Can you breastfeed if you’ve had breast implants?

Boob jobs are becoming more common - but can you breastfeed if you have one?


“I have breast implants and am planning on breastfeeding my baby when he is born,” says mum MrsTH on our forum.


But can you breastfeed after having a boob job? And if so, do your implants have any effect on your ability to product milk? Let’s find out…

In a nutshell

The good news is chances are nursing your baby won’t be an issue – though both this and whether or not it’s safe for your baby to have your milk can depend on how the implants were put in and what kind of implants you have.

If you are keen to breastfeed and willing to give it a go then do so! As long as your baby is gaining weight and has about 6-8 wet nappies a day he is likely to be getting enough milk.

Damage to milk ducts during breast implant surgery

Dr Philippa Kaye told us that, in general, many women with implants do feed without problems.

One potential problem, though, could be to do to with where the incisions were made. It’s possible for some milk ducts to be damaged during surgery.

This is most likely with incisions just under the areola and less likely with those under the breasts or in the armpits.

You may also find that your nipples are less sensitive which may affect the let-down response of milk which happens as the nipple is stimulated from suckling.

Can it be unsafe for you or the baby?

This depends on the type of implants you have, says Dr Kaye. If you have had saline implants then it is fine for both you and baby if you feed. If you have had silicone, then check with your doctor first.

Will it affect the shape of your boobs?

Quite possibly! Breastfeeding affects the shape of your boobs anyway – it’s difficult to predict any shape changes to your breasts both with or without implants.

Will there be any issues with a boob lift as opposed to a boob job?

The issues with a breast lift are the same as with implants – potential damage to the milk ducts and nipples.

Dr Philippa Kaye is a London GP who has written several books on pregnancy and childcare including The First Five Years. Visit her official website and follow her on Twitter

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