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Step-by-step guide to pre-fold reusable nappies

Thinking about switching to reusable nappies but baffled by which to type go for and how they work? Read our guide on how to use pre-fold reusable nappies, one of the four main types of reusable nappies on the market.

Pre-fold reusable nappies are rectangular pieces of absorbent fabric that are folded into waterproof nappy covers to hold the material in place, which together make up the main body of the nappy.


“These are the most economical type of reusable as it’s just the inside fabric you wash and dry so they’re very quick-drying,” advises Tamara Rayment from the Women’s Environmental Network and Real Nappies for London.

The nappies, outer wraps and liners can all be bought separately, and the wraps have some really funky patterns.

The pre-fold reusable nappies we used

Bambino Mio, £11.95 for a trial pack of a nappy, cover and liner.

Step 1: Fold

Lay the waterproof outer layer open on a flat surface and fold the rectangular nappy to fit the length of the layer when it’s lying open.

Make sure the material is flat and smooth.

Step 2: Smooth

Try to keep the material flat and smooth to avoid uncomfortable bulky bits bunching up the nappy when it’s on your baby.

Place your baby on the nappy, then pull it up towards his belly button.

Step 3: Pull up

Place your baby onto the nappy and pull it up towards his tummy.

Fasten the Velcro tabs of outer layer securely.

Step 4: Fasten wrap

Bring the Velcro tabs of the wrap together to fasten the nappy securely in place.

Why choose reusable nappies?

While we’re all keen to save money at the moment and watching our family budget with eagle-eyes, it’s a good time to think about trying reusable nappies as they may save you up to £500 per child, according to the Women’s Environmental Network and Real Nappies for London.

“They’re also a good option if you’re worried about the absorbency chemicals in disposables getting near your baby’s skin,” says Tamara Rayment from the Women’s Environmental Network and Real Nappies for London.

There are four main types of reuseable nappies you’ll come across:

  • Pocket
  • Pre-fold
  • Shaped
  • All-in-ones

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