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Let’s play Roaring Ramps!

Make a vehicle ramp with cardboard and a chair leg. Can you guess how far your car will roll?

Roaring Ramp

With Take 10 to Play, brought to you with LEGO® DUPLO®, you can discover 10 brilliant 10-minute games to play with your child. Each game is specially designed to boost early learning, and to help you and your child create and connect together – for a smile-filled session of family fun.


This game is brilliant for introducing your child to key numeracy concepts such as speed (fast and slow) and order (1st, 2nd, and last). Using these terms when you talk together about how the cars come down the ramp helps embed an understanding of how and why maths is useful.

Here’s how to play Roaring Ramps

What you’ll need:

If you don’t have any LEGO® DUPLO® vehicles, you can use other small toy vehicles

How to play

  • Cut the cardboard to a long, wide strip.
  • Tape your cardboard strip to the leg of a chair to make a ramp.
Taping ramp to chair leg
  • Encourage your child to place a toy vehicle at the top of the ramp.
Placing toy cars at the top of the ramp
  • Get your child to let the vehicle go and make a roaring car noise as it whizzes down.
Child pushing the toy car down the ramp
  • Where will it stop? Race down another car: which one goes faster? Which one came first? And which one last?
Toy car zooming down ramp

Extra ways to play Roaring Ramps – for extra learning!

  • Fix ramps to other chair legs – at different heights – and see how much faster or slower the vehicles go down them. Which ramp is the fastest?
  • Decorate the ramps with road markings and ‘Start’ signs
  • Use the masking tape to mark out the road at the bottom of the ramp – and see how well the vehicles can stay on it
  • Race vehicles down ramps of the same height. Do some vehicles go further than others? Why is that? Does your vehicle go faster and further if you push it at the start? Or if it runs onto carpet or floorboards?

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