Whether your child has just started uni for the first time or they've returned after the summer break, you want to be sure they’re taking proper care of themselves – and that often starts with what they’ll be eating.


Of course, if they had it their way, this would probably involve several packets of instant noodles. However, with a few essential pieces of kitchen kit, they’ll be set up to make meals that are almost as quick but lots healthier.

Air fryers have become a must-have gadget of recent times, and because they’re so energy efficient and easy to use, they’re an ideal piece of kit for any student kitchen. With a Tefal air fryer in particular, households can save up to 70% energy versus a conventional oven*, which means they can keep electricity bills down too.

Even if your child only has basic cooking knowledge, they can be used to prep any number of dishes – from chips, chicken and fish to burgers and veggie kebabs.

Which air fryer is best for university?

Some of the best air fryers for students, like the Tefal Easy Fry Dual Drawer Air Fryer & Grill, come with two drawers, so you can cook an entire meal in one go. That includes a whole Sunday roast: vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and all (the ideal remedy after a student night out).

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With an 8.3-litre capacity, this air fryer comes with asymmetrical drawers that heat different foods at different temperatures. There are options to cook single or double portions – one drawer is 5.2 litres, while the other is 3.1 litres.

You can also synchronise both drawers and automatically time the finish of cooking at the same time. Unlike others on the market, there’s no need to preheat this air fryer either.

Better yet, there’s even a free Tefal app that’s loaded with hundreds of recipes, so students never need to worry about running out of recipe inspiration.

Which frying pan is best for students?

Another piece of uni kitchen kit that goes a long way is a frying pan. Great for stir-fries, omelettes and other speedy student recipes, the Tefal Daily Chef 28cm frying pan comes with an ultra-resistant non-stick coating that’s built to last years of use.

This also means it’s easy to clean, even if it’s left by the sink waiting to be washed for days afterwards (sigh).

It's lightweight and compatible with all stovetops too, including induction, gas and electric, so your child can take it with them to future student digs and beyond.

You can buy the Tefal Easy Fry Dual Drawer Air Fryer & Grill, and the Tefal Daily Chef Cookware frying pan, along with loads of other starting-uni essentials, at John Lewis.

If your child has accommodation in their uni’s halls of residence, make sure you check with the university what their rules are on students bringing their own electrical appliances.


*Energy Class A. Tests conducted in 2022 on frozen fries


Natalie BassSenior Digital Reviews Writer