As the weather turns chillier, you want to make sure your baby is warm and snuggly at night - thought it's also important to make sure they doesn't overheat, as this can be dangerous.


Putting your baby's cot next to a radiator isn't safe for 3 main reasons to do with:

  • your baby overheating
  • your baby getting burnt
  • radiators often being under windows where there might be blind cords.

Kelly, a member of our MadeForMums community asked, "My 12 week old baby is in the crib next to our bed ... her crib is next to the radiator as we have no other space for her... I say no radiator should be on while she's sleeping in the room...

"My partner makes me feel like I'm a over reactive over protective nutcase... Maybe I am? What would you advise?

"She sleeps in a grobag thingy and has a little blanket and she's been doing that for a while now... He wants the radiator on through the night?"

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Hannah F, a mum from our MadeForMums community response was "The simple answer is that if you want the radiator on then you'll need to move the crib!

"If you can't move the crib, then you should turn the radiator off. Baby should not sleep next to a heat source, as it is easy for baby to overheat which is dangerous for them."

What the experts say

MFM spoke to RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) whose public health advisor Sheila Merrill told us this:

“We recommend keeping baby’s cot away from radiators due to the potential for serious, life-changing burns. A child’s skin is four times thinner than an adult’s so even the slightest contact with hot surfaces can cause serious pain and scarring"

The Lullaby Trust also states that it is important for your baby to be at the right temperature, as the chance of SIDS is higher in babies who get too hot.

Sheila continued: “Another issue is that that majority of radiators tend to be underneath windows, which poses problems for slightly older children who can stand – they may be in danger of becoming tangled and strangled by blind cords.

"We recommend all parents remove blind cords fitted before 2014, and replace them with cordless blinds or those that have safety devices such as cleats and breakers.”

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