Do you feel confident putting your baby in a shopping trolley?

Or does safety - and cleanliness - need to be improved?


Over the last few weeks we’ve read a number of stories in the national papers about mums furious over the lack of safety when it comes to putting your child in a shopping trolley.


Claire O’Callaghan from Leicestershire shared with the Daily Mail how her little boy fell out of a trolley at Aldi.

And another mum set up an online petition asking Aldi to change the design of their trolley seats.

Then there was the shocking story of a baby who developed meningitis thought to be caused by a contaminated trolley.

The bad press does seem to be making a difference – we spoke directly to Aldi who told us they’ll be piloting trolley seats with straps in a small number of stores.

But we wanted to know what our mums thought of trolley safety – and it seems it’s about more than just putting straps on.

A few of our mums said they don’t use the straps even if they’re there. 

“My little girl is 2 and I’ve never used the straps… I didn’t know anyone did until reading the comments….” Gabby E told us.

And Donna A goes out of her way to avoid using them: 

“I personally hate straps! Straps on highchairs in particular. I often don’t use them and just closely watch my baby (8 months and depending on safety of the seat) everywhere I go (or majority) the straps are filthy especially Costa believe it or not.

“I find them vile to touch let alone be on my baby who will often fancy a chew. The stores should clean them properly and regularly.

“Have you ever wondered how often the trolleys get a clean? Because you always see little ones having a good suck on them.”


And actually, for many of you – cleanliness was as much of an issue as straps.

Rachel C told us: “I feel they are dirty – hate it when my son tries to suck on the metal. Always carry Dettol spray.”

And Emily M said: “It’s not the straps or the seats that bother me, it’s the rusty bars and sharp bits that fill me with dread!

“I feel like I need to carry an emergency tetanus jab for my kid every time we go shopping.” 

For those of you who do use the straps though – the supermarkets should be putting a bit more thought into their design. 

“All the trolleys I’ve used have had straps but only lap straps on the ones for babies who can sit, I use them but I’m always paranoid my little one will fall out,” says Laura C.

“I think they should have straps that go over their shoulders as well as their laps.”

And Sarah C had this to say: 

“Pretty much every supermarket has had straps on the fold out children’s seats, but they don’t tighten enough to be properly safe!

“I’ve a skinny 14mo and even tightened to the tightest after being fastened, I can lift him out without undoing the buckle!

“Thankfully he’s happy to sit still as long as he gets handed groceries to put into the trolley himself, and something to hold onto.”

Woah – there lots to think about there, then – in terms of design and cleanliness…is it time for supermarkets to start upping their game?

What do you think? 

Do you put your little one in a shopping trolley? If so do you feel happy doing it? Or is it something you avoid? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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