We all know that going to the gym is most effective when done every day, so use this developmental and fun baby gym to help perfect your little one’s motor skills and sensory development from the moment they are born.


Created by VTech and suitable from birth to around 2 years, the 7-in-1 Grow with Baby Sensory Gym is great for helping your baby reach their developmental milestones, including sight, hearing, touch and both fine and gross motor skills. The soft mat is a great place for your baby to rest and play, with plenty of different sounds and textures to discover, plus a musical xylophone and some sensory toys too.

Get in some tummy time while they play with the mat’s features and special pillow, then turn them over to encourage reaching for the hanging toys. Soon, your little one will be rolling and sitting up while playing with each of the gym’s features, including the fun ball pit with included balls that easily store away.

We asked a panel of families with young babies to try out the Gym and give us their honest feedback on all aspects of the product, from the features and colours, to how their baby played with it. Here is what our little testers and their parents said, to give you an insight into why this play gym is Parent Approved.

“It’s ideal for reaching milestones”

Jasmin, 6 months

“The Vtech 7-in-1 Baby Sensory Gym could not have come at a better time, as now Jasmin is growing and learning at such a fast pace and has started meeting some key milestones; rolling, crawling and grabbing objects to carefully explore. Now, she’s able to sit up unaided! It has been amazing to watch her play with this sensory gym and use it to its best potential.”
Herminder, mum of Jasmin, 6 months (above)

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“It entertains babies for ages”

Evie, 8 months

“We really enjoyed the playmat and had a number of long sessions lasting up to one and a half hours. Evie enjoyed the colourfulness of the mat and enjoyed spinning round to look at the different animals. She LOVED the xylophone and that has now become a staple to take everywhere, as she was very stimulated by the colours, lights and songs; the spinning balls on the top of it were an excellent feature too, as my daughter can manage to make them move.”
Eleanor, mum of Evie, 8 months (above)

“It encourages babies to reach for the hanging toys”

Ezra, 4 months

“The hanging toys were Ezra's favourite. They are very appropriate for his current stage, as he enjoys grasping toys and bringing them towards his mouth. In particular, he liked the dangling butterflies, as they were long and easy for him to reach. He also likes the crinkle leaves; I detach them and he grasps or chew on them and enjoys the sound they make. He likes the flashcards and the mirror, but interacted better with them when they are used on the stand rather than dangling.”
Chiamah, mum of Ezra, 4 months (above)

“It’s so flexible and comfy”

Bodhi, 8 months

"Bodhi loves it. He spends at least 20 minutes in it at a time but goes in and out throughout the day as he’s crawling around. It was very comfy, and even when he’s rolling around he seemed comfy. When you turn it into a ball pit, it’s fab for keeping the balls in and Bodhi loves it to. He can army crawl over the side so he doesn’t feel trapped and therefore loves going in it.”
Kirsty, mum of Bodhi, 8 months (above)

“It’s easy to use at each stage of baby’s development”

Lottie, 6 months

“I really like the how-to guide. It helped to show how to put the activity centre together and photos of other children playing with it helps me to see how Lottie will progress and what she might want to do with the gym as she grows. Being able to convert the play gym is a really big attraction. It saves having to buy things such as a ball pit separately and to have to store them, so it saves money and space.”
Zelicia, mum of Lottie, 6 months (above)

“It’s helped with my daughter’s concentration”

Remi, 7 months

"I think it has massively helped with Remi’s concentration. Since playing on the mat, she has become more and more confident sitting up. She manages to sit up for longer because she is so engrossed by the balls and xylophone! Each individual accessory of the play mat has a different sensory part which I love! You have the music, flashing, different colours, textures and sounds. Remi particularly loved the crinkly leaves.”
Amber, mum of Remi, 7 months (above)

“It’s a good quality product and well made”

Albert, 7 months

“The hanging toys are beautifully made, as are the additional xylophone and balls for the ball pit, which will be loved by older babies. There are definitely enough activities with this gym for any baby of Albert’s age and he will be kept entertained whilst using this.”
Donna, mum of Albert, 7 months (above)

“It’s great for a baby’s sensory development”

Kayleb, 8 months

“Kayleb is eight months old and he enjoyed having the gym in different modes; it gives him good support during his development. He enjoys the sensory play, as it stimulates him as he touches different toys and areas of the play mat. He also loves independent play with the xylophone and the ball pit, as he is at a stage where he loves to sit up more than laying down. The ball pit and seated play definitely help him to develop grasping, picking up and motor skills.”
Shirley, mum of Kayleb, 8 months (above)

“There are so many ways to play and it’s easy to clean”

Dylan, 6 months

“I never knew I would be able to find a playmat with so many added extras, or one that would last him so long. This gym allows you to save money, as it grows with them and it can be used in many different ways. It’s great for space-saving, as it can be used as a mat or a ball pit instead of having both. Although Dylan used it from 6 months, it would have been perfect for him as a newborn and it will be used until he’s a toddler, which is amazing. I especially like that the mat can be washed, as we’ve already had a few leaks and vomit on it - but a quick spin in the washing machine and it’s back to perfect.”

“It’s so handy at different times of the day”

Clara, 4 months

“Since getting the baby gym I have used it multiple times during the day. This varies from 5 minutes when I need somewhere safe and comfy to get something done, to 30 minutes when I'm playing with Clara. She bats at the hanging toys, and particularly seems to like the mirror and how it catches the light. It's also nice to unhook the mirror so I can show her her own reflection.
Sophie, mum of Clara, 4 months (above)


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