From testing out bubble baths to sussing out soothers, our home testers definitely had lots of fun trying out products in our health, bathtime and skincare categories. We called upon our parents to test everything from luxury baby skincare to sitz baths, to help you and your family stay healthy and happy through all stages of parenting.


When it came to judging, we considered everything from effectiveness to aesthetics, and there were some very strong opinions in a lot of these categories. When it comes to products like teethers and dummies, you should never underestimate the whims and fancies of a 4-month-old! With categories spanning everything from new mum essentials to teething remedies, here are the health and beauty products that were a hit this year.

See the winners in:
Family health
Soothers and teething


Health product for babies & children

Key features we tested/judged - Effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product, value for money

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Joint Gold – Vital baby® Hygeine™ Aquaint® sanitising water, £2.49-£4.99

Gold- Vital Baby Hygiene Aquaint Sanitising Water
Super easy to use and the small spray bottle was perfect for my handbag
– tester Emma, mum of an 8-month-old baby

Why it’s a winner: Ideal on-the-go, our testers loved how this revolutionary sanitising water is suitable for sterilising anything – and we mean anything – dropped dummies, cutlery, surfaces, even food. There’s no need to rinse either, as it’s passed stringent UK drinking water tests, and it’s safe to use from birth, containing no alcohol or harmful chemicals. Our testers also liked how it was scent-free, meaning "no sensory overload", plus the travel-size bottle fitted easily in bags and pockets. A true changing-bag essential.

In the words of tester Cathryn, mum of a 3-year-old: "I’ve used it on door handles, high chairs, play tables, kitchen counters, Lego and even fruit. Just spray on, wait a few seconds and you’re ready to go. With no staining, stickiness or harsh chemicals, it’s one of the best sanitising products I’ve tried."

Buy from: JoJo Maman Bébé, Amazon and Ocado

Joint Gold – Sweet Dreamers Contactless Infrared Thermometer, £29.99

A product you’ll use for years for your whole family
– tester Natasha, mum of a 1-year-old

Why it’s a winner: In these uncertain times, every family needs a quality thermometer in their medicine cabinet. This affordable contactless model is fast, accurate, and easy to use and read, thanks to the bright LED display, reported our testers. They loved how it keeps a record of up to 50 previous temperatures (handy if you’re monitoring a sick child over a period of time), and the fact it can be used for liquids as well as body temperature. Our testers also liked the easy-to-spot warning lights for when a fever is detected.

In the words of tester Sarah, mum of a 9-month-old baby: "The perfect buy during a pandemic, it gives instant peace of mind. What’s special is how quickly it works – simply point the gun and zap. You can also use it to test your baby’s bath temperature or bottle of milk, so it has multiple purposes. At £30, it’s a steal."

Buy from: Amazon and Sweet Dreamers

Silver – Little Organics Clean Hands Hand Sanitiser, £8.99


Why it’s a winner: We all know how important clean hands are in the current climate – and unlike some sanitisers, this organic, vegan-friendly foam is non-slippery, dries quickly and doesn’t irritate. All in all, a big hit with parents whose kids generally aren’t too keen on gels. Our testers also liked how it had no overpowering alcohol smell (it’s made with a synthetic alcohol alternative and contains a fragrant natural orange extract). They also felt that the bottle was the ideal size for slipping in a handbag.

In the words of tester, Clare, mum of a 3-year-old: "My daughter doesn’t like hand gel, but loved seeing this foam and rubbing it in. This is gentle on sensitive skins, and I found when I used it on my own cracked skin, it didn’t sting like my regular hand gel. I love that it’s plant-based, too."

Buy from: Little Organics and The Pram Place

Bronze - Vital Baby® PROTECT™ 4 in 1 Contactless Thermometer, £39.99

Bronze- Vital Baby PROTECT 4 in 1 Contactless Thermometer

Why it’s a winner: This versatile 4-in-1 contactless thermometer can check head and ear temperature, as well as calculate liquid and room temperatures. Our testers were fans of the easy-to-read colour code system, which instantly tells you whether temperatures are in the safe zone, and the backlit screen. It also saves the last temperature taken for simple comparison. Not the cheapest thermometer out there, but our parents gave positive feedback on its sturdy build, compact size and the fact it was ready to use straight from the box.

In the words of tester Elizabeth, mum of a 5-month-old baby: "Faster, easier and less intrusive to use than under-the-tongue or armpit readings – we were impressed with the accuracy of the forehead measurements. It’s good for nervous new parents, but also uncooperative toddlers and older children."

Buy from: John Lewis, Amazon and Vital Baby

Shortlisted: Colief Breathe Easy Vapour Rub

Health product for parents

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product, value for money

Gold – Instant Perineal Cold Packs, £12-£22

Gold- Instant Perineal Cold Packs
A life-saving product for new mums in the days after childbirth
– tester Wing, mum of a newborn

Why it’s a winner: Research shows that cooling therapy can help ease perineal pain and discomfort after labour. These clever packs, which double up as maternity pads, are designed to aid healing and generally make things more comfortable and bearable post-birth, so you can concentrate on getting to know your new baby. There’s no need to access a freezer either – the self-cooling action means they can be used anywhere, including at hospital. Both our new mum testers found they really helped and praised the absorbent “cotton-soft” comfort, too.

In the words of tester, Vicky, mum of a newborn: "They really helped me get back to day-to-day activities quicker. They helped reduce swelling and pain while doubling up as a sanitary towel for postpartum bleeding protection. Worth the money – I would highly recommend to anyone.”

Buy from: Amazon

Silver – First Days Collapsible Sitz Bath, £10

Silver- Collapsible Sitz Bath

Why it’s a winner: Designed to help mums soothe their sore parts in those difficult days straight after birth, this collapsible bath fits over your normal toilet. Basically, think portable bidet – plus it folds away for easy storage. A great solution if you’re (most likely) feeling sensitive or tender down there, and worried about infections. Our new mum testers found that it was both simple to use and store and it can be held onto for toddler accidents down the line.

In the words of tester Jasmine, mum of a newborn: "It definitely made life much easier after having a baby. Easy to set up and clean, and great value. Highly recommended for anyone who’s expecting as this will definitely come in handy after the birth."

Buy from: Amazon

Bronze – Lola&Lykke Core Restore Postpartum Support Band, £79

Bronze- Lola & Lykke Core Restore Postpartum Support Band

Why it’s a winner: In the days after birth, your body can feel like it isn’t your own. This stretchy dual-compression band offers support and comfort whether you’ve had a c-section or vaginal birth. The idea is that it helps realign abdominal muscles, supports weak core muscles and improves posture. Our testers found it comfy to wear and effective, with clear instructions included. They also felt that it was worth the money, especially when considering the high-quality materials used.

In the words of tester Theviya, mum of a newborn: "I had a c-section and this belt definitely helped with my recovery. It provided compression without feeling uncomfortable, or causing excess pressure or pain, straight after delivery. The material is strong, durable and felt nice against my skin. It also looks nice when worn, unlike some belly bands.”"

Buy from: Lola & Lykke and Mori

Pregnancy/Parenting wellbeing products & services

Key features we tested/judged – Usefulness, Ease of use, Quality, Value for money

Gold – The Maternity Collective's Complete Online Antenatal Courses, £40-£79

Maternity collective online antenatal courses
A great resource – high quality and easy accessible. Definitely worth the money
Tester Faye, mum-to-be

Why it’s a winner: Preparing for your birth experience is a nerve-wracking time for most of us. This reasonably priced online antenatal video course is designed to reassure and inform in equal measures from the comfort of your own home. It offers access to brilliant experts, including NHS obstetricians, midwifes and infant feeding and sleep experts. "I feel so much more prepared and educated" and "it was trustworthy and friendly" were just a couple of the positive comments from our expecting mum testers.

In the words of tester Andrea, mum-to-be: "The videos are all bite-sized so it’s easy to make the course work with your schedule – a stand-out for me was the breastfeeding modules. The supporting documents and printed course notes came in handy too. All in all, brilliant."

Buy from: The Maternity Collective

Joint Silver – Pear Drops Kegel Exercise Weights, £29.99

Pear drops kegel weights

Why it’s a winner: We’re learning more about why we need to look after our pelvic floor – and it’s especially important during and after pregnancy. This Kegel kit – the UK’s best-selling – contains a variety of increasing weights, a travel pouch and detailed instructions to help you regain muscle control after birth and avoid bladder leaks, as well as prepare for labour. Our testers reported that the weights looked and felt good and crucially, really worked.

In the word of tester Alexandra, mum of 2: "They really do aid developing and training your pelvic floor. After 2 weeks of doing just 5 minutes a day I noticed a difference. The feel was great too, not at all intimidating. I felt confident using them too, given they’re for an intimate area."

Buy from: Amazon and Bodyotics

Joint Silver – Just Chill Baby Sleep – Sleep Success Online Courses, from £45

Just Chill Baby Sleep

Why it's a winner: Baby sleep can be a mystifying and infuriating thing, but Just Chill Baby Sleep aims to help parents find the routine and sleep solution that works for them, through a series of online courses aimed at different age groups. There's no judgment: the plans help parents to gently find the rhythms that work for their family and teach soothing and settling tools that'll help establish better naps and easier bedtimes. Tester Sophie, mum of a newborn, felt these comprehensive tools were "a great resource for getting loads of sleep content in one place," and praised the easy-to-follow format and mix of media.

In the words of tester Charlotte, mum of a 4-month-old: "A fantastic resource for parents who want to establish a routine from day 1, or for parents that need help with a fussy baby who won’t settle."

Buy from: Just Chill Baby Sleep

Bronze – Lola&Lykke Motherhood Starter-kit Gift Box, £89

Bronze- Lola&Lykke Motherhood Starter-kit Gift Box

Why it’s a winner: Lola&Lykke’s online platform aims to connect new parents as well as educate them, with this pack that offers access to their antenatal and postnatal e-course, taught by a UK midwife. The gift box also contains a stainless steel travel mug plus packs of organic pregnancy tea (in nettle and blueberry flavours) so you can settle back with a cuppa while you watch and learn. As our testers pointed out, it’s especially useful during a pandemic, when you might not feel want or be able to attend real life classes. It’s also generally great for nervous expecting mums who want to rewatch info they might have missed.

In the words of tester Debbie, mum-to-be: "The midwife that talks you through everything is fantastic and knowledgeable – well-worth the investment, especially if you can’t visit local classes. The travel mug was stylish and the boxes of tea beautifully presented."

Buy from: Lola & Lykke – Get 15% off sitewide with the code MFM15


Soothers & Dummies

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product, worth the money, design

Gold – MAM Night Soothers, £6.39

My daughter loves the design and the feel
tester Charlotte, mum of a 3-month-old baby

Why it’s a winner: An ingenious glow-in-the-dark design helps avoid you scrabbling around in the dark to find your baby’s dummy buried under blankets – or worse of all, having to put the light on. As babies get older, they can hunt it down themselves if they need it overnight. Our testers liked how good-quality these soothers felt, with a thick, skin-soft teat that’s been developed with the help of dentists. Plus they come with a steriliser box. All they require is a little "natural charging" during daylight hours to get the glow going.

In the words of tester Victoria, mum of a 6-month-old baby: "The bright colours made my son more interested, and the shape meant he couldn’t put the whole dummy in his mouth, unlike some brands. The glow in the dark is also great when you’re trying to hunt for a dummy during the night."

Buy from: Superdrug, Amazon and Mam Baby

Silver – MAM Comfort Soother, £8.79

Mam Comfort Soothers

Why it’s winner: These ultra-small, lightweight dummies were a hit for our parent testers with younger babies. In particular, they liked the soft, small silicon teat, which is specially designed to promote a natural sucking action. The flat, orthodontic design (which is made from one single, hygienic piece of silicone) is also supposedly better for teeth, so also this soother works well for older babies. The bonus steriliser case was a "nice surprise" for our testers too.

In the words of tester Charlotte, mum to a 4-month-old baby: "My 4-month-old took to it well despite it being a smaller teat than usual dummies I liked how the outer part of the dummy is rubbery, not hard and rigid – good when my son falls asleep and ends up resting against it."

Buy from: Boots, Amazon and Cocoon Center

Bronze – Nuk Space Soother, £5.99

Nuk Space Soother

Why it’s winner: This airy dummy features gaps between the mouthpiece and the guard, to allow air to circulate and let the skin breathe, making them suitable for sensitive skins and those prone to drool rash. The cute animal designs are appealing to babies, and the teat is narrow and flat, designed to replicate a nipple during breastfeeding. Nuk claims they're accepted by over 95% of babies, and shouldn't cause nipple confusion in breastfed babies. Overall our testers really liked them, saying they were "Good value for money" and "the designs are eye catching."

In the words of tester Donna, mum of 2: "I'm really impressed with these dummies. They have quickly become my baby's preferred choice. I would definitely recommend them to other parents, particularly those struggling with rashes from dribbling."

Buy from: Amazon and Cocoon Center

Teethers & Teething products

Key features we tested/judged - Effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product, design, value for money

Gold – Brush-Baby First Brush and Teether Set, £6.75

Gold- Brush-Baby FirstBrush and Teether Set
The toothbrush is perfect for little hands, and the teether does a great job on back teeth
– tester Alexandra, mum of 10-month-old twins

Why it’s a winner: Our parent testers adored how this practical set helps babies get in the habit of brushing right from the first tooth pushing through. The soft-bristle toothbrush is ultra-tiny to suit little mouths and the teether, which eases sore gums, can be used with a smear of toothpaste to get babies used to the taste. Our mums particularly liked how good the set was for reaching back teeth and how easy it was for babies to grip. Top marks all round.

In the words of our tester Ionela, mum of a 1-year-old: "My son has 4 molars coming through – every time he sees the teether he grabs it, chews for 5 minutes and feels better –it’s always in my changing bag. The toothbrush’s small head also makes it easier to reach back teeth, compared to other baby brushes on the market."

Buy from: Kidly, Huggle and Brush Baby

Joint Silver – Tommee Tippee Kalani Sensory Teething Toy, £6.49-10.99

Silver- Tommee Tippee Kalani Sensory Teething Toy

Why it’s a winner: This bright, bird-shaped sensory teether is easy for babies to grab onto, with a variety of textures for them to gnaw and chomp on at different stages from 3 months and up. Our testers particularly praised how it’s designed to repel dust and fluff, which can be a “real nuisance” with some sticky silicone toys. They also liked how it could safely be popped in the dishwasher. "Soft, pliable, textured and colourful – everything a teether should be" raved tester Hannah, mum of a 4-month-old baby.

In the words of our tester Aamna, mum of a 1-year-old: "My baby instantly loved the minimalistic animal design – bright and eye-catching without being garish. It’s easy to sanitise, without too many grooves for germs to sit in. I also carried it round in my pocket and, as promised, it didn’t attract any fluff."

Buy from: Amazon, Ocado and Tommee Tippee

Joint Silver – Cheeky Chompers Handychew, £9.99

Silver- Cheeky Chompers Handychew

Why it’s a winner: This clever multi-sensory teething toy packs in a long list of multiple features in one cute, compact package – including crinkly textures, a silicone “chewy ear”, a rattle, a dummy loop, and a strap for attaching to buggies. It’s also machine washable and the cloth aspect means it works as a cosy comforter at nap time. Every box ticked means happy babies and parents. The only issue will be choosing between the adorable Bertie the Lion and Darcy the Elephant designs!

In the words of our tester Heidi, mum of a 6-month-old baby: ‘"I am obsessed with this teether – it has so many features. It gives a great bite for babies' mouths, it soothes gums, it’s multi-use and easy to wash! It definitely made my life easier as it never got lost either!”

Buy from: JoJo Maman Bébé, John Lewis and Cheeky Chompers

Joint Bronze – Matchstick Monkey Gigi Giraffe Teether, £9.99

Bronze- Matchstick Monkey Gigi Giraffe Teether

Why it’s a winner: ‘Stylish’ and ‘teether’ aren’t two words that often go together – but this chic giraffe toy is appealing for grown-ups as well as babies. Made from textured silicone, the arms are easy to grab and an antimicrobial coating is designed to kill viruses and bacteria within 2 hours – making it, in our opinion, the ultimate hygienic teether. Our testers also liked how sturdy it felt, and praised the bumpy bits on the head, designed to massage molars and act as a first toothbrush.

In the words of our tester Phoebe, mum of an 8-month-old baby: “It's a handy tool to have when looking after a teething baby, easy to pop in my pocket and take on trips out of the house. I really like its smart design that my baby can hold it easily for long periods of time, so it certainly makes my life a little easier on days where his teeth are causing him discomfort!”

Buy from: JoJo Maman Bébé, Next and Mori

Joint Bronze – Sophie la girafe Original Teether, £14.99

Bronze- Sophie la girafe Original Teether

Why it’s a winner: Sophie is a timeless nursery classic, with a gorgeous retro 1960s design, and as our testers pointed out is "great as a regular toy, not just a teether". Safe and made of soft chewable natural rubber, it’s suitable for even tiny babies. Our tester’s 11-week-old loved it, as did slightly older babies (aged 3-months plus). They overall felt she was worth the money too – in one tester’s words “it’s actually good value as natural rubber is an expensive material”.

In the words of tester Zoe, mum of 2-month-old baby: "The natural rubber material is soft, smooth and smells great. My baby instinctively held Sophie legs, waved her about and put her head in his mouth. Because it’s light and soft, it doesn't make a loud sound when it inevitably falls to the floor either. It can’t be sterilised or used in the bath, but it is easily wipeable."

Buy from: John Lewis, Amazon and Kidly

Shortlisted: MAM Friends | Mini Mizzie from Mizzie The Kangaroo | Silicone Teething Necklace by HexNex | Chewie Cat Personalised Teething Ring - Wooden Elephant

Teething remedies

Key features we tested/judged - Effectiveness, ease of use, value for money, ingredients

Gold – Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders, £5.35

Gold- Ashton & Parsons Teething Powders
Would recommend for its natural ingredients, its use from 3 months old and its convenience
- tester Zoe, mum of a 3-month-old baby

Why it’s a winner: This herbal teething remedy uses Tincture of Matricaria, extracted from German Chamomile flowers, to gently soothe your baby’s teething symptoms. The brand has a well-established reputation when it comes to teething remedies and our testers felt it was product they could rely on. They particularly liked the convenience of the individual “small and lightweight sachets”, which made it easy to slip into a changing bag and helped to ensure that you are using the correct dose of the powder.

In the words of tester Zoe, mum of a 3-month-old baby: “Within 30 minutes, my baby's flushed cheeks and dribble disappear. His grizzles disappear even quicker, within about 15 minutes, which is great. I'm really impressed with the effectiveness and the speed it takes to work.”

Buy from: Boots, Superdrug and Amazon

Silver – Nelsons Teetha® Teething Granules 24 Sachets, £5.85

Silver- Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules 24 Sachets

Why it’s a winner: These homeopathic teething granules make a great remedy for early teethers, providing relief from tender gums thanks to the addition of Chamomilla. The individual sachets are easy to store and “about the same size as a box of plasters or throat lozenges, so it fits well into a first aid box or medicine cabinet,” commented tester Gemma, mum of a 1-year-old. With 24 sachets in a box, they also offer good value for money.

In the words of tester Gemma, mum of a 1-year-old: “For the first few teeth they did help us. I used them for the early stages of teething and my son loved having the granules poured into his mouth and seemed to find relief in them.”

Buy from: Boots, Amazon and Superdrug

Bronze – Ashton & Parsons Teething Gel, £5

Bronze- Ashton & Parsons Teething Gel

Why it’s a winner: The soft brush applicator on this teething gel makes it easier to apply on targeted areas. The use of aloe vera helps to soothe tender gums and our tester Julie, mum of a 9-month-old, found her baby reacted well to the gel. She commented, “It was very easy and straight forward to apply and baby wasn't deterred by the product in terms of taste or texture of the applicator.” It's also free of local-anaesthetic, alcohol, sucrose and lactose so you can feel reassured using it on your baby (from 3 months+).

In the words of tester Julie, mum of a 9-month-old baby: “The texture of the tip felt soft to touch and was easy to apply without worrying that it may hurt or injure my baby. I like how it is an applicator from a hygiene perspective and helps to make it much easier to apply.”

Buy from: Boots, Tesco and Lloyds Pharmacy


Baby Bath

Key features we tested/judged: Ease of use, quality of product, worth the money, size, water usage, comfort for baby, support for baby

Gold – The Shnuggle Baby Bath, £24.95

Gold The Shnuggle Baby Bath

Why it’s a winner: The Shnuggle Baby Bath was a clear winner, revered by our testers for its compact design, allowing for little water wastage, and stylish design. The specially designed bum bump helps to stop your baby sliding into the water, with foam backrest which provides extra comfort and a warmer surface for your baby. It was a triumph for one tester, who said it made the bath much more comfortable for baby. All of our testers agreed it was a great choice for minimal water wastage and took hardly any time to fill up.

In the words of tester Amy, mum of a 3-month-old baby: “I was very happy with this bath. It looks good, has a nice design and a soft headrest for baby. Doesn't take much to fill and has an easy to empty plug design too. Baby was very happy sat in in it and enjoyed bath time.”

Buy from: Mamas & Papas, Jojo Maman Bebe and Shnuggle

Silver - ClevaBath - The Baby Sink Bath, £42

Silver- ClevaBath The Baby Sink Bath

Why it’s a winner: Created to fit into a kitchen sink and turn it into a bath, the innovative design of the ClevaBath was a hit with our testers. Simply place it in the sink, pop down the perforated silicone basin and fill with water. It collapses down, making it easy for storage and travel, and with no heavy lifting or bad backs from bending over. Tester Shelley, mum of a 1-month-old, commented that it was perfect for bathing her baby whilst she was recovering from a c-section. We also liked the addition of the removable baby bump, designed to support your baby as they grow.

In the words of tester Elica, mum of a 1-month-old baby: “Keeping it downstairs to use in the kitchen sink has made my life so much easier, as I’m not constantly running up and down the stairs to clean baby after a runny poo. Very easy to use, lightweight but sturdy at the same time.”

Buy from: Kiddies Kingdom, Smyths Toys and Cleva Mama

Bronze - iSafe Flat Foldable Baby Bath, £39.95

Bronze- iSafe Flat Foldable Baby Bath

Why it’s a winner: This spacious bath was considered a sturdy, easy to use choice that had plenty of room for parents to support baby with their arm, while being big enough for baby to kick about it. Our testers was impressed by the clever folding design and said it would be great for travel, keeping at the grandparents or even if you’re short on space at home. They also remarked on its "smooth” design that meant it was easy to keep dry as there were no crevices for water to pool.

In the words of tester Natalia, mum of a 1-month-old baby: "It’s nice and big and comfortable and my little boy loved being in it each time. He was able to really spread about and kick and keep warm with his whole body covered."

Buy from: Smart Kids Store,Kiddies Kingdom, Baby & Child Store andBaby Travel

Shortlisted: BabyDam

Baby bathtime accessory

Key features we tested/judged - Effectiveness, quality, value for money, ease of use, materials

Gold - Cuddledry Handsfree Towel, £34.99

Gold- Cuddledry Handsfree Towel
It’s the only towel you and your baby will need for the early months!
– tester Aimee, mum of a 7-month-old

Why it’s a winner: From the softness to the size to the unique ‘apron’ style design, the Cuddledry Handsfree Towel was a snuggly, easy to use hit with our parents. Praised for use with newborns, the towel fastens around your neck leaving both hands free to scoop your baby up – all whilst keeping you dry too. The mixture of bamboo and cotton also is super soft on baby skin with tester Aimee, mum of 2, calling it “the softest towel I have ever used!”

In the words of tester Jade, mum of a 3-month-old baby: "Made bath time and drying so much easier. My daughter loved how snuggly it was, and saved me having to change outfits after bath time."

Buy from: Boots, Amazon and Cuddledry

Silver - BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat, £21.99

Silver- BabyDam Orbital Bath Seat

Why it’s a winner: Praised for its sturdy design and ease of use by our testers, this seat helps to make bathtime easier for parents thanks to a 360° swivel and removable armrest, which allows you to easily place your baby in, and 4 strong suction cups that will keep them securely in place. Our testers found it easy to clean and said they felt as though it should last. And with a simple, minimal design it should fit in with most styles of bathroom decor.

In the words of tester Laura, mum of a 6-month-old baby: "My baby is well supported, comfortable and able to play safely in the bath sat in this seat. He is 7-months-old and between the 91st-98th percentile and I feel he still has room to grow in the seat."

Buy from: BabyDam and Amazon

Bronze - Tidy Tot Bamboo Wash Mitts, £15.50

Bronze- Tidy Tot Bamboo Wash Mitts

Why it’s a winner: Our testers loved the concept of these washable, easy to use bath mitts that made bath time more fun for baby with one of our testers using them for puppet-play. Made from bamboo, they provide a soft and naturally anti-bacterial surface to use on young skin. The multi-use mitts can even be used during mealtimes, making them a great economical alternative to wet wipes – especially with 6 mitts included in a pack (3 adult-sized and 3 baby-sized).

In the words of tester Zoe, mum of 1: "They are great fun and should make scrubbing at bathtime more fun. My little one seemed to enjoy having his mitt on and liked being washed with the big mitt."

Buy from: Amazon and Tidy Tot

Shortlisted: Ramer Ultra Soft Baby Sponge | The Shnuggle Pebbly Bath Thermometer

Mum and baby toiletries winners 2021 header

New mum toiletries & products

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product, value for money

Gold – My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits, £19.50

Gold- My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits
A really soothing product that feels luxurious
– tester Liz, mum of a newborn

Why it’s a winner: A huge hit with our testers, this soothing spray is designed for use directly after birth, and can be used on tears, episiotomy scars or just to ease general swelling and bruising after birth. Our testers loved how, as well as being applied directly to your perineum, you can spray it on a maternity pad, add it to the bath or dab on c-section scars. In fact, it has so many uses the only issue you might face is emptying the bottle too fast! With natural ingredients, such as lavender, tea tree oil and witch hazel, they reported that it also smells “amazing”.

In the words of tester Andrea, mum of a newborn: "My recovery was long due to complications, but this made things much easier. It really eased the discomfort of my episiotomy, and you can tailor its use to the type of relief you need. I genuinely looked forward to using it as it felt so refreshing and cooling."

Buy from: Boots, John Lewis and My Expert Midwife

Silver – BirthBag® Pre Packed Hospital Bag, £29.99-£39.99

Gold- BirthBag Pre Packed Hospital Bag

Why it’s a winner: If the mere thought of packing for your hospital stay gets you in a head spin, this time-saving birth bag is for you – among other things, it contains maternity pads, bed socks, breast pads, nappies, a muslin square, baby wipes, hairbrush, toothpaste and toothbrush, mini toiletries, and booties. Our mum testers found it great value for money and extremely well-thought-out/ In fact, one said she used everything that came in it during her labour and recovery.

In the words of tester Aneesa, mum to a newborn: "I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the products – it’s a really well-rounded list and so convenient. Everything is eco-friendly and it’s at a great price point. I’ll definitely purchase for expectant mum friends in future."

Buy from: BirthBag and Amazon

Bronze – NESSA Organics Crowning Glory, £29

Bronze- NESSA Organics Crowning Glory

Why it’s a winner: Hair loss can be a huge worry for mums after birth. This hydrating vegan hair and scalp oil is targeted to fight post-partum shedding due to hormone changes and fortify your follicles. Our testers reported that they loved using it as well as the nourishing and hydrating goodies it contains including argan oil, nettle extract and hibiscus flower extract. It’s a treat our mum testers felt was worth investing in at a time when you’re possibly feeling in need of a hair confidence boost.

In the words of tester Kirsty, mum to a 2-month-old baby: "My hair feels beautiful and shiny after using this, and feels much stronger. I’ve seen much less hair loss this time post-partum after using this. The dropper was easy to use, and disperse across my scalp and hair. A lovely luxury for mums."

Buy from: Nessa

Shortlisted: Always Dailies Fresh & Protect Normal Pantyliners

Baby & child bath and body wash

Key features we tested/judged - Ingredients, fragrance, effectiveness, use on sensitive skin, ease of use, worth the money

Gold – Lupilu Baby Bath, 79p

Gold- Lupilu Baby Bath
Half the price of my other favourite brands and it does a better job
– tester Charlotte, mum of a 7-month-old baby

Why it’s a winner: Our testers loved the value for money of Lidl’s Lupilu Baby Bath, saying it did exactly what it was meant to do: leave their children clean and fresh, with lots of bubbles in the bath. Tester Charlotte added that her son "loved to play with the bubbles” and that they withstood plenty of splashing. Another tester highlighted that it reacted well to her son’s sensitive skin, thanks to the PH-balanced, hypoallergenic formula, and they all agreed that they’d buy it again.

In the words of tester Charlotte, mum of a 7-month-old baby: “Tried it out with my son after a particularly messy dinner and he's nice and clean, and smelling fresh! I love the fragrance of the bubble bath and it was very kind on my baby’s sensitive skin”.

Buy from: Lidl

Silver - Mamia Bedtime Bath, 75p

Mamia Bedtime Bath Silver

Why it’s a winner: Aldi’s Bedtime Bath impressed our testers with its "unbeatable value for money" compared to similar bathtime products on the market. With a relaxing lavender scent, the bath wash scored highly for its aroma, designed to hep calm your baby before bedtime. The tear-free formula was also lauded for being soft on baby’s skin, thanks to use of Vitamin E, and for producing plenty of bubbles "to make bathtime fun."

In the words of tester Gemma, mum of a 1-year-old: “I simply can't fault the value of this - we tend to be generous with our pour and our bubbles in our house, so knowing how affordable this is means that doesn't matter. When you're bathing your toddler daily, it can save quite a lot of money over a few months!”

Buy from: Aldi (in store)

Bronze - Little Butterfly London bubbles in the breeze top to toe wash, £19.50

Bronze- Little Butterfly London

Why it’s a winner: A luxury product, stylish and beautifully packaged, it was the high quality ingredients in Little Butterfly London’s body wash that caught the attention of our testers, who were impressed with its organic properties and eco-friendly packaging. Free from artificial fragrances and made with soothing ingredients such as extracts of oat kernel and meadowsweet, it’s the perfect body wash to use if your child is prone to eczema or irritation.

In the words of tester Stephanie, mum of a 7-month-old baby: "I love that it is certified organic and cares for the environment as well as the skin. I thought this product was great on my baby’s sensitive and delicate skin and I would definitely continue to use this."

Buy from: Next, Childrensalon and Little Butterly London

Shortlisted: Mee-go Little Organics Body Wash

Baby & child shampoo and hair care product

Key features we tested/judged - Ingredients, effectiveness, fragrance, value for money, lather, ease of use, use on sensitive skin

Gold – Mamia Baby Shampoo, 75p

Gold- Mamia Baby Shampoo
Smells incredible, like honey, and my children loved it
– Kayleigh, mum of an 8-month-old baby

Why it’s a winner: "Absolutely worth the money" enthused one tester of Aldi’s Mania Baby Shampoo. The tear-free formula lived up to its promises of being gentle on the skin, with all our testers agreeing it was great on sensitive skin and didn’t irritate eyes whilst lathering up well. The scent was described as being like honey, and long-lasting too. Tester Kayleigh, mum of an 8-month old, even praised how it removed food residue from her son’s hair following messy mealtimes!

In the words of tester Joanne, mum of a 9-month-old baby: "It made my baby’s hair very soft and fluffy and lathered up nicely. It has a lovely smell and I could still smell it in my baby’s hair in the morning!"

Buy from: Aldi (in store)

Silver - Mee-Go Little Organics Shampoo, £8.99

Little Organics Shampoo

Why it’s a winner: This organic, vegan formula was considered good value, leaving both our little testers’ hair soft and tangle-free. Both testers commented how on well it foamed with mum Gemma, mum of a 1-year old, saying “the lather felt very rich and thick” with just a single pump (making it a more economical choice) while Laura, mum of x, added "it lathers a lot nicer than my usual baby shampoo."

In the words of tester Gemma, mum of a 1-year-old: "The pump bottle is easy to use and one pump seems to be the right amount to wash a toddler's hair. The product itself is a good texture, spreads and lathers evenly and washes out easily too."

Buy from: Mee-Go Little Organics, Lily Cuddles, The Pram Place

Bronze - ORGANii Foam Bath & Shampoo, £19.50

Bronze- ORGANii Foam Bath & Shampoo

Why it’s a winner: Testers unanimously agreed that this shampoo was gentle, easy to use and the pump packaging easy to use. It’s effectiveness at cleansing hair was a hit, and the clean, floral scent loved by our parents. "My toddler's hair felt squeaky clean and it smelled gorgeous even the next day," commented tester Gemma, mum of a 1-year old. Soothing ingredients means it’s great for young, sensitive skin including naturally anti-bacterial calendula to calm inflammation and organic marshmallow for conditioning and detangling.

In the words of tester Bethany, mum of a 2-year-old: "My little one has quite sensitive skin and it seemed to really soothe it. The pump action on the bottle is a good touch as it makes it super easy to use."

Buy from: ORGANii, My Pure Coco & Gizmo

Shortlisted: Lupilu Baby Shampoo

Baby & child skincare product

Key features we tested/judged - Ingredients, effectiveness, texture, quality, value for money, ease of use, packaging, scent

Joint Gold – Bloom and Blossom The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Moisturiser, £5

Gold- Bloom and Blossom The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Moisturiser
By far my favourite moisturiser, like magic in a bottle and smells delicious
- Kayleigh, mum of an 8-month-old baby

Why it’s a winner: Our reviewers loved the scent, the texture and the child-friendly packaging of Bloom and Blossom’s moisturiser, and it was loved by toddlers who recognised the Very Hungry Caterpillar character. Designed to be suitable for eczema prone skin, tester Kayleigh, mum of an 8-month old, found it left her baby’s skin soft and cleared up dry skin quickly. The pump bottle was also praised for how convenient it was to use, dispensing out just the right amount of cream.

In the words of tester Natalie, mum of a baby and toddler: "The consistently of the lotion was lovely, not too runny nor too thick, which made pre-bedtime massages easy to do. The scent of the product was also pleasant and not too strong."

Buy from: Amazon, LookFantastic and Bloom and Blossom

Joint Gold – Baby Kingdom Body Cream, £16.95

Gold- Baby Kingdom Body Cream
Moisturises very well leaving skin soft, smooth and definitely hydrated
– Eden, mum of a 1-year-old

Why it’s a winner: Described as a product that the whole family can use, testers loved the scent of this body cream and felt the packaging and quality of product were well worth the money. One reviewer found it cleared up her baby’s dry patches, praising its healing qualities (with nourishing ingredients including Vitamin E, coconut oil and argan oil) and non-greasy texture. All agreed it was a luxurious product with stylish packaging that they’d purchase again.

In the words of tester Danielle, mum of a 1-year-old: "The pump lets out a very good amount – not too much but enough for a section of the body at once. I’m really impressed by how well and quickly it soaks into the skin so I can dress baby straight afterwards."

Buy from: Amazon, Childrensalon and Baby Kingdom

Silver - Lupilu Baby Lotion, 79p

Silver- Lupilu Baby Lotion

Why it’s a winner: : "Very moisturising" and "an excellent price" were amongst the high praise given to Lidl’s Lupilu Baby Lotion by our testers. The hypoallergenic formula is ideal for baby’s with sensitive skin and at under a £1 per bottle, it offers excellent value for money. Tester Kirsty, mum of a 6-month-old baby, said “I would recommend it to anyone looking for a budget baby lotion.” The packaging also dispensed just the right amount of product "without gushing out too quickly" so you can apply it easily without waste or mess.

In the words of tester Hajra, mum of a 6-month-old baby: "The lotion is thick, creamy and very moisturising while using it on my child straight after their bath. I only need to use a small amount of the lotion as it goes a long way and it is great on delicate skin."

Buy from: Lidl (in store)

Bronze - Essential Vie Baby Soothing Cream, £8.99

Bronze- Essential Vie Baby Soothing Balm

Why it’s a winner: This soothing plant-based cream received positive feedback all round, especially when it came to clearing up cracked, dry skin. One parent even found it healed her sore, dry hands and worked on her child's dribble rash in 2 days, with no stinging. Dubbed more of a treatment than a treat thanks to its thick texture, testers said it was well worth the money. They were impressed by the simple packaging, and how long one tub lasted.

In the words of tester Keren, mum of a 5-month-old baby: “This really helps with dry skin, both on baby and mummy! I see a difference in baby’s dry skin patches and it smells gorgeous. My hands were sore and cracked with the continuous washing and this was also the first cream that didn’t sting when I put it on broken skin.”

Buy from: Essential Vie

Shortlisted: Little Butterfly London wrapped in love calming anti-pollution baby face cream | Once Upon A Foxx Body Lotion

Baby & child skincare brand

Key features we tested/judged - Ingredients, effectiveness, fragrance, packaging, ease of use, quality of product, value for money

Gold – Burt's Bees Baby™ Range, from £8.49

Gold- Burt's Bees Baby Range
The smells, the textures, the quality - all of the products were knockout for me
– tester Sophie, mum of a 1-year-old

Why it’s a winner: Citing “superior quality” and a “lush smell” as just two of the appealing factors of the Burt’s Bees Baby range, testers felt this was a really well-priced and high quality collection. The brand scored highly not only for its gentle-yet-effective formulations, which were kind on our little testers’ skin, but also for the packaging - stylish, well-labelled and easy to use, with zero wasted product too. The Cream to Powder Daily Diaper Cream was a particular favourite, with TV presenter Anna Williamson, mum of 2, commenting that it cleared her daughter’s nappy rash up “instantly.”

In the words of tester Siobhan, mum of a 1-year-old: “The diaper cream worked wonders when my child had a small nappy rash. All of the products we have tried have left my children’s skin feeling soft and they smell amazing. You literally can’t go wrong with these products.”

Buy from: Boots, Lookfantastic and Burt’s Bees

Silver – Aldi Mamia

Silver- Aldi Mamia

Why it’s a winner: Excellent value for money for a budget brand, the Aldi Mamia range was a high scorer for its extensive product selection, including shampoo, baby wipes and bath wash, that compare well with both expensive and similar supermarket ranges. The fragrance was considered a plus for being subtle yet long-lasting in all of the products, as tester Prianca, mum of a 1-year-old, found, “the fragrance is light and you only need a small amount of product to fill up the tub.”

In the words of tester Gemma, mum of a 1-year-old: “I really rate this range for being great value and offering a similar quality to branded products that cost 3 or 4 times as much. It's great that there's a wide range and it's all available with the weekly shop.”

Buy from: Aldi

Joint Bronze - Little Butterfly London, from £6.50

Bronze- Little Butterfly London

Why it’s a winner: From the gentle formulations to beautiful packaging, our home testers unanimously agreed that Little Butterfly London’s organic skincare had the “wow” factor. Calling the brand “luxurious” and “premium”, they were impressed with the brand’s promise to be kind to sensitive skin. “I love the idea behind the brand and the products really exceeded my expectations,” commented home tester Sonal, mum of an 11-month-old, while other testers liked how soft the products left their baby’s skin. All of our testers agreed the products would make a great gift for a new mum.

In the words of tester Heidi, mum of 11-month-old baby: “I was extra impressed that the bubbles from the Top to Toe Wash remained 'bubbly' throughout bath time while being kind to my daughter’s skin. It smelt so delicious that it was only fair that I tried this product out on myself!”

Buy from: Feelunique, Harrods and Little Butterly London

Joint Bronze – Bloom and Blossom, from £4

Gold- Bloom and Blossom The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Moisturiser

Why it’s a winner: Encouraging sleep was a big bonus for our home testers who rated Bloom and Blossom’s pillow spray as a must-buy for a calming bedtime - for their kids and themselves. “The sleep spray is amazing,” commented tester Claire. “Our 14-month-old has gone from a decent sleeper to a great one since starting to use it.” The 100% vegan brand also scored well for its bright and colourful designs and high quality ingredients across its range of moisturiser, hair and body wash and bubble bath, all designed to encourage better sleep.

In the words of tester Rhiannon, mum of a 1-year-old: “I love the idea of a complete bath and bedtime routine and genuinely think this range can help families create and structure a routine. It’s also hard to find vegan baby products so this is a huge bonus for us as a vegan family.”

Buy from: Boots, Next and Bloom and Blossom,


Shortlisted: Baby Bare Bubbles | Mee-Go Little Organics Skincare Range | Scrubbingtons | Weleda Baby Care Range

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