Now, first off, we have to say - opinions on whether you should use a dummy at all are hugely divided.


There are pros and cons on both sides. Plus, some people who plan to use a dummy find their baby won't take one.

But if you are considering using a dummy, when is it safe to introduce one?

Dr Philippa Kaye told us: "If you are breastfeeding it is recommended to wait until breastfeeding is established approximately 6 weeks to avoid nipple confusion.

One of the mums on our forum, thirdtimemummy, told us: "My baby is breastfed and has a dummy to help her settle. It isn't a problem as long as breastfeeding is established."

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If you're not breastfeeding you can introduce a soother from birth, Philippa says.

She adds that there is even evidence that using a dummy can decrease the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS, or cot death).

Dr Philippa Kaye is a London GP who has written several books on pregnancy and childcare including The First Five Years. See and follow her on twitter @drphilippakaye

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