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Let’s play Spot The Shape!

Look at the shape the bricks have made. Can you spot the pattern and copy it with your bricks?

With Take 10 to Play, brought to you with LEGO® DUPLO®, you can discover 10 brilliant 10-minute games to play with your child. Each game is specially designed to boost early learning, and to help you and your child create and connect together – for a smile-filled session of family fun.


This game is great for boosting your child’s visual-spatial and shape recognition skills, both of which are key to developing good maths skills. Pattern-recreation games like this also help encourage problem-solving, a logical-thinking skill that boosts your child understanding of the world.

Here’s how to play Spot the Shape

What you’ll need:

If you don’t have any LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, you can use small wooden blocks or other cube-shaped objects

How to play

  • Make a simple shape (say, an L-shape) by linking LEGO® DUPLO® bricks.
Making the shape
  • Draw around the shape, then take the bricks away and draw in lines where the bricks connected with each other. This way, you get a shape that’s divided up into separate areas (or ‘holes’) and each area is the exact size and shape of a LEGO® DUPLO® brick.
Drawing shape on paper
  • Get your child to match a LEGO® DUPLO® brick to each area/hole on the paper until they have recreated the shape you made at the beginning.
Child putting bricks on shape

Extra ways to play Spot the Shape – for extra learning!

  • Make the shape more complicated
  • Don’t draw in the internal lines
  • Time how long it takes your child to solve the puzzle
  • Don’t use paper – get your child to build same shape as you without any help, other than looking at your shape themselves

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