Parents have known for generations that offering your baby a soother can help calm them when they are unsettled. There is even some evidence that the use of a soother may help prevent SIDS or cot death. Though the reasons are not yet fully understood, The Lullaby Trust recommends a soother as part of your baby’s sleep routine.


Health professionals advise getting a good start with breastfeeding before using soothers for newborn babies, though once breastfeeding is established at about three to four weeks, a soother can be used to settle your baby after a feed. Modern soothers have been developed with orthodontic teats that are better for tooth development.

MAM is a trusted name in soothers and two of their much loved designs were put to the test with our MadeForMums home testers, who tried them with their babies under one year old. They said they’d recommend these soothers to other parents, making them Parent Approved by MadeForMums.

Our testers tried the MAM Original Night Soother which features a handy glow-in-the-dark button, and the MAM Air Soother which offers large air holes that prevent skin irritation and reddening around the mouth.

The MAM Original Night Soother’s glow in the dark element makes finding it at night a doddle.

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“The glow in the dark feature is one of the best inventions ever”

MAM night soother being used by baby Camilla

“The night dummies are so easy to find for me, especially for those 3am feeds. I don’t have to go crazy looking for soothers in the middle of the night, and don’t need to turn on the light anymore. I also have noticed that she is able to find and put them back herself because she can notice where they are.“
Andrea, mum of Camilla, 6 months

MAM night soother being used by baby Bowie

“I found the night soother very handy, not only at night in his crib but when Bowie was in the carrycot, which has a very large hood. It makes the inside very dark, which normally results in us rummaging around for his dummy whilst he gets upset waiting for it.”
Kayleigh, mum of Bowie, 3 months

The MAM Air Soother, on the other hand, specially designed to allow better airflow to the skin around the soother.

“Amazing for dribbly babies”

MAM air soother tested by baby Teddy

“Teddy is teething at the moment, so is constantly dribbling. Because of this, he is prone to getting a little red around the mouth, so having the air holes in the air soother was great for this.”
Cali, Mum of Teddy, 6 months

MAM air soother tested by baby Dezra

“The skin around his mouth was less red, as more air could get there to dry all the dribble, so there was less irritation. It was like a window which also allowed you to see his smile.”
Stella, mum of Dezra, 8 months

Both the soothers also share some key features that our parent testers loved. Here’s what they had to say…

“I liked that the case doubled as a steriliser and a travel case”

MAM air soother tested by toddler Arthur

“It’s a very practical, multi-purpose design instead of single-use, disposable plastic packaging.“
Ellie, mum of Arthur, 8 months

MAM night soother being used by baby Camilla

“What I liked about the box it’s that you can use it to store the soothers and keep them clean in your bag. It works as a steriliser, which means you can sterilise them in a few of minutes in the microwave.”
Andrea, mum of Camilla, 6 months

“Nothing beats MAM’s sterilising function”

MAM air soother being used by baby Millie

“I love the self-sterilising function MAM offers. 3 minutes and clean sterilised dummies which can be kept in the container too is just fantastic! I had no issues following the clear and concise instructions to sterilise the dummies. An added bonus is that you can sterilise dummies wherever you are…Millie loves to throw her dummy on the floor so having the option to sterilise on the go has been a lifesaver!”
Aimee, mum of Millie, 9 months

MAM air soother being used by baby Violet

“The self-sterilising function is very useful, especially being out and about. It’s very easy to use and I like that the water amount is on the bottom of the tub in case you forget.”
Chloe, mum of Violet, 6 months

“My baby immediately took to the dummies when placed in her mouth”

MAM night soother being used by baby Isla

“My daughter has used mam soothers since birth. Due to her tongue tie MAM soothers were the only ones she could keep in her mouth…As parents to young babies all we crave a good nights sleep and these soothers definitely help towards that!
Emma, mum of Isla, 6 months

MAM night soother being used by baby Remi

“My daughter keeps this soother in for a lot longer than others, she's mostly breastfed so we struggled to get her used to having soother. Other soothers she spits out within 10 minutes, but not these!”
Amber, mum of Remi, 5 months

“I loved the colours and the images on them.”

MAM air soother being used by toddler Freddie

“I like to colour match them to outfits so they were perfect! They were easy for him to pick up as they have the cutouts. He took to them straight away and looked super cute!”
Georgia, mum of Freddie, 10 months

MAM air soother being used by toddler Jack

“I would definitely recommend. The design makes them much more baby friendly, they are easy for baby to handle and do not cause red marks"
Rachael, mum of Jack, 10 months


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