and 12 intensity levels so you can adjust it to suit your flow. Lightweight and wire-free, it can fit securely inside your bra, allowing you to pump milk effortlessly and discreetly, whether you’re at work, in the park or at home.

Fraupow offers a complete breastfeeding range, including reusable breast pads, bottles and other handy accessories that work together, so you have everything you need at all stages of your breastfeeding journey.

Fraupow’s wearable breast pump

When you purchase a wearable pump, you’ll also gain access to Fraupow’s breastfeeding support services, Including three free consultations with a qualified midwife and a free feeding course presented by celebrity midwife Marley Hall. Plus, you’ll find Fraupow Feeding Rooms dotted across the UK, where you can breast or bottle feed in a peaceful environment and take a few minutes to recharge.

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder Fraupow won Bronze in the wearable electric/battery breast pump category at this year’s MadeForMums Awards. Read on to discover what our parent testers had to say about it.

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“It’s very comfortable”

A woman drinking a cup of coffee and wearing Fraupow’s wearable breast pump

“It's on the lower end of pricing for wearable pumps but I found it just as comfortable and successful as other brands. The flange fit really well, and it was easy to wear both in and out of the house. It took me a bit of adjustment to get the correct placement, but once I did it was very successful at pumping milk. And it was really helpful to be able to feed my 3 month old while following my 3 year old around.”
Naomi, who tested Fraupow’s wearable breast pump with her 3 month old

“It really works”

Fraupow's products: Breastmilk Storage & Feeding Bottles; Breastmilk Storage Bags; Wearable Breast Pump

“I was actually surprised at the amount I managed to pump, as it didn’t look much in the collector, and I haven’t been very successful with electric pumps previously. Overall, it’s a really versatile product, whether you use it to build a milk stash or pump while you’re away from your little one to maintain supply. Plus, it’s compact enough to be portable, and even comes with a drawstring bag to keep parts together.”
Angharad, who tested the pump with her 5 month old

“The quality is amazing”

Fraupow’s wearable breast pump

“It’s very modern and stylish to look at, and much smaller than the average breast pump. The display is all digital, which is great at night as it lights up, and it’s quiet so you can pump anywhere discreetly. It has different settings for different purposes – I really liked the massage setting as it’s great for soothing the nipple in between pumping. My daughter was 3 days old when I first used this, and I managed to pump 4oz of milk from one breast on my first try, which was amazing and really comfortable to do.”
Lisa, who tested the pump with her newborn

“It’s extremely easy to use”

Fraupow's products: Breastmilk Storage & Feeding Bottles; Breastmilk Storage Bags; Wearable Breast Pump

“I’m not very technical, but I found this incredibly easy to set up. Though the instructions pamphlet was clear, I preferred to follow the visual instructions on Fraupow’s YouTube account. I watched the short set-up video first, before doing it alongside the instructor.

“The pump arrives already assembled in the box, but I found it very easy to dismantle for a first wash, and then reassemble ahead of its first use. I really liked the anti-leak design, which meant that once I was done pumping, I could simply remove the mechanical suction and pour the milk into a bag or bottle for later use, without any spillage.

“It’s also worth mentioning that Fraupow offers great customer service, with access to technical support and practical support from trained midwives. I had a question about using the pump while breastfeeding and I was answered within a few hours via email, which I found very impressive.”
Sandy, who tested the pump with her newborn


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