With the big return to school finally on the horizon, you’ve probably started thinking about which essentials you’ll need to start buying. Made for packed lunches and beyond, the Bacofoil® Zipper® bags have been put to the test by the real experts – mums and their kids – and they’ve been a roaring success!


Here’s why 100% of MadeForMums home testers said they’d recommend these handy zipper bags to a friend…

Perfect for back to school

“We have to send school packed lunches in bags come September so these will be perfect. I like the design and that there is space to write on them – I love to write little messages on my girls’ snack bags!”
- MrsRodgers416

Great for school safety and reusability

Bacofoil zipper all purpose bags containing face coverings and hand sanitiser

“With my older children preparing to go back to school, we allocated a couple of bags for the extra items they’ll require. They will both be taking their own hand wash, hand-cream and sanitiser, so we wanted them in bags and easy to find. We needed something robust and these zipper bags are going to be perfect. I love that we could mark these up with their names and that they can be easily sanitised and reused every day.”
- Claireabelleh

Super strong

“The first thing I noticed was how sturdy and durable they felt. I wouldn't be concerned about these bags tearing, that's for sure! The zipper seal was secure and resealable which is great.”
- Karen2803

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Flat base for easy filling

Bacofoil zipper all purpose bags containing Caputo Wheat Flour

“The bags come in useful sizes and feel like really good quality bags that can be used, washed and reused several times without the worry of holes or weakness. I love that they open out to have a flat base, which is so much easier when filling with liquids like soup. When freezing, they don't crumple so the bag doesn't get stuck into the food.”
- Tester Becky240

Save space in the freezer

“I noticed my freezer was getting very tight and, quite frankly, trying to get food out was like a game of Tetris due to all the large food boxes. I decided to overhaul my freezer and place all the food in separate bags. I used the note section to write what each one contained – the room in my freezer now is unreal. I can get to food easily, see what’s inside the bag and unzip it quickly. I feel family mealtimes are going to be so much simpler from now on!”
- Bobble321

Created with a secure zip-tight seal you can audibly hear and tear-resistant film, the Bacofoil® Zipper® bags are easy to open and close, great for locking in maximum freshness and keeping non food items safe. They also come with a practical stand-alone base, making it easy to store your leftovers and liquids. So, if you’re on the hunt for reusable storage bags that won’t let you down, you’ve found them

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