What’s in your baby’s nappy?

The contents of your baby's nappy can tell you a lot about his health.


Read our good poo guide to find out what’s in a nappy.


A newborn

The greenish-black stuff in his nappy in the early days isn’t poo, it’s meconium – a substance in an unborn baby’s intestines. Talk to your midwife if he doesn’t pass any in his first nappies.

A breastfed baby

His stools will go from a greeny-brown colour early on to an orangey-yellow shade if he’s only being breastfed. Breastfed babies may poo frequently or only every one or two days.

A bottlefed baby

These are bulkier than a breastfed baby’s poos. Bottlefed babies normally need to pass a stool each day. If he goes for a few days without, he could be constipated so speak to your health visitor.


A newly weaned baby

He’ll have stronger smelling, bulkier and less frequent stools. If he strains and his poos are dry, offer him more water.

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