Preparing your home for your new baby is an exciting and important step and once your baby arrives, maintaining a safe and healthy environment is vital to ensure your little one grows up strong and thriving. With a recent survey revealing that one in five mums could not live without a portable steriliser, protecting our little ones from harmful germs still remains at the top of the list for many.



Breastfeeding helps to provide your baby with natural defences as your antibodies are passed on via your breastmilk. However, while the immune system is immature it is not developed enough to protect against all infections. It is therefore important to protect your baby from bacteria and viruses, particularly during the first 12 months.


Milton are experts in protecting babies from germs, and have been trusted by parents, hospitals and midwives for over 60 years. The Milton range includes Sterilising Fluid & Tablets, Antibacterial Hand Gel, Surface Wipes & Spray and Fabric Solution to protect your baby in the home and out and about.

The most important things to sterilise are feeding equipment such as bottles and teats in addition to items that enter your baby’s mouth or come into contact with their food, such as breast pumps, plastic toys and teething rings. Milton cold water sterilising is a fast, effective and easy way to ensure your baby’s equipment is safe.

The fluid and tablets are added to cold water and are clinically proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses in just 15 minutes. The solution lasts 24 hours therefore you can put items in throughout the day and night and take them out when needed. There is no need to rinse before use.

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The survey also revealed that a surprising one in five mums clean their baby changing mat just once a week or less. With Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes, this can become part of your daily routine to help protect your baby from harmful germs. The bio-degradable wipes will leave surfaces disinfected and safe for baby to touch.

Clothes and fabrics are a haven for lingering germs and bacteria, especially as one in ten mums revealed their children go through at least four outfits a day due to the mess they can get themselves into! Milton Fabric Solution kills bacteria and fungi that can lurk even after a 45° wash for extra protection when washing baby’s clothes, bedding, soft toys and cloth nappies.

Find Milton in the baby aisle of supermarkets, pharmacies and major retail chains including Boots and Mothercare. Visit Milton's website to download a FREE GUIDE ‘Keeping your home baby friendly and germ free’.

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Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use