Keep baby eczema at bay

Worried your baby might get eczema? These guidelines will help minimise the risks.


There’s been a 40% rise in eczema cases over the past five years, and experts suspect that one of the causes could be that parents are over-washing and bathing their babies.


Take the following steps to avoid the triggers that can aggravate dry skin and eczema:

  1. Avoid soap and fragranced bubble bath as these can be really drying.
  2. Avoid dressing children in woolly clothes as it can make their skin hot and itchy. Cotton clothes will help their skin breathe.
  3. Bed linen makes a difference too – choose cotton sheets and covers and avoid pillows or duvets that contain feathers.
  4. Keep bedrooms cool – being too hot can make itching worse. In warmer weather, place a saucer of water in the room to keep some moisture in the air.
  5. Choose non-biological washing powders and fabric conditioners.
  6. Fur and feathers can aggravate eczema, so keep pets out of the house where possible.
  7. House dust mites can make eczema flare up, so try to keep dust to a minimum.
  8. Sometimes, dairy foods like milk and eggs could make skin conditions worse – ask your doctor or dietician if you think this may be the case.

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