Why a nanny might work for you

  • Your child is looked after in your own home
  • You don’t have to get your child out the door to childcare in the morning
  • One to one care that creates a similar set-up to you or your partner being at home
  • A nanny may be able to look after your child when she’s sick so you don’t have to take time off work
  • You can ask the nanny to follow your parenting style and methods
  • Potential flexibility – some nannies are willing to work short hours and part-days, while nurseries may not be that flexible
  • Although an expensive option if you have one child, a nanny may be more cost-effective if you have 2 or 3 children or organise a nanny share

Why a nanny might not work for you

  • If you have only one child, your little one may miss out on the social interaction skills that are learned in a nursery or potentially at a childminders.
  • You are handing over parenting responsibilites to a single person, who isn’t necessarily being observed by anyone else – there’s a huge amount of trust involved!
  • If your nanny is ill, you’ll have to cover the childcare.
  • It can be an expensive choice. You also become an employer and are responsible for your nanny’s tax and National Insurance.

What are the different types of nanny?

A full-time nanny - will usually work mon-fri, often 7am-7pm

A part-time nanny - will work part time often to fit in with a mother who works part-time. Or she may nannyshare with another family so is with you on a part-time basis.

A live-in nanny - will share your home (or accommodation in the same vicinity as your home) and is a nanny for whom you provide the food and pay all expenses.

A live-out nanny - will live away from your home and pay her own living expenses.

An after-school nanny - will care for the children after school, this includes school pick up, overseeing home work, feeding, and if required, bedtime.

More like this

Nanny shares - nannysharing is where two families share a nanny. Good for all parties; it is more reasonable for the families and gives the nanny a greater return, plus the children have the social interaction that they may not have had otherwise.

Male nannies (Mannies) - trained or not, male nannies can be great; particularly if yours is an all boy family who want to play football constantly.


Night nannies - will come in and do the night shift with your baby or child, giving you a break. Night nannies can also cover when both parents are away/work at night.