How do I get rid of my ‘mum tum’?

How do I get rid of my 'mum tum'? Pre- and postnatal fitness expert Melinda Nicca answers your new mum fitness questions


Pre- and postnatal fitness expert Melinda Nicci says…


It’s totally normal for your stomach to be soft and a bit jiggly after having a baby. However, most of us feel better when our abdominal muscles are toned and strong, which has the added benefit of improving posture, and making us look taller and slimmer. A combination of cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise, which is the best way to burn calories and lose baby weight, and tummy-toning exercises, will help you lose those excess inches. It’s definitely the best way to see postnatal fitness results fast!

Your cardiovascular exercise should include at least 30 to 40 minutes of fast walking or swimming three times a week. This will burn fat and increase your postnatal fitness. My secret tummy-toner couldn’t be easier. Sit on a chair, with your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Tense your abdominal muscles, and pull them inwards, towards your back. Hold for a count of 10, release and repeat. Do this at least five times every day and you will soon see a difference – no gym required!


Remember to get the all-clear from your GP before starting any postnatal exercise regime.


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