One thing's for certain when you become a mum - no sooner have you got used to your little one doing x, y and z - than it all changes and they're onto the next stage.


It feels as though they're barely rolling over one day and the next they're making a mad dash for the door.

You can never be sure you've got to grips with how things are going to be for long - be it bed time, nap time, what they're eating and what they can and can't do.

You might have had a well-meaning friend telling you it gets easier when you're struggling with the lack of sleep with a newborn - though you're just as likely to get the old 'wait till she's walking' chestnut too.

And we've all read about those mums who go on having babies because they just love those early days and weeks so much.

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So - which is it? Is one phase better than another? We asked our very own MFM mums - and, as you might have guessed, the verdict was split pretty much 50/50.


Rebecca I says: "Baby stage concreted our close relationship."

"Baby stage is the best!" said Maryanne C. "I don't know why people complain about newborns being difficult. I find my colicky 8 week old much easier than my mischievous 16 month old who's into everything!

"Can't turn my back on her for a second where as my newborn I can keep close to me in a sling. I miss her pre-walking days! ? "

And for many of you - it's the not being able to relax for a minute bit that's tough when it comes to having a toddler.

Katie L says: "Baby all the way lol once they get to toddler stage - that's it. You need eyes in the back of your head constantly. At least newborns only eat sleep and poo and you always know where they are


? . Toddlers on the other hand ARE a different story lmao."

Reagan B agrees: "Newborn is a doddle compared to infant/toddler stages. Once they are mobile you certainly know about it xx."


"Hated newborn stage, baby stage boring," says Jackie C. "Really started enjoying it from around 9 months but toddlers are much more fun. 2 next week and my best mate."

Kelly H totally agrees, saying: "We had severe reflux 'til almost 10 months, toddler stage is much better as now I get some sleep and can interact with his cheeky personality rather than just making noises at him in the hope it makes him smile


? ."

"My little one started crawling at 6 months so didn't have a baby for long!" Anna W says. "She's 14 months now and I adore this age.

"She's hard work but that cheeky little madam is so much fun x."

And Kelly C agrees: "Toddler stage is best. They are so funny x."


Of course - there are those of who who lapped up every bit, like Claire R, who tells us: "No preference, I love every stage xxx."

And lots of you agreed with that. Awwwww ?

Well, it seems there are differing opinions on this one - no surprise really, after all, if you're knackered with exhaustion just weeks into being a new mum we totally get that you're wishing the next phase to come.

On the other hand, if you're run ragged with a toddler who's up to anything and everything - we can see how going back to the baby phase could seem oh-so appealing.

But what is for sure is that none of these periods lasts for long: yep, before you know it you'll have a teenager on your hands, right? Joy ?

What do you think?

Did you prefer the baby or toddler phase? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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