How to use the Bumbo Multi Seat safely

The Bumbo Multi Seat can be used on the floor, or as a makeshift highchair, So, how do you use it correctly while weaning your baby or feeding your toddler?


Instagram collectively swooned over this video of fitness guru Joe Wicks introducing his adorable 7-month-old Indie to broccoli for the very first time…as did we!


Though it did come to our attention that the seat he’s using – the Bumbo Multi Seat – isn’t being used in the safest way poss.

Bumbo UK, the brand behind the seat, say you’re not supposed to put it on an elevated surface, like a kitchen table as seen here.

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Wean in 15 starts here ???? For the first two weeks we are giving Indie bitter green vegetables only like spinach, kale, broccoli and green beans mixed with a little bit of breast milk or formula. After this we will then introduce sweeter veg like sweet potato, squash, carrots, beats and peas ♥️ We are offering a combination of finger foods and a mashed up version of each so she can try the spoon and baby led style ?? As you can see she’s not a huge fan but this first stage is just about tasting and learning. More to come ☺️

A post shared by Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach) on Jan 22, 2019 at 2:53am PST

To be fair, Indie looks comfy and super happy, and obviously has her dad’s full attention. Clearly she’s not in any danger. We also know these things do happen ?

However, it is a good excuse to ask: how do you use the Bumbo Seat correctly? How can you keep it clean, and how old should your child be to use it? Here’s everything you need to know…

What is the Bumbo Multi Seat?

bumbo multi seat how to use

If your baby’s about to start weaning, you may have heard of the Bumbo Seat – which can be strapped to a grown-up chair using 2 buckled chair straps (a makeshift highchair of sorts) and a 3-point harness. 

Suitable from 6 months (if your baby can sit up unaided), it comes with a tray to help make feeding your baby a bit easier, and adjusts to fit children until they’re 3 years old.

It can also be used as a floor seat, or even used as a booster seat when your little one gets older. Most often, it’s probably going to be used on the floor.

How do you use Bumbo Seat properly?

bumbo multi seat

First things first: avoid using the seat on an elevated surface like a table or sofa.

The only exception to this rule is when the Bumbo Seat is attached to an adult’s dining chair.

Each seat has a number of safety straps built in to the sides, so ensure both straps are properly fastened to secure the Bumbo Seat to the chair (one round the side, and round the back) – and that your child has their 3-point harness on.

Generally, the product is designed for use on the floor – on a flat, not sloped, surface.

To make sure you’re using the Bumbo Seat properly whatever position it’s in, check:

  • your baby is between 6 – 36 months and can sit up unaided
  • your child will have adult supervision whenever they’re in the seat
  • your child is strapped in using the 3-point harness at all times
  • you’ve read the instruction manual (P.S. it’s available here).

How to install the Bumbo Seat on a chair

That’s all well and good, but how do you actually fasten the 2 buckles securely and safely?

Above is a demo of how to correctly strap your child’s Bumbo Multi Seat to an adult chair.

How to clean the Bumbo Seat

bumbo multi seat

In addition to the safety considerations, you’ll also need to keep your Bumbo Seat clean. Especially the tray table up front.

After all, weaning is a messy business. So are babies and toddlers, generally, now that we think about it ?

To keep the seat’s tray clean:

  • remove the removable tray from the seat
  • use a damp cloth with a ‘mild detergent’ to wipe the tray
  • reattach the tray – job done!

Whatever you do, DON’T immerse the tray in water. It could damage the product, so stick to wiping with a damp cloth.

Share your pics!

Do you have a photo of your child strapped into their Bumbo Seat? Let us know in the comments below – or on Instagram!

Images: Instagram/Joe Wicks, Bumbo UK

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